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I have mixed feelings about Flatpak. On one hand it solves a very practical problem in Linux (packaging software once for all distros). On the other hand it has huge implementation problems as mentioned in this article. I also don’t like centralizing software in one place.

Facebook has one problem and it’s called TikTok.


He was probably in charge of that embarassing demo that flopped and got fired.

Having seen Bart and Caltrain I rolled my eyes at “And the bay area has decent public transport by american standards”.

I made a comment that news stories about Ukraine winning the war might not be realistic.

This got me banned from WorldNews

I browse subscribed communities and don’t experience this.

Social media is “winner takes all”. People go to where other people are. It’s very hard to break out of that.

These AI-based scans of private information will generate lots of false positives.