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This will eventually stop working, so isn’t a long-term solution, sadly.

Source? I don’t doubt this is happening, I’d just like to see where they’re quoting “manipulating ads that can impact apps monetization” from.

Why change the title? This is extremely misleading. The article states " We analyze what happened and why the attack demonstrates that Signal is reliable."

I’m not sure how SpaceX has shown that they don’t care about NN or customers. I’m not defending SpaceX (I used to work there, I’d never go back), but I’m just curious about your reasons.

If you like stuff like this you might want to check out the Gemini protocol. The internet, distilled to its basics. I really like it. There are even mirrors of some regular sites like Wikipedia for it.

Lots of companies did. Many many many services we enjoy would not be possible without government aid.

I live in Japan. The only places I’ve seen single car trains like this is long lines (2+ hours) in small / rural areas. They generally have one every 30-45 minutes and pick up smaller amounts of people. I’ve seen them joined during summer rush times butnothing longer than 2-3 cars. Its great for that kind of flexibility. Low wait times during off season, higher capacity during peak travel times. During the off season the trains are used “just as much” but in different locations. Kind of like load balancing.

What’s wrong with Calibre? I do the same. I only use it for CLI ebook converting.