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How will your technology provide concrete benefits?
> A good rule of thumb is that if the person talking stands to make a lot of money from the thing they’re hyping and can’t tell you any concrete benefit, maybe it’s all just hype and you should be circumspect.

They’re semi-public spaces, I’m not sure “infiltrate” is the right term. (I’d call it correct for WhatsApp though.)

I’m not sure why you’re nervous about posting on a federated instance that has the channel you need. Is it a moderation thing?

In general I like to rely on federation and don’t lean towards “duplicates” on several servers, but I also understand the very different approaches per instance :)

(Also, while Antiwork exists there, I think a Work channel would be useful! You know, at least until the Revolution…)

Running, as for several people above. Singing / dancing (very poorly) as well. Journaling / writing down my thoughts when they get overwhelming.

On a regular basis, reading. It’s not a quick pick-me-up when I’m not doing great, but it improves my overall well-being.

I’m moving to a smaller city soon and am super excited about that.

Also, Olympics qualifiers - Olympics are a bit more than a year away but hey, that’s a workaround :)

aw yay, happy 18th in not too long! and enjoy the holidays!

I try to check if there’s a community on one of our federated instances that is closer to what I’m looking for. If not, then probably “chat” yeah

No, but his latest speeches don’t really mention the Metaverse and suddenly focus on AI. Meta has been investing in both recently, it’s the orientation of the speeches that has suddenly changed.

very well, if only because today’s a public holiday. also, i’ve gotten some really nice reading experiences recently after a very long dry spell and that’s pretty great too!

Beautiful and very motivating - I love when these advice columns only give advice that is pretty easy to follow!

Everyone who hasn’t specifically deselected “Undetermined” in their settings, from what I understand.

That’s true! I’m not a techie and always forget Hacker News exists haha

Thanks for the reminder on keeping content diverse more than aiming for a single approach!

Yes! Sharing links is great but it’s original posts that really make a difference on social platforms.

Setting your language. This means instead of having one all encompassing “French” community I can post in the “regular” ones but set the locale as French. It’s amazing and it also makes Lemmy much less US-centric than Reddit.

Yep, it’s really frustrating - the false information is a real problem, and the fact that their output is so huge means that their SEO is unfortunately really well optimized. So you want to make a simple search on a specific topic and end up on articles that are clearly AI-generated, all over the first and second pages of your search engine.

I enjoy the blog post by Curtis McHale on how he mostly uses YouTube and Reddit for information rather than search engines nowadays.

Finding out about Lemmy was this amazing extension of the Fediverse that could improve (and maybe eventually replace, but I’m not there yet) Reddit, which I’ve used for 10+ years and really love.

To be fair, pretty much every Lemmy community is underactive outside of the FOSS ones.

Based on my Reddit favourites, I think I’d like local (city, region, country) ones, as well as ones about specific games (Stardew Valley community when?) and books (Discworld!). Also home decor and cooking ones.

thanks this was a cute throwback to how ignorant we were in 2020

Fitness band! Many governmental health organization recommend using an Apple watch because it’s “the best thing out there” and it kills me

Writing down general thoughts to revisit them days, weeks, months or years later.

Any day at the choice of the worker, so that they can run all their errands and there’s no general closure.

Not in the current way things are organized. I think everyone who is involved in the agriculture and/or food industries should prioritize veganism and make it easier to be vegan, meaning that you can still eat animal products but that they’re never offered as a default, you’d have to go to a specialized shop to buy them for instance instead of them being offered in all restaurants and supermarkets.

The effort should not lie on the consumer, with a limited choice of vegan options (especially if you don’t want to spend time cooking), but on the production and distribution channels.

Ah fair. I saw nothing on froid and out of the 6 repositories I found on GitHub this was the only one that’s not in the earliest stages.

yeah, I’ve got Mastodon figured out, been there for a couple of years :) for peertube and Lemmy I’m struggling though!

I love walking (either hiking in nature or walking around and discovering new parts of my city), have recently gotten into running (I’m terrible at it, but oh, the dopamine!!), and read a lot of books!

A critical mass of users. Also, good discovery: going through directories of communities and accounts etc. is sometimes exhausting and has high noise-to-signal ratio, and I wish we were more active in sharing recommendations for cool accounts or communities of the Fediverse!