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diode.zone is awesome. The host is really cool, and she has done a good job at federating only with instances who don’t allow that kinda content.

same. though if I were to guess, it was probably on one of those “awesome fediverse” lists.

This should be how it is naturally, but for some reason there’s very little interest in expanding ActivityPub’s client-to-server protocol. It’s sad that Mastodon chose to make their own API independent of everything else.

Nonetheless, there is Fedilab, which supports most microblogging platforms. Kaiteki is the only app I’m aware of that actually aims to support all of them. It’s still in early development, but it’s really promising.

From what I could tell from the code when I browsed it (which isn’t much), Kaiteki actually holds dictionaries for popular kinds of ActivityPub objects. So, in theory, it could one day support everything natively.

I haven’t really gotten a chance to try it, but ThatOneCalculator posts about it frequently, and I trust him more with the Fediverse’s future than Eugen tbh. Most of Eugen’s decisions track with his belief that fedi must grow faster, at any cost. Meanwhile, Calc seems to actually care about sustainable growth, and maintaining a community that cares about the tech. Which is essential imo.

There’s room for both viewpoints, but it really is damning that most Mastodon apps don’t support software that doesn’t implement the Mastodon API.

Haven’t heard a word from him about the Fediverse. Solid simply won’t work the way he thinks it will on its own. The reason people stay on social media platforms isn’t because it’s laborous to move their content; it’s because nobody will see it if they do.

Really all Solid stands to do in the current climate is offer storage relief to existing platforms.

Can confirm mostly. The closest I had growing up was Blogspot and Tumblr.

If it’s short and I can binge it in a night, it’s worth it. I find it really comforting when I start a short anime or tv show that excites me, and become invested-enough to finish it over the course of a night. The impact of watching something like that in one sitting feels like an amplified movie. It’s overwhelming in a cool way, because you now have the whole story’s events to think about at once. Also, you can rest easy knowing the story is complete. I can’t justify binge-watching longer shows though. I feel gross everytime I do and I usually don’t remember much.

Short answer: yes, but I don’t think it happen will any time soon.

Long answer: I think the Fediverse in general is growing at a really healthy rate right now. It maintains an active community, but it isn’t large enough for it to fall apart under pressure yet. So it has time for its culture to ferment, and for devs to work out the kinks that come with federation. And hopefully: for fedi implementations to move beyond what the old platforms offered.

Whenever it attracts a larger audience, the culture of fedi will be probably be immovable the same way the early internet’s was (if not more so, due to its decentralized nature actively flying in the face of the ad business and walled gardens which are largely the culprit for the situation we find ourselves in).

I.e., fedi could be a return to normal for the internet, which reminds people what made it cool to begin with. For that reason, fedi’s honeymoon phase would probably last much longer if that happened.

That being said: I kinda want to see more PeerTubers. That’s the only popular implementation I’ve seen that doesn’t have a blossoming community yet.

Sorry if I too broadly expanded the scope of your question lol :p