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@Bicyclejohn I use Firefox because of its features and better performance.

@GuyDudeman The UI of Friendica is not so user-friendly, unfortunately. But it has a lots of features! That’s why I like it. I’m a developer type of person so bad UI doesn’t hurt my eyes as much as for some people 😄

And yeah. Friendica can be slow, unfortunately. It’s developed in PHP which is a slow language/framework. Which also means that one Friendica instance likely can’t handle as many users with the same resources as the other systems such as Mastodon, Calckey etc.

A bonus with Friendica: you can interact with people on Diaspora, which isn’t possible from Mastodon or the others :)

You’re welcome!

@GuyDudeman is open for signups.

Do you talk to other girls? Xavier is at it again. [@memes](

People who can't let go of the past [@memes](

@GuyDudeman Indeed. And a correction to what I said earlier. Friendica has a permission tab for new posts.

@GuyDudeman I see. I don’t know how this works on Lemmy (yeah I’m using Friendica on my own instance), but I know that Mastodon has a feature where you can choose privacy settings. This is also possible via Friendica, but the per-post setting is not available via the web interface but only available via the Mastodon API so that means using a Mastodon client such as Fedilab. If you choose a post/comment to be private, it will only be sent to the people who are part of the thread/people you tag in it.

Free meal [@memes](

This is me [@memes](

I couldn't find this girl's parents [@memes](

If I win the lottery, there will be signs [@memes](

@sexy_peach maybe that guy should have checked the swap details before he pressed confirm 😅

True. They have their own benefits. Cryptocurrencies are also better if let’s say you want to get through an airport with lots of money. They can’t check what crypto you have and for sure Monero is superior to other cryptos if you wanna hide them. But still there is the theoretical risk of an unknown backdoor in the encryption of Monero transactions. It’s there permanently on the blockchain which is a downside because if any bug or backdoor is discovered later, then they can go back in time and reveal previous transactions. So physical cash will always be the best for the cases in which it can be used.

@yogthos fake money for criminals (supposedly crypto currencies) is my favorite innovation.

@yogthos @bobs_guns indeed. criminals prefer physical cash rather than digital transactions which are traceable.

Weather differences between France and Mexico [@memes](

They had avocados [@memes](

@yogthos me too actually. it was only after some days I realized it was missing :D

Such a beautiful poem "please write me a poem about Fedora Linux" [@linux](

@ganymede A warning message is fine, but let me proceed if I want to.

@ganymede indeed. I like that Linux lets me fuck up things myself.

True 😃 [@memes]( [![Image/photo](](

Ran into a clan meeting [@memes](

Now let's see who you really are [@memes](

True. This is me 😃 [@memes](

@nickapos You use Vim and Emacs 😱😱 I thought there is a war between the two!!??

Just kidding 😀

@cyclohexane true. i never spent the time to learn vim.

@winnie @jcbritobr thats usually the case for mastodon when someone replies to your post.

@butter same here. Vim is too complicated for me.

@winnie flatpak runs much better than snap. im off ubuntu.

Is Nano better than Vim? [@memes](

@lemming_7765 Looking forward for his new records 💪

@altair222 @snoopa @ryankage @stephen @Furycd001 you can install packages on main system - it’s just best to avoid it when it’s possible. I have VPN layered on the host system because I don’t think thats possible through a container. Server applications can be run in a container and toolbox and distrobox make it easy because it makes the container applications run almost the same as on the host. With distrobox it’s even possible to run an init system such as systemd inside a container. So I would say it like this: whenever possible, try to run applications inside a container or use Flatpaks. if it isn’t possible then layer them on the host system as the last resort.

Hey it's Michael Jackson [@memes](

What's the password? [@memes](

Isn't the internet wonderful? [@memes](

nothing would please me more [@memes](

Why aren't you working? [@memes](

When there was a fight in the group chat [@memes](

When I complained to Amazon [@memes](

Can I help? [@memes](

Meow [@memes](

Solid book review [@memes](

Patience.... [@memes](

You dishonor your profession [@memes](

I will not pay that bill [@memes](

She believed in astrology [@memes](

Does your cat bite? [@memes](

Importance of good sleep [@memes](

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[@memes]( [![]( "")](



If a dream can seem as real as the real world, how can you know that "the real world" isn't a dream? [![]( "")](

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