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The biggest issue with this, after the fact that it’s dystopian, is that it won’t work. Those classifiers will generate tons of false positives.

I tried MATE but liked XFCE better. Also it looks like XFCE is beibg developws more actively.

I’m not a communist. Hello there!

Blockchain is a really cool technology that helps to solve some problems. But it has been hyped up beyond it’s real usefullness.

Don’t use Micrısoft’s github. There are much better alternatives. I’m on Codeberg.

If Netflit wants to commit suicide, I say we let them.

I’ll continue to pirate as I have been doing in the past.

I just migrated myself and family from gmail/google-calendar to proton. Now I wish I had done Tutanota instead. But too tired to do another migration just now. Anyway Proton is an improvement over Google.

Kann dies auch bei verschlüsseltem Datenverkehr funktionieren? (https)

This can’t be GDPR compliant.

Also I doubt they can do this with https traffic.

I love Gedit. I’m not dropping it.

I don’t want the “modern” look. I use XFCE because I want the gnome2 look’

From what I understand Nvidia requires drivers to be cryptographically signed to do anything non-trivial. This is pure evil.

The current leadership at Mozilla is unfortunately running it to the ground. It’s sad to watch. Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker takes home millions in salary as Firefox’s user share continues to drop.

One of the guys behind Brave is Brendan Eich, a Mozilla veteran from the days when Mozilla was sane.

Even if you read the privacy policy, there is no guarantee that the company actually adheres to it.

Ich finde es viel praktischer, in bar zu bezahlen. Ich hatte zu viele Fehlschläge und technische Probleme mit Visa, Mastercard oder GooglePay.

Wenn du etwas mit Bargeld kaufst, gibt es nichts, was mit dir in Verbindung steht. Diese Informationen können zum Beispiel nicht von Werbetreibenden verwendet werden, um Sie gezielt anzusprechen, oder von der Regierung, um Ihre Aktivitäten auszuspionieren.

I don’t see the point of Duckduckgo browser in a world where Firefox exists.

Das ist eine persönliche Vorliebe. Es ist immer noch erlaubt, Vorlieben zu haben.

The problem with Google is that it integrates with many different services. Google doesn’t just know what you searched online. It can also link your search history with your payments, the videos you watched or your gps location. It aggregates everything about you in one place.

Duckduckgo can’t do that. Fragmentation of services is great.

I’m still waiting for the mobile client to be available on F-Droid.

These daya anyone who voices an opinion against the consensus is called a Russian bot.

I am really disturbed by what Duckduckgo has been doing lately. That being said, they are better than Google.

It’s not marginally better. It’s objectively much better.

Having an open source client has huuuuge advantages. Here is one: I can download Telegram client from F-Droid, which reduces my dependency on Google Play Store.

Telegram is used by somewhere between half to a full billion people. It’s impact on open source is massive.

yes and I expect it will kill intel the same way it killed ibm

it allows Intel to throttle performance from the kernel. Basically they sell you the same hardware, but force you to pay more for more performance.

I agree, Matrix is better because it is decentralized. But Telegram is clearly better than WhatsApp and Facebook.

indeed. I’m very encouraged by the recent progress in RISC-V space. Maybe my next machine will be RISC-V.

My problem with software defined silicon is that it allows restricting performance unless you pay Intel.

He thinks that there are more fake users in twitter than twitter admits. He's probably not wrong.

"Cameras, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are operational – maybe China’s wider tech independence plan is, too"

It looks like Netflix lost around 700,000 customers in Russia, which is making their numbers look bad. They expect to lose 2.5 million more customers.

I see your Düsseldorf and raise Seoul: https://lemmy.ml/post/229489

What kind of silly person buys something that is already publicly available, and still expects to flip it for even a bigger price? This is lunacy.

"Mercedes-Benz aims to produce electric cars consuming as little as 10 kilowatt hours of energy per 100 km (62 miles), its chief technology officer (CTO) said on Thursday, a third more efficient than the current average for electric cars."