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normally the new year is a time for optimism, for making resolutions and having hope for the future. and while i remain optimistic about the long term future of humanity, that near term optimism is absent. living within the us becomes a lot more stressful once you realize the country is heading towards collapse, though if you ask me sooner is better than later.

yeah, but at least starbucks workers are starting to unionize now.

oh yeah, that train line isn’t bad. it got extended to northgate, and they’ll be extending it further all the way to everett. but yeah, it’s the only real passenger train in the region, its very limited in it’s reach, it isn’t particularly fast, and like you said it’s taking forever to build. i think it’ll be done in 2024, so not quite as long as you said, but yeah - China could probably build HSR for half the state in the time it takes us to extend this one line.

on a related note is the west seattle bridge. they discovered there was a fault in it in like 2019 or 2020, and said that it would take them like 5 years to fix it. so if you need to get to west seattle, fuck you

the roads even in Seattle are pretty fucking bad. even when there’s constructions, it takes like 6 months to fix one stretch of road. it fucking sucks

with the fuckin drippiest sunglasses you ever did see 😎

with the fuckin drippiest sunglasses you ever did see 😎

that first one really speaks to me. i feel like america has a lot of economic potential that gets squandered under capitalism. i like to imagine a future a couple decades down the line where the revolution has brought Communism to america, and they work together with China to bring prosperity and equal opportunity to everyone.

isn’t this guy a bourgeois economist or something? did he have a change of heart?

Chen Weihua might be my favorite person alive right now

“For the bourgeoisie, freedom of the press meant freedom for the rich to publish and for the capitalists to control the newspapers, a practice which in all countries, including even the freest, produced a corrupt press.” -Lenin

based. i mean Vietnam is literally the perfect shape, they could have a single high speed rail line running all the way down the length of the country and provide rapid transit service for basically everyone

China, 1000%. I have been planning on moving to Portugal, then China after that, but tbh this European energy crisis is making me consider just beelining straight for China instead.

There certainly is a part of me that wants to fight, to contribute to the Revolution more directly. But to be honest, I doubt I have the nerve for it. I would much rather advance the cause of Socialism from within an AES country, supporting the Revolution in america from afar.

As someone who grew up in american suburbia, the truly sad thing is that you really can’t do much of anything without a car. It took 30 minutes just to walk into town, and there was fuckall to do once you got there. The whole country is built around the assumption that you have one.

That’s florida, which is conveniently shaped like the gun i would shoot myself with if i had to live in florida

We all know amerikkka is a paper tiger. I doubt pelosi will go through with it - and even if she does, it can only go poorly for the us.

Token anarchist praxis (or lack thereof)

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