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Should I use prosody or ejabberd (or other) for the xmpp server?
Context: I'm using a 1GB server to run all my apps; Email server, Peertube, Pleroma. I feel like a psychopath but it's all running well with a swap file to keep things from killing itself with OOM. Basically it has to be lightweight. It doesn't have to be easy to set up, just the software has to be future proof and runs on low resources. Thanks in advance...

They don’t accept instance follows for some weird reason, despite this hurting discoverability

who do you follow on peertube? & which instances should I follow?
I have a instance, with one person, which is I alone. I also don't follow any instances. Thought it might be a good idea to ask people who they follow for a suggestion.

group video calls in xmpp?
I heard in dino you could do that https://fosstodon.org/@dino/107787204408646020 I don't have anyone to test it, but I'm guessing it'll work as said. how about between apps like conversations, gajim and dino? on each app pages the features aren't clear whether it does these things. --- also, for security reasons i'm thinking of when xmpp will implement something like totp.