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It’s not a replacement but I use the Tauon Music Box frontend with Spotify Daemon and it’s a massively better experience and FOSS.

Sims with cheat codes. I’m rich, will live forever, and have a mansion. Not bad.

I’ve been a long time proponent of used Thinkpads. They’re cheap and powerful. My current daily driver is the X1 Carbon from 2018. It’s more than fast enough for my day job.

Nexus Mods is a privately owned site. They can do whatever they want on their site. Personally, I agree with the site on the removal.

I’ve been using kpcli/KeePassDX + SyncThing for years now.

I have a touchscreen on my Thinkpad and I often forget it’s there.

2% of the population is still 200M. I know not the whole world has access to technology but that’s still a huge fucking number.

The market share is fine.

Sex work is work. Not only should sex work be legal but sex workers need to build a strong union. By claiming that “paying for sex is rape” you are completely disregarding the needs and wants of sex workers. This mentality often leads to laws that often make sex work much less safe for the workers and their clients.

What an unhinged take. Have you ever even talked to a sex worker before?

Always thought it would be rad to make a sheet of BitTorrent Magnet Links with the top 10 most popular movies.

I’d call it The Pirate Paper. Not everyone has unlimited data or a good client on their phone.

Proprietary servers. The only place you can get snaps is from Snapcraft.

What makes you think that using Lemmy is only about unconditional free speech? That is a weird assumption to make.

I want to be more popular than it is now but not mainstream. Just big enough that there’s a passionate community but not big enough that anyone has the urge to sell out.