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“We are no longer constrained from things as simple as outletting frustration by wishing death on Nazis”

We (lemmy as a whole) are still vulnerable to being cancelled by big tech a la parler style

What’s your opinion on people who use cryptocurrency?
Pretend you meet a random person and they tell you they use cryptocurrency. What's your opinion on that person based off that statement alone?

What role does cryptocurrency have in left-anarchism?
We all know that cryptocurrency is the lifeblood of right-anarchism.

What are the steps to achieve anarchism?
The communists somewhat have a plan laid out via like Lenin. I'm sure other prominent communists have proposed a plan too. Lenin's plan is roughly this https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Xq_F3SrJbC4

Would you be willing to pay more taxes for socialism?
I was told growing up that I won't like socialism once I have to start paying taxes. I pay taxes, but would much rather pay way more taxes to have socialism. Including paying for social programs I wouldn't use like welfare, free tuition etc. Once I qualified for work pharmacare that was great! But I remember how much it sucked not having any health insurance. Yeah I bootstrapped it, but I'd hope we would grow up as a species and not have to have so much bootstrapping, since there are better ways at this point.

Small group representative democracy?
It's a lot easier to practice anarchism in friend groups. Most friend groups seem to practice anarchism to various degrees. Very loosely speaking; what about the notion of each friend group electing a person to represent the group in affairs bigger than the group? Less loosely speaking; a household (of friends) electing a member to represent them in like a community association? Or a block association etc.

Does anarchist-lemmy like china/russia as much as communist-lemmy?
By like i mean supporting china/russia no matter what. Any news that paints either of those countries in a bad light is deemed cia propaganda. At least that's what i've seen on communist-lemmy.

There are Five Types of Cooperatives
``` Consumer: owned by consumers who buy goods or services from their cooperative Producer: owned by producers of commodities or crafts who have joined forces to process and market their products Worker: owned and democratically governed by employees who become co-op members Purchasing: owned by independent businesses or municipalities to improve their purchasing power Hybrid: a combination of co-op types, where people with common interests band together ```

The uk queen is a giant tourist attraction and generates uk a lot of revenue that way.

From https://mastodon.social/@yogthos/107667960754245153

I’m glad this sub doesn’t do that trash.

What’s your political leaning?
We'll do this [!polls@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/polls) style. Nobody comment anything, just upvote the options I list. Upvote the option or options that you think best represents you.

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