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This is exactly why US wants things with China to pop off ASAP. They themselves know and cannot deny the decline of their empire, and simultaneously they cannot deny China’s rise. That fact alone guarantees there will be a point that once reached, the US has no shot of taking down China.

Wym world has flipped? There has been a pro-russia sect of the Republican party ever since the USSR fell. A group of US rightists wanting to put the brakes on the Russia proxy war so that they can go full speed into a war with China is not the world flipping.

Honestly ashamed to admit I never knew quite how large DPRK’s military was. I almost feel like the stats I’m reading are off, they say US military has 1.4 million active personnel and DPRK has 1.3 million. By numbers (not funding) they have the fourth largest in the world. On one hand it’s depressing they need to put so much manpower to militarism, but at the same time I understand they were absolutely forced into this and I have massive respect for the everyday solider/vet in DPRK that is willing to risk everything to preserve their sovereignty and socialism.

I am so tired of this trope of “good times make weak men”. Just the whole idea that if we dare make things “too good” people become weak. When it’s obvious in reality no country is made stronger with masses homeless, starving, suffering in the climate crisis, etc. It may just be cause I live in a right wing as fuck area but I hear this endlessly in various forms and it gets old so fast.

I agree, I genuinely think if US would have let them join NATO China would have never been able to take the left turn it has since Xi has been in power. US would simply have them surrounded with missiles and they would have total dominance over their economy. The USSR I’d argue was fairly unique in being able to survive in the way it did and with such a degree of self-sufficiency. They had about all they needed- tons of fertile land, endless energy, etc. I don’t think even China or a more advanced India could do this, China needs allies to pose any threat or gain any true independence from the western economic system.

Why didn’t the US let Russia join NATO?
I feel like I'm missing something here. US doing that would have made them much stronger against China. I mean just imagine how much more robust the European economy would be if all the gas going to China was going right to Europe. Though in typing that out I may have answered my own question. Is it really just because US wanted to European market to themselves? This seems incredibly short sighted.

What are y’alls thoughts on “digitized countries” such as “E-stonia”(linked)?
I really do not know much one way or the other, I just discovered "e-stonia" which seems to be the prototype of this. Also was reading about how leaders at the world economic forum were talking about doing this with Ukraine ASAP. I am not inherently opposed to the general idea, in fact, China has made many similar steps of transferring away from paper money, making official shit be able to be done online, etc. And in that context it seems to be an obvious progression of a society that's more and more online and advanced with tech. My skepticism comes from the fact that so far this seems to be a political tool in capitalist countries and especially for international capitalists. They are making "digital countries" where people can get an ID and become an e-resident and do business over there, basically opening the economy to anyone that can afford it. I also have seen the WEF talk about using it to create like a metaverse where you can visit Ukraine- a made up version of Ukraine to fit their imperialist narrative where donbass isn't being shelled and where Crimea is owned by Ukraine. This just seems so fucking dystopian it makes me entirely skeptical.

My brain had a party after being on it 3 weeks- had a grand mal seizure and never took that shit again.

The foreign ministry in China is putting out straight heat lately.

I was HYPED when Ben Norton came out saying his media outlet is gonna be hosting Hudson every other week. And thankful he introduced me to Radhika Desai!

But we all know everyone in mainstream media will ignore this and keep fear-mongering about it. The US always does this. Make up some wild lie, repeat it endlessly until people buy it, then years later quietly admit it was all BS a single time.

Wouldn’t they want this happening when something starts with china? I feel like it would overall be a benefit for the west, specifically after Russia’s doubling down and mobilization. If Russia is at full military capacity when things pop off with china they would totally get involved.

Whitney Webb is interesting. There is stuff she covers that you just won’t find elsewhere, she digs DEEP. And really the stuff she is known most for she’s 100% correct. The things I disagree with her on it’s usually a different perspective rather than one on facts. Personally I understand why china has a surveillance state, but yeah Id agree it may go too far in some areas. The issue is the entire framing and discussion as if China is unique in this. China is just unique about being open about it. That’s literally it. The US if you look at per capita stats collects WAY more information from people and especially if you look at raw amounts of data. It’s just that the US is hush hush about it while china the tech is being developed and implemented openly, often to the benefit of the average worker.

The only exception really is COVID and especially vaccine stuff, where I almost fully disagree with her. But Max Blumenthal does the same shit, regardless they both mainly focus on the US and it’s crimes, lying, imperialism, etc.

I understand why especially foreign ministers would talk fairly conservatively, but I disagree, countries like China and Cuba absolutely have a right to shit on America for their atrocities and despicable lack of care for so called “human rights”. ESPECIALLY Cuba. They’re blockaded, endlessly sabotaged, etc and in just about every area Cuba is ahead of the US. Not even just talking worker’s power and rights but also women, LGBTQ+ families and individuals, disabled people, etc.

For a concrete example of what I’m talking about just look at the We Charge Genocide at the UN in 1951. USSR was absolutely right to cite that as an example of human rights abuses in the US. If the US wants to go around screaming genocide at China, China should go on the rhetorical offensive and stop playing endless defense. While this would probably escalate things, that escalation seems inevitably with the imperial machine that is the US state.

Yeah I dig revolutionary optimism but there’s a line between being realistically optimistic and idealistic daydreaming.

China: Countries should treat each other as equals and choose dialogue and cooperation over war and violence.

US: these guys are a massive threat to the world order! Pure evil totalitarianism!

Cold War 2.0 in a nutshell.

That John Green dude is peak insufferable liberal. He made something about the China balloon and given his knowledge I expected him to say people freaking out were being silly. No, he goes full on anti-communist fear mongering saying Chinese weather balloons are scarier than aliens.

Something seems off about people promoting RATMW but then shitting on ANSWER. Especially using bs saying members used to be in the military and shit. Seriously, cool with an event hosting Tulsi Gabbard who is an active member in a psy op unit but ANSWER is bad because is has ex military?

Also, if a coalition around being anti-war having veterans in it surprises you, I don’t think you have gone to a single anti-war protest. I know we hate the US military but people like average vets aren’t exactly happy when they see their friends blown to bits for some oil profits. If we don’t take advantage of that rightful anger, THAT is dogmatic and not pragmatic.

Led by Nick Brana proven abuser and borderline rapist, I guess it’s better than no one doing anything but don’t ignore the March 18 anti-war march being planned by ANSWER. Y’know, people who aren’t sexual predators, and they got hundreds of thousands marching against the Iraq war.

What blew my mind is the context, like you’d think these rightists would wanna stay unified against the “communist threat” of China but even now when unity is vital for them they can’t contain their nationalism and bloodthirst.

The podcast itself is terrible. Bringing on Daniel Burke, seriously dude? We are supposed to bring LaRouchites into the movement? Plus anti feminist? Seems closer to Gleen Greenwald than dialectical materialism.

Also, if event 201 means covid was planned, every pandemic was planned. These pandemic simulations are similar to war game exercises- no one gives them any attention until serious shit is happening. US does war games every year simulating all out war with DPRK but no one here even knows about it. Pandemic simulations are ran very frequently for all types of pandemics. Now if was specifically for this exact coronavirus there may be something there, but it was just for general coronaviruses which have caused pandemics before so it is normal enough. The real story in event 201 and the others is the corruption between the gates foundation/bill gates and our govt.

US military is currently, and I quote, “not ruling out aliens”. I hate to go full conspiracy theorist, but to be totally honest, I think the US may be shooting down it’s own shit to keep the wave of chauvinism and paranoia from that balloon shit going. You know full well if the US airspace was being invaded by China or Russia for real the US govt would immediately be screeching it to the high heavens and do the same back.

On your last paragraph- I recently saw a clip of this same guy defending Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge against, and this is a direct quote, “revisionist Vietnam”. I found the whole video and couldn’t get much into it, it’s very obvious he is pure spectacle, pretty sure it may even be satire? Same guy unironically calls himself a “maga communist” which makes me think it may be satirical as well. MAGA communism is hilarious and is the American version of “national socialism”. Feel like it’s either a character being played or it’s a straight up psy op.

I’m not about great/evil man theories and whatnot, but genuinely, whoever is in power fighting to keep these sanctions up is pure evil and, frankly, genocidal. Obviously can’t be that shocked given what they have done to DPRK and Cuba, but whenever I think about being someone in that position it makes me sick. How can someone know full well they’re starving literal masses of people and sleep at night? Fucking babies are stuck under thousands of pounds of rubble and all they have to say is “keep it going, anything to hurt Assad”.

One thing I cant deny about this invasion is that it put massive fuel on the fire that is Ukrainian nationalism and bourgeois nationalism more broadly in Europe. Ukraine is just the worst because, as we all know, their govt directly incorporates Nazi militias into the state forces. Not that the polish military is much different.

I feel like if they were gonna intervene they’d have done it at the peak of the support. Seems like, at least where I am in the US, support is starting to falter. Not to below a majority, but I feel like 8-10 months ago the support was way more solid.

Imo the US knows the real threat is China and is acting accordingly. Much smarter would be to bog Russia down in Ukraine so they can’t come to China’s aid when US starts something over Taiwan. With this recent mobilization and doubling down in russia, that is exactly the direction we are going.

I believe it was also because they’re expanding, namely with two economics Radhika Desai and Michael Hudson. They have a new series on geopolitical economy, as Norton felt there was not enough focus on the material reasons for the global shift we are seeing and the economics behind it.

Maybe I am being too pessimistic, but the only way I see war between US and China being avoided is if one of them backs down economically to eliminate the contradictions that are sharpening between them. The issue there is when US says it wants China to back down it basically means China can’t exist, unless it’s a failed state unable to threaten the US unipolar dominance. China just wants the US to not be the undisputed King of the world, where they invade any country they want, kill masses via sanctions, etc. I don’t see the US stopping that, and I also don’t see China collectively giving up as a nation/superpower. The US sees it’s time ticking in regards to taking out the up and coming “threat”.

The one problem I see here for the US is Europe. Europe is much, much more split on the china question than the US. If the US can’t get Europe on it’s side 100%, there may be some bumps on the road for them. Sadly for the US, EU trade with China keeps going up. We will likely see the US try to demand Europe sanctions China, forcing them into an ultimatum. If when that time comes they benefit more from China, US may be fucked.

What the hell is up with China backing Pol Pot? (and other questions surrounding the Khmer rouge)
Out of all the cold war history, this is what I've researched least and honestly I'm left kind of perplexed. What drove the Khmer rouge? Was it a force for evil or was it just really stupid with a good heart? They did things like abolish money, which alone is incredibly interesting. The more I look into it the more it looks like this disaster was the result of mainly sino Soviet split, as over 90% of the foreign aid to the khmer rouge was from China with USSR backed Vietnam eventually stepping in. Then after Vietnam steps in and attempts to set up a worker's state, China prevents them from being recognized at the UN, which set the people's republic up for disaster from it's inception, never being recognized then falling like a decade later. I absolutely need to do a deep dive on the sino Soviet split, it seems for that period Chinese foreign policy was awful. The USSR was revisionist as fuck, yeah, but it's a hell of a lot better than the US, Mujahideen, and khmer rouge. I feel like I MUST be missing something here. Did the USSR force China into these stances?

So in regards to the shining path, it’s very important to understand it within it’s context. Obviously within that context they are worse than say the Bolsheviks, but you still cannot forget that they were fighting a true dictatorship that was sterilizing the indigenous to in the tens of thousands. Sadly, groups like the Shining Path are more a product of imperialism and US puppet govts than anything else. I see that left out a bit too much, and it’s important to acknowledge because then comrades in similar situations can learn from all the mistakes they made. Really the experience of the Shining Path is a textbook example of what to avoid when fighting a colonial dictatorship. The struggle in the DPRK, Vietnam, etc united the peasant and working classes while the Shining Path alienated them and even massacred them.

This is a first episode of a new series on geopolitical economy by Dr Michael Hudson and professor Radhika Desai. This episode explores the geopolitical economy of the new world stage, namely a rising China and Russia alliance and a decline in US economic power which together are leading us to a world that is multipolar. We are not just returning to the bipolarity of the cold war, or the capitalist multipolarity we saw in world war one where imperialist powers divided the world amongst themselves. We are speeding towards a world where the strongest economic player is a country led by a communist party, where economic relations with the rest of the world are based on win-win deals and total sovereignty for all parties involved.

Honestly I’m jealous of them as an American. I’m not up to date on national averages, but when I was in high school (in the south, poorer area) our local math exam averages were legit between 25-30% or so. This obviously is atrocious and hurts people not even focusing on math in their career since math is a huge part of the ACT and SAT grades. Now I’m an adult who doesn’t know how to do math at all and wanna go back to college and it’s massively limiting. It is so tough as I don’t have the money for a tutor or anything.

Personally, at least locally, I think they’re doing it on purpose to privatize education as much as possible. Where I live they are making the schools as shit as they to encourage the multiple local private academies. Our main private academy here gets huge amounts of tax dollars and it still costs like 2,000 per year per kid. Their scores of course are much higher, and each class has like 15 people.

The rates of long covid are insane, and that doesn’t even factor what it will look like after say 10 infections. As of right now the risk for an infection turning to long covid is around 1/6, and that’s for fully vaccinated. So if we just accept covid and let it rip in the US that would be a solid 55 million people or so, as children are at risk as well. And again that’s not counting repeated infection, just assuming everyone got it once and is vaccinated. If even 10% of those are serious the healthcare costs, missed labor, etc alone could cause massive damage to people and the economy. It’s also much worse for those already disabled, and US has insane amounts of chronic disease.

Did the USSR even back them? I know China aided the NPA. in the 70s, but I haven’t seen anything about USSR doing so. I’d imagine at that point the USSR wouldn’t be that quick to support a Maoist insurgency. Especially one backed by China during the sino-soviet split.

It’s absolutely hilarious because what the US has done in Ukraine has about sealed their fate it seems. They’re making Europe hate them, they’re driving China and Russia close, and they’re accelerating the US dollar no longer being the global reserve currency. Europe’s running out of energy not even a year into this, and they can still trade with China.

I legit cannot understand why US didn’t let Russia join NATO when Putin was ready to be a second Yeltsin. That single move would change everything. Now if there is a conflict Europe has zero Russian gas, and they can’t surround either Russia or China. What am I missing that the US ruling class seems to see? They obviously understood this at the time of the Sino-Soviet split.

Sison is one of the most based Maoists, might be a hot take but most people shitting on him haven’t read a single work he is. He is not in any way comparable to Gonzalo and the shining path. Guerrilla History podcast did a great episode with him.

Looks like things are heating up in eruope, does anyone know what's up? How likely is NATO intervention?

Here in the states we’re having a massive cold storm going across the country it seems. Sometimes living in the south has its benefits lol, my family up north aren’t excited.

Awesome short video from Cuba on the day of local elections. Perfect to share with friends who can't get past cold war propaganda that Cuba has no democracy.

I think it’s in the past at this point so they wanna just erase it and or memory hole it like it never happened. Didn’t Rachel Maddow finally after years of spreading bs propaganda come out saying assange shouldn’t be persecuted? That’s gotta be scary man, basically the US saying “dissident journalists here or in any friendly nation, we can end your life and torture you at the drop of a feather.”

I swear if the US doesn’t chill Europe and Australia and the rest are finally gonna just choose China. The US wants to not only sink all of Europe economically but then also eliminate all sovereignty. How fucking hilarious would it be if the EU one of these switches up and sanctions the US, let’s Russian gas flow in, their economies would boom and they could save capitalism. Unlikely but soon enough the people will be demanding it at this rate.

Yeah but from what I can read that was satirical, it was actually done by a leftist who meant it as satire on the British PM being nominated as well. Basically them saying if the prime minister of a colonial monster like the UK can be nominated we might as well nominate Hitler. It was done the same year Hitler started WW2.

Is it true that Idd Amin (Uganda) was a brutal dictator?
I saw some meme of him talking online about being against Israel and people calling him anti-semitic, I looked him up and Google tells me he is universally recognized as one of the most brutal modern dictators as leader of Uganda in the 70s. Immediately I thought oh this dude may be based, but on Wikipedia it mentions he gained power through a coup and was initially pro-west. It continues by saying after that he drifted away from them and was backed by totally evil "regimes" like the Soviet Union and East Germany. And that he was like shunned by the UK for declaring himself "CBE", conqueror of the British Empire. He was a Pan africanist as well, which leads me to seriously wonder if he was all that bad. Was this dude just a useful ally to the Soviets or was he a serious anti-colonial fighter?

Has the Kurdish struggle in Syria always been an imperialist side project or was it once revolutionary and co-opted by imperialist for their gain?
Ive read so many conflicting things about modern Rojava/the Kurdish part of Syria and this aspect seems vital. Are these long term imperialist allies? Generally I see it discussed in the context of the modern occupation of Syria, where the YPG is helping the US steal Syria's oil. I really don't know much about it outside of my country's current occupation and my interest was sparked by that True Anon guy who went and fought there. At that point I thought it was just imperialist but when he started talking against the US propaganda against Assad, fake gas attacks, etc it made me think there may be more to it, and perhaps not another Kosovo/Yugoslavia type situation.

Is “The Duran” worth taking seriously?
I have seen some of their stuff around, it is recommended a lot for me when watching anything related to Ukraine. I first saw them in relation to the stuff that was happening with Gonzalo Lira, and because of that I've always assumed they weren't worth taking that seriously. They were promoting Lira this dude known for red pill sexist bs and when I looked them up I saw they had a news app with a description talking about "traditional values" which was a huge red flag for me and I've ignored them since. But today I go to watch The Left Lens with Danny Haiphong, and he had them on. I'm about 20 minutes in so far and honestly this has me interested in them. They're covering that recent video of a EU official talking about how Europe is a "garden" and the global south, Russia, etc are "the jungle" and shit. Surprisingly to me the first response was one of the Duran guys talking against European supremacy and colonialism and the like and how they exploit the global South. I looked up Alexander Mercouris and the first article I see is about how Asia is the future and US empire is dying. Maybe it's just me living in the US, but I've never heard a right winger talk like this. What do you guys think?

Struggling to understand the falling rate of profit, was hoping some more well read comrades could help with a few questions I have.
This is a concise answer I found online, but it only confuses me more. "Because profit can only come from human labour, as more and more capitalists invest in the new machinery the average labour time required to produce each commodity falls. This is what makes the rate of profit fall, as the ratio of surplus value to investment falls across the whole system." My understanding of this paragraph is that as machines play more and more a role in production less human labor is needed to produce the commodity, but I dont get how that lowers profit. My first thought it, don't machines allow more money to be made? As capitalism develops we are reaching a point where 90%+ jobs in some industries will be replaced by machines, needing less people and less overall investment for the profits you're getting. The entire reason is that it makes more profits right? Employers at least in the US save a ton just from not needing to pay for employees healthcare and other benefits, there are a lot of incentives in replacing people with machines. I am sure these questions sound totally moronic to you comrades who have read capital volume three, but I hope you can see where I'm coming from and let me know what I'm getting wrong. I would really like to understand this, but it's pretty intimidating to get into and wrap my head around some of this stuff. Thanks guys.

Favorite podcasts/online shows related to socialism, anti-imperialism, etc to listen to at work?
I am pretty much looking for all kinds of quality left analysis I can play in the background at work. My job involves zero human interaction 95% of the time and I can wear earbuds, so it doesn't need to be super sanitized or anything like mainstream news. I'm a big fan of the socialist program with Brian Becker, as well as pretty much everything put out by Breakthrough News and Multipolarista. They're pretty big though and I'm struggling to find much else as I don't really use any other social media. Also really like Revolutionary Left Radio and their theory podcast Red Menace, so theory heavy stuff is more than welcome.

So this was put out by Ben Norton a few weeks ago and I just saw it, and while I'm sure most of you know about this I was so blown away I wanted to try and start a discussion of sorts about this situation. Zelensky, in the midst of an invasion, is selling around 400 billion USD in Ukrainian state assets right on the fucking NY stock exchange. Coupling this mass privatization is a huge hit on labor rights. We all already know that being a worker in Ukraine hasn't been great since the fall of the Soviet union, but even these bare minimum rights of basic collective bargaining are being stripped away. Even liberal economists are saying this is "a return to the 19th century" in terms of labor rights. For me at least, this entire story begged a question: at what point exactly would you call Ukraine a fascist country? Ukraine has clearly been a neocolonial puppet state since it USSR was undemocraticaly dissolved, but has the maidan coup pushed Ukraine into transitioning from neoliberalism to fascism? Before Germany got to it's worst it started with this exact type of shit- mass privatizations, complete control of finance capital, fascist paramilitaries being incorporated into the armed forces, etc. Then you have Ukraine talking about how it wants to be like Israel, a fascist apartheid state that is actively commiting genocide. If Ukraine still exists in a decade, I'm worried about what things will look like there. It was already the poorest and most corrupt country in Europe before this military operation. I hope the Ukrainian masses take action while they still can, because soon enough they'll be imprisoning anyone organizing for basic collective bargaining.

I was just sorta interested in this at first, but just minutes in this dude is talking about studying in the Soviet Union and calls it the world's first proletarian and peasants state! He talks about how the US has failed in isolating Venezuela and how every attempt at regime change has been a failure. I'm not saying they're socialist or anything, but this absolutely confirms that the Maduro govt is in no way comparable to the imperialist social democracies in the global north. Huge props to Rania for scoring an interview like this. She's done some great ones with Cuban officials as well. Quote from Faria showcasing that he is not only a socialist, but anti revisionist as well acknowledging the Soviet Union's right deviations after Stalin. "We studied in the Soviet Union, in my case the first state of proletarians, and peasants state known to mankind, which, well, unfortunately could not continue existing for the reasons that we know. No, now will not be the time, the time to talk to you, but that we saw what it really was like, a socialist state, a state where really the working men and women were in charge of decisions. Of course the reasons for the disappearance of the Soviet Union have to do with that, just with the fact that this principle with which the Soviet Union was born was no longer observed. But at the beginning we knew what a socialist state was, of the workers, of the peasants. How it governed only in favor of workers and peasants, where it was not capital which had the decisions in the management of that great state. Where German fascism was defeated during the second world war, in the chapter of the Great Patriotic War, where the Soviet Union, the Red Army and it's heroic people defeat fascism, liberate the Soviet Union, liberate half of Europe."

(CNN)- At least seven children were killed when a gunman wearing Nazi symbols opened fire at a school in the western Russian city of Izhevsk, Russian state media reported Monday.

For European comrades: is it likely for a country or multiple to leave the EU this winter because of what sanctions are doing?
So when I'm thinking about ending western imperialism one of the first institutions that is a major block is the EU. Not only does it facilitate global exploitation in favor of the global north, but it also forces austerity in Europe and my understanding is that you literally cannot be a socialist government in the EU- this is not something we can change/take power of, but something that must be ended entirely. In terms of the current crisis, the EU is leading the charge to essentially rid Europe of all Russian energy. As someone who does not and has never lived in Europe, I'm wondering if I'm witnessing the beginning of the end for the EU and how easy or realistic it would be for countries to escape its grasp. I would also like to extend the time frame we're looking at a bit- if this crisis doesn't directly cause people to leave the EU this winter it could still cause it down the line. It just comes down to how decoupled Russia and China become from the west at the end of all this. Especially 10 years down the line, it is inevitable many countries side with China over the US if they're forced to choose just 1. That's not even including the amount of countries that are totally fucked without Russian gas. I just don't get how the EU could maintain itself through such a crisis, a self caused one at that.

I thought this video was super informative, and honestly I find what China is doing to be totally heroic. If only Russia could go red and them and China could get the US the fuck out of Africa. Even when the global economy is fucked China comes in and forgives debt for 17 countries in Africa! Ben Norton/Multipolarista is becoming some of my favorite independent journalism.

But Chinese people are the barbaric ones guys! Yeah we've nuked civilians, yeah we've done genocide, yeah we bomb entire countries to rubble. But look at those scary savages! Their skin isn't White!

Here is a Reuters article from May 22- https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/peru-opens-criminal-investigation-president-castillo-2022-05-29/ "Peru's attorney general's office announced on Sunday it was including President Pedro Castillo in an investigation into alleged crimes including influence peddling, collusion and "criminal organization." Peru's Public Ministry on Twitter said Pablo Sanchez, the country's top prosecutor, will lead the investigation into Castillo given the "seriousness of the accusations" made in an investigation against former Minister of Transport and Communications Juan Silva and six legislators from the opposition party."

Alternative title: Narcissistic sociopath chooses her legacy among neocons over the lives the the world's proletariat.

This is like the dream team when it comes to China coverage and I believe Xiangyu lived in Taiwan for some time so he has a pretty valuable perspective. Even if you can't join the stream it will definitely be worth watching later.

Apologies for the url being a screenshot, for some reason the lemmur app won't let me paste in the URL box, so here's the link to the article: https://www.democracynow.org/2022/8/1/headlines/house_speaker_pelosi_will_visit_taiwan_despite_warnings_from_china US is feeling really ballsy lately. Would be hilarious if their response was to start meeting with leaders of seperatists in Hawaii, Texas, Puerto Rico, Alaska, even California lmao. Do you guys think they're trying to force a confrontation while Russia is bogged down in Ukraine? Kinda seems like that is their goal. Bog down Russia as long as possible and while Russia is busy take advantage of US having all of Europe in a firm bloc? They are also trying to form a bloc I feel to slow down the insane amount of trade china does with Europe, but if they keep up the sanctions on Russia and China we may see some European countries go neutral or even side with china out of pure economic necessity. The US economy is collapsing and dollar hegemony in waning- even Saudi Arabia is now trading with china in yuan.

What do people mean when they say “the labor market is very healthy”?
As I've been looking into the current US economy and them covering up/lying about recession, I keep seeing liberals saying one thing over and over- that our labor market is very healthy. Is that just another way to say unemployment? This comes across as capitalist speak for, we love how many people are working multiple jobs, "people are getting back to work" etc. Hannity on Fox News was recently ranting about how people should be willing to work "70, 80, even 90 hours a week" during a recession. Classical economics spend so much time bullshitting and using language that sounds better than the truth.

Just saw this as I got home and figured you guys may be interested as well! I love hearing directly from comrades like Luna Oi on this as they can spot the issues in the western left great. Silverspook is also on the panel, who is a dope indigenous Hawaiian that even made a video game about Hawaii being liberated I believe.

At what point does the self determination of a people become less important than what they are doing to people?
I know the wording is weird but I hope you guys get what I'm saying. For example, what Nazi Germany was doing obviously justified it being taken down. I know generally the reasons given by western govts for invading countries is bs lies used to justify colonialism, exploitation, etc but I'm saying if said invasion was done by a socialist country without a military industrial complex and profit in command. Perhaps Tibet is an example of this but I just don't know much about that at all. Would China for example be justified in invading Israel and giving power/land back to Palestinians? Self determination is a very key aspect of ML and I'm wondering how far that goes.

I love drill and was checking out this music video and dude just randomly has a hammer and sickle mask on lol. The lyrics have zero relationship to communism whatsoever which makes it even funnier to me.