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A post from the hackernews thread had a lot of that info:

Link to project website: https://senseable.mit.edu/flatburn/

Link to assembly guide: https://github.com/MIT-Senseable-City-Lab/OSCS/blob/main/Bui

Link to bill of materials: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-fR-0hTxHKbjaRf8DbH6

Naively searching for every lines of the bill of materials gives me around $300, with a handful of items being around $50 and everything else under $5. I’m sure a hobbyist could find the parts for cheaper, especially things like individuals connectors that I found for around $5. I’ve seen them go as low as $0.25 when bulk purchased.

Disclaimer: it’s possible that some SKUs led me to the wrong products. I am not into electronics. I encourage you do to the same exercise before drawing conclusions.

Without direct support in Borg you’ll need to use something like FUSE, for example with a quick search I found: https://github.com/matteoserva/MegaFuse

Basically use fuse to mount the mega drive to a local folder and point Borg at it. This will likely be slow but it’ll he the job done. Or you can o it in two steps. Backup to local drive, upload the wholefoldedr you backed up to Mega.

Fdroid version is lagging behind quite a bit.

Kodi continues to be a cornerstone in the media playing space. Thank you for all the years of great media watching experience!

I am clueless but I thought having the same IMEI was effectively cloning the device? Clearly that can’t be the case there must be something else they use because of problems like this?

Is there a place where things like this tend to land or just wait and search?

Yes this indeed feels like a rerun.