ну вроде прогер, а вроде уже и не хочется.

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@rysiek first of all I don’t see any problems in Twitter technically. It worked well for long time and only now with Musk as CEO we see that not only architecture matters but people supporting it also.

Regarding BS: just take a look at how centralized fediverse is in reality. Eugene just happened to be always talking about mastodon instead of fediverse, everyone is trying to register on mastodon.social when they herd of it first time. I mean they whole fediverse for people right now is only what a man with a German company did.

Once again it’s not technicality but also people who support it matters. We can take at-protocol and do many integrations by our own to create own high level crystallization. Or we can give up on current AP and move on to the next one some time. The more ideas you give to the world the more it gives back.

If they are to make their own evil corp then you and I are allowed not to be it’s customers. Decentralization is about community and people

@rysiek well DIDs are designed to be easily replaceable so I don’t really see a problem.

@rysiek where centralization is stated?.. I don’t really see, only requirements for server to process these dids


@yogthos nope, the difference is technique is just a means of saying some thoughts. So people study others technique to be more shiny in the world of thoughts. And AI doesn’t produce any new thoughts. That’s the difference.


@AgreeableLandscape @OptimusPrime AI can’t be racist by design, it’s a machine.