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What’s this about weak security? Do you have something to read about that?

Swisscows is nice, results from Bing too though.

By default Mojeek gets results from pixabay.

Good find on that reverse image search extension, I will test it out next time I boot my work computer. My main computer uses a browser that has no extensions.

Mojeek has answered the question about open sourcing their engine here https://community.mojeek.com/t/is-mojeek-open-source/237/2

They are constantly tweaking so it will get better.

Oh, Google…

There are many search engines out there now. A lot of them are just Bing, but a few like https://www.mojeek.com/ have there own index.

https://www.searchenginemap.com/ is a good place to look for more info when you want to get away from Google.

There should be a website with the answer to this type of question. Sort of like all the “joinmastodon” style sites, but a “bootlinux” one. You choose the make and model and you get the instructions.