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I was volunteering with Mormons. I’m not Mormon but I wanted to go and was really interested in learning more about Russia at the time. It was difficult to get a Russian visa and I was offered to volunteer in Ukraine and get everything i needed covered since nobody was willing to go because of the situation. I was young and kind of stupid but I don’t regret going. I honestly can’t say that I understand the situation any better in terms of what happened and what is going on right now. In January 2014 a lot was happening at the city center. It seemed like, at the time, when Crimea was declared a Russian territory (I think it was in May?) a lot of people were ambivalent and it seemed like most of Eastern Ukraine was pretty much part of Russia anyway. In Kiev it seemed like people were split down the line on most issues. Every one of my younger friends supported Euro Maidan and seemed to hate communism. I tried to ask them what it was like living in the USSR but a lot of them didn’t remember what it was like, but their parents seemed to have ambivalent opinions. I talked to some older people who missed living in the USSR. Also, near the city center (there’s a metro stop near Maidan that’s called Kontracktova Plosha) I remember there being some people selling Nazi memorbelia which I thought was weird. Like, selling old photographs of Hitler and stuff. It’s hard to imagine what is going on in Kiev right now because in 2014 literally everything was concentrated at the city center. Outside of that life was on as usual. I went to this town in East Ukraine that was near Lvov, I think it was called Kemenetz Podolski (I’m probably butchering the name) but I thought it was cool because they had a lot of communist monuments still standing. In Kiev most things were torn down. Also Western Ukrainians just seemed to have integrated that history more which was interesting. I wish I could have talked to more people and was better at Russian. I’m sorry I’m not the most articulate on my phone and the Lemmy app keeps fucking up.

Thats very sad. I was at Maidan in 2014

It is worth it. I think the model I bought also reads audio books out loud too.

Cool! Thanks for the resource. I recently got an inkbook ereader and it is honestly quite amazing.

That’s cool! What inspired this list? I’ll check out the ones you liked. I ordered an inkbook and it should be here today so it’s more motivation for me to read more instead of being on my stupid phone.

Do you have a list somewhere? I’m wanting to do something like this next year.

I try to use it more than Reddit because it makes me feel braindead

I like to watch random videos in bed. Steve1989’s channel on YouTube is great because its interesting and gets my mind off of things, he reviews vintage MRE rations.

I have LibreTube installed on my phone, I got it from F-Droid and it works well. i just update the instance every once in awhile

The idea of joining the military (air force) has seemed so nice to me throughout some parts of my twenties. I was chronically poor and having a place to pursue free education, a career field, and a built in set of friends and free housing was so appealing. But I was always hung up on the fact that it would be at the expense of others.I dont blame anybody if they use the military to get themselves outof a bad situation or shitty hometown with no opportunities. But I dont know if I can say the same for myself because I full realized the consequences. Also, I have a few friends that have been in the military and are very jaded, it seems that the whole thing would get old after awhile.