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Its impossible. Ive found sinophobia on subreddits like AnnasArchive, a place to share books 😐

Yeah thats a problem, they have a couple of good episodes with ladies like Izdihar and LunaOi but definitely its very “bro-y” like you said.

Tell me you are a catholic conservative without telling me.

Example: You are latin american and you root for Real Madrid (football) and Yankees (baseball).

Quite literally ‘what no class consciousness does to a mfer’.

After a quick read of his manifesto, i can only conclude he was a far right incel that is mad that he couldn’t be openly homophobic and racist.

He goes on a huge rant about leftism with the usual propaganda abt leftists being resentful, inferiority complex, or gay (like wtf LMAO), praises the greatness of western civilization, etc… Not a single mention of the relations of production. Just your usual far right bs but with fancy words like industrial society (LMAO explicitly avoiding using the word capitalist through the entire thing), kinda like Jordan Peterson.

No wonder he has a bunch of documentaries on Netflix and is constantly mentioned by other incels.

My way to own the libertarians is to tell them that theyre exactly like the silver spoon kids that inherit a business/land and instantly sell it and spend it all 😂.

Mexican comrades, any thoughts on the current interest rates/ bond returns?

Been tinkering with the central bank API (banxico), CETES (national bonds) and TIIE (interbank interest rate) are the highest they’ve been since 2001 (related to dotcom bubble?) at > 11%.

Feel like no one is covering this in mainstream media…

Blaming a country for suffering economic blockade by ANOTHER country is like blaming yourself after being fucked up by a bully. Actually i got it wrong, it’s the bully blaming you for them fucking you up.

Just thinking about how stupid it was that your reward for scoring high on those SAT tests in high school, was getting more exams!

At least that’s how it happened to me during high school, i was forced to travel to another city to take another fucking exam. Of course i burnout and didn’t study at all.

Once you start identifying propaganda, there is no going back. It’s EVERYWHERE

Bro literally developing lean manufacturing theory but for killing fascists. 🗿

Yes 🗿

These moral arguments are just dumb. It’s what i call the Batman paradox, the thought that killing a killer makes you a killer.

When our time comes we will not make excuses for terror. Edit: other comments expressed this better.

Its kinda funny that if youre perceived as a communist on reddit, dudes will be contrarian to anything you say, even pro-capitalist statements 😂

The CPC literally on every congress. And then westerners say theyre capitalists! 😂

I finally made it comrades, the most jacked dude on my gym went out of his way to tell me that my range of motion on squats is great 😭

Something funny is going on in Mexico.

One big bank is in talks to get bought by a bigger group, as always media is spreading fake news and mentioned that the deal failed, so in press the mexican president mentioned that it was a lie and they’re still on talks but he then mentioned that if the deal fails maybe there would be a possibility to nationalize that bank.

Now media says that ‘the mexican president wants to nationalize the bank!’, and every old conservative that thinks mexico is a communist state goes to withdraw their deposits LMAO.

Dude could cause a bank run with that simple statement, thanks to the old dumbasses that live on red scare paranoia LOL. I dont think this was planned at all just something funny that is going on.

Oil companies are so noble that they dont make profits of refining oil !💀

Im not even joking, its what these people are convinced of.

Every 3-4 months i lurk back into my country subreddit, oh boy each and every time i get more disappointed.

I got downvoted into oblivion for stating that there is no way that raw resources cost more than their processed products.

Why does stating something a elementary school kid know gets hate? Because media has made them believe that its more profitable to sell raw petrol instead of refining it 😅 back when the mexican president invested into building a refinery.

When liberals and fascists talk about leftist being hateful and full of resentment, it’s literally pure projection.

Am i the asshole if i think that cleaning gym equipment after using is kinda dumb? Its a public gym, there is going to be sweat. It’s not like a leave a pool of sweat behind.

The sinovac hate was definitely insane, even in Mexico it was common discourse to hate the sinovac mostly because the conservative party was spreading the hate because it was one of the vaccines the goverment was able to get.

No wonder, the girl was also a siberian seccesionist 😂

Ain’t she like very pro ukraine tho?

I remember watching this hasan podcast with she and other russian porn star and both were anti-russia. Other chick was more cringe tho, at some point she said that she slept with a guy just cuz he donated weapons for ukraine.

If my family was american im pretty sure my dad would be one of those old fucktards that kill people that ring their doorbells, what a fckn disgusting person.

Anyone down to make a based quotes database? Every database i find doesnt include leftist figures and includes the likes of elon musk, ayn rand, jordan peterson, etc…

found an api for quotes but there is not a single leftist leader in the database so it’s awful lmao

Reading 20th century boys manga and boom china bad propaganda outta nowhere

‘massive crowd, even the chinese goverment is remaining tolerant!’, ‘not been many people here since the student protests!’

Loved the episode, didn’t know about him until this. The ending was funny calling out the so called ‘china experts’ on the west that have never been to china and don’t speak a word of chinese.

anyone saw that nite show guy interviewing elon musk? how much money do they pay these guys to dick ride you so hard lol

its always good being extra careful, just wanted to know how image metadata can expose you.