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His game is broken… We chose freedom, not his disneyan heaven.

He was right when he said he freed the bird, but he had no idea where he was going.

This is not a new Signal, this makes Signal obsolete.

No spam and no identifiers (phone number, email, ids, etc.) by design. Local encrypted sign-in. Your whole chat system-in-a-file .zip. Disposal, one-time, connections. This is awesome!

I am European and I hate what the Western bloc is doing to Russia. Not a day goes by that the TV doesn’t say something wrong about Russia. They act like those kids who can’t take it out on the guy who messed with them, they hit their dog.

SimpleX do not use shit communication tool like sms. Why should it must use them since it is born to replace them?

Please add the SimpleX (secret group) version…

I have latest SimpleX version (4.2 stable) and it doesn’t have any battery drain issue. Signal is for children, it is not for serious use. Based in California, it needs of a phone number to use it, it is under US jurisdiction. Please, do not mentioning it again in future. SMS? Are you kidding?

Are you aware that, just to start somewhere, Signal asks (and needs) your phone number to make the service work? If you write “go to hell” to a person and two minutes later you regret it that person can accuse you with absolutely legal evidence in his or her favor. Is everything normal?

The code is open. You can check your own doubts.

Oh yeah bro. You have my thumbnail up. Seems only a detail but freedom defenders (Signal) have their backs sitted in California…

At the moment I think more than 3000 people. Young app. Needs it to spread.

It is the sole messenger that doesn’t use identificators. You cannot get wrong.

You cannot know what kind of government we will have in ten years, nor is it said that your good behavior will be enough to keep you out of trouble. Millions of Jews had done nothing wrong, yet they were persecuted. Moreover, the fact that you have nothing to hide does not fully express what you could do if you had instead: sort of like giving up your right to speak because you have nothing to say.

Uh, I forgot to tell you that the “account” is safely saved locally (something) like jones.zip. That’s it!

In the meantime, that’s the best I’ve got. And it’s not too bad, to be fair.

Are you quite certain? Have you looked hard and concluded that Signal is the best alternative available today?

I can tell you that my messenger doesn’t use identifiers, it doesn’t track me, it doesn’t care who my contacts are, it doesn’t ask for my email, phone number, and importantly it does everything Signal does.