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I’d rather have this than a bloated mobile app that will eat up 1.5 gb of data just to check the weather

I feel like I am gonna turn into the Joker every time I listen to anti-tankie liberals in general

I don’t think most people that fled are nazi sympathizers, they probably just don’t wanna go to war which you can’t really blame them for

It’s also really funny

If I play this and already have depression, does it stack or is there no difference?

the first book actually seems useful to make sure you don’t get fired cuz nobody else could decipher your code

Idk why you would assume they have a brain at all

it would be pretty funny if I didn’t live in a EU country 🙃

it didn’t end already?

120 USD for the same game again, nice

Trump is a war criminal like every US president ever, but at least he was funny. Wish trump would become president for like a week and then he dies from too much McDonalds.

being racist must make life so simple, something bad is happening? It’s the chinese fault somehow. You shat yourself? Chinese agents put laxatives inside your diet coke.

they must have some nefarious reason behind naming the USB standards in such a dog shit way… I refuse to believe anyone who thinks this is good exists

the queen herself was guarding the border of the civilised world with an assault rifle… now that she is gone, there is nothing stopping the russians from just casually marching into western europe.

mullvad looks like a good one, never heard of it before. Thanks for the suggestion!

how can you have a humane society without Pizza Hut? I think Gorbi had a point. /s

I think they should be treated much worse but that’s just me

whatever benefits the most people ( only whites count as people )

this actually reads like some hyperbolic satirical shit i would write

A source told me that Biden took a big dump and didn’t flush

if the dude was actually a gamer then I would have hoped they actually run him over