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Don’t require phone or email. It’s encrypted, and they are continuity improving their system to fix some lack of encrypted content/metadata.

But a country based on tourism is normally lacking a lot of support for their civilians.

Some countries try to seduce a lot of tourism making it a mess on local places, a lot of dirty, scams and drunk people (depends on which place).

An economy based on tourism is always bad for many, multiple things, like any future new pandemic or animals and insects invading places where they don’t have predators.

It’s called censorship, and they can do that with anything they dislike. But go trust them.


So Chinese blocked and deleted all info related to this issue and forced the woman to shut up, and you still call it a successful freedom country.

That says a lot about your point of view.

abundant evidence that these governments have demonstrated that they’re consistently working in the interest of the public

Every country needs their propaganda to make people happy. Capitalist works with money, so they focus with people with money. China to keep them happy to make them the perfect workers (you can tell by the amount of factories and “made in China” products, it’s cheaper to transport it back to their countries than paying a decent salary on their own countries, and this is also very bad for environment).

what exactly you think happened to Peng Shuai

She has been re-educated.

Seems like your view of China is deeply rooted in your consumption of western propaganda about China.

I say the same (but obviously reversed xD) with your point of view.

The notion that all governments are inherently evil is simplistic, and seems to be rooted in western experience of living under a capitalist regime.

I just simplified because I’m a bit tired of this discussion, you trust to governments with the news very very controlled. And still you are using the words “Nobody should be using trust for anything, in my opinion.”

Things like what happened with Peng Shuai is what makes me think China isn’t that cool as they say. Of course, there is people living a good life there, as there is also people a good life with capitalism. They can easily delete you and all information talking bad about them.

I didn’t know about that. But for the Smart City, there is a standard already done very well and with a lot of information about how to deploy it, Europe has its own standard as China and USA has their own. Then business needs to read that LONG and extended documentation to fill the requirements on their messages. And I think here is where we have the issues, business will do the minimum and make bad implementations as always. They just need to make the user feel everything is fine.

They use a Wi-Fi protocol a bit different from your Wi-Fi devices which uses fewer data, goes faster and larger.

No, I did not think Russia would see invading Ukraine as being preferable to the status quo. Clearly Russia saw it as a bigger threat than I assumed. Nobody has a crystal ball to see the future, but what we can do is try to understand motivations and goals to try and predict what will happen.

You don’t need a “crystal ball”, just don’t trust governments. They are too used to lie to citizens.

That’s why I say all governments are evil. I like most of the post you do, but sometimes it looks like too much propaganda because you never talk bad about Russia and China, and this is my only problem with this.

That’s an incredibly ignorant statement that shows profound lack of understanding of how communism actually works. Please educate yourself on the subject you’re attempting to debate here. Some resources for you here.

I might have not the right words, but you should be able to understand what I mean. Too much power on few people is always bad. It can turn to be better than capitalist or turn into a China forcing you to be the person they want you to be.

Seems like the communism you defend is the same as what you criticize about anarchism. The biggest communism system I know right now is china, and as I am telling you, not everything is so good on China.

Communists don’t care if you’re gay or whatever you do. This is a cultural phenomenon that has absolutely nothing to do with the political and economic system. Plenty of western capitalist countries have been extremely hostile towards gay people. Go look up on what happened to Turing as an example.

I thought China was communist. (with a bit of capitalism controlled by the communist government) If you are gay there, you have much more difficulties than other countries.

I know Turing perfectly, and that’s why I blame China and Russia for their laws against LGBT right. At least in Europe, you can have a gay marriage right now.

Are you trying to conflate communism with fascism here or to claim it’s some sort of a dictatorship?

I’m not trying that, I’m comparing the feeling of the old times. You do the same as them with arguments about how well they were living, but it is basically because they didn’t get oppressed, and they followed their news and their education where got brainwashed and still now they still hate us and our culture. The important thing here is, you have a feeling that the past has been better than the current present, any fascist can feel the same.

The governments impose quite a bit more under capitalism, which is what the current state of the world is.

At least they don’t force you to throw all trash on the bin container, or you don’t get kidnapped on a “center of re-education”.

More people died from covid in US than were infected with covid in China. Think about that for a bit, especially given that China has over three times the population.

What happened on China Lockdown is horrible… USA is a shame, they don’t even have public healthcare… but there are countries where they did better without using any kind of violence to their citizens. Still china news about their death rates can’t take it seriously, they can lie like western media lies. Never seen a place outside China with so many people laying on the street or inside buildings, and you don’t know if they are still alive or dead unless they cough again.

I certainly can’t see how US meddling in Taiwan is in the interest of the people living there

Maybe because they are scared about China control and surveillance, as happened with Hong Kong. USA can use that to seduce them.

And how do you expect China to seduce them then? Can’t china spend the same money to seduce them? This makes not much sense if china is so successful.

I remember you saying Russia will not invade Ukraine, you were wrong. You trusted them and ops… They lied to media news and still invaded Ukraine. You know a lot about communism, but I don’t think you have a better vision of the reality than other people.

Taiwan is part of China. This is a well documented fact, and Taiwan’s legal standing is not in question. This is the position held by the UN, and it’s the fundamental basis for having diplomatic relations between US and China per Potsdam Proclamation that was signed 77 years ago between China, the US & the UK. This position has never officially changed.

Thanks to god Taiwan is already part of China, so China don’t need to worry or invade Taiwan, right? If china is so successful, they don’t need to worry about Taiwan and USA.

Not sure what things like sexual discrimination has to do with communism to be honest. Meanwhile, people were certainly far more free in a meaningful sense. Freedom can be seen as the measure of personal agency an individual enjoys within the framework of society, and socialist countries provide tangible freedoms such as freedom from hunger, freedom from abject poverty, freedom to have education, and so on. All these things create meaningful freedoms for people allowing them to achieve their potential.

Yes, I call China a success because quality of life in China continues to steadily improve and the government is actively working on doing things like eliminating poverty, creating public infrastructure, providing healthcare, housing, food, and education for all citizens. Chinese government practically eliminated poverty, and in fact China is the only place in a world where any meaningful poverty reduction is happening. If we take China out of the equation poverty actually increased in real terms:

Communists have fraternity, and our fraternity is growing every day.


The Lockdown they did is a good example why China isn’t successful, but an oppressive system that restrain your freedom. They were dying on the streets, China needed to force everyone to stay at home.

A home or food don’t make you free if you are still forced to have a lifestyle your government imposes.

Nah, the system I advocate for is demonstrably better than capitalism today and it continues to improve lives of over a billion people worldwide. Communists have fraternity, and our fraternity is growing every day.

I am from a place where we are colonized by fascists and our government is still that right now. They still say a phrase very used, “we lived better with the dictatorship rules”. That dictatorship was a friend of Hitler and killed a lot of people from my culture. Still, people say we were living better on those times.

They still want to kill us, but Europa is stopping them, as they already stopped when they sent a lot of police to beat and hit us.

If you were going to be born as gay, which country are you going to stay? One where you can date with people you like, or a place where you need to hide it from a mass surveillance for the rest of your life?

Capitalist system sucks, but they don’t care if you are gay or whatever you do, unless they start losing money.

You don’t believe in the USA/Europe news, but you believe in a government news and data which is the most controlled, manipulated and surveilled from the world. Their data and statistics aren’t transparent (there is no independent study).

The problem with Communism is that it can be as bad as Capitalism (or worse), only depends on the leader.

The interconnected thing, if you mean the Smart City, that will help a lot as I am working with this stuff, and it’s a lot of information being sent from infrastructure to cars that will help and improve a lot of the traffic.

The self-driving car is still very beta to be used. There are small self-driving busses on very low speed with a lot of sensors, good thing is that Smart City will give this public transport more priority (like on traffic lights) before to private transport.

But at the end as you say, all systems can be hacked and someone with the keys of an ambulance for example can be asking for green light everywhere or with the keys of the infrastructure can fake an emergency on the road and force to stop traffic.

But we are still too far from this, and I think we will first collapse as a society than have this correctly implemented.

China is waiting to invade Taiwan and Russia is already invading Ukraine… the excuse is just a cheap argument, on 2022 we can’t still expect to solve everything with violence (we need to evolve), there are always diplomatic and pacific ways to solve conflicts, but if they have an army bigger than Ukraine, why not just invade and blame USA?

Another problem with those countries is that you aren’t either free, you say successful, in a system that discriminates people for their sexual orientation, and those governments aren’t either transparent with the people I wouldn’t call it success. I just said a few examples, but that’s globalized, you have no freedom to be who you want to be. On capitalism, at least for now, you can say very loud and proud that you are GAY, and police aren’t going to put you on prison. (it’s an exaggerated example, but understand you can’t do a gay lifestyle)

You call success when China had to protection on their factories, so workers don’t commit suicide. And that’s why most big capitalist companies have their factories mostly in China, cheap work (or we can call it slavery). Still, those places have people living on poverty, so I think it’s more or less the same.

You might feel your system long time ago was better, as some capitalist people could also feel the old times on capitalism system was also better. We need to focus on fraternity instead of arming our troops for a possible war in a future(?)…

Maybe the problem is the system you support, as you said, your system can protect so also can invade and attack others.

Too much power in the wrong person can do a lot of damage. The problem with anarchist projects are that others system like the one you defend attacks them.

Don’t you think? So the problem is the system attacking the other, not the anarchist, which is more pacifist and respectful.

Your system will always get into wars and conflicts until they don’t stop arming and getting armies, those monies invested on army is money wasted that could spend on tech for our people.

EDIT: You say Anarchist problem is that they can’t defend themselves, I tell you, the problem of communism or capitalist is that they just use those armies to kill, invade and impose their rules (rules often made by a single person or by big billionaires). And that’s why your system (capitalism or communism) will never success. Violence = More violence.

But then, do support to communism or those systems but not the actual governments which all of them are bad and evil. Still, there are other systems than communism that also worked fine until it got invaded and destroyed, like the anarchism in Ukraine for example, they got invaded multiple times if I’m not wrong, and they had a very good system for the people.

You forgot to say everything bad they do. It’s like NATO saying how good they are doing helping people, but not saying all the bad stuff they are doing. Isn’t the same kind of propaganda?

You could start browsing via Tor network to skip blocks like those. So you can download directly from VLC official website using Tor (and be sure you are using always HTTPS also for the download link).

This is so funny, just searching and found the default keys used in examples… This is mainly how all car companies works. Minimum security or fixes.

You’re just gonna find anything you can to highlight China is a hellhole that needs to be liberated by our democracy bombs, no?


Don’t be foolish, China is not better than other countries. They do mass surveillance, they control all contents, I saw more videos about police killing people, but it was on a Telegram Channel from those protesters accusing China government things. Then I also saw a documentary how china prisons or how they call it “centers of education” are doing whatever they want like if those people were animals.

Capitalist media can lie, but Chinese and Russia media can lie too as all governments do.

You can find on Patreon some free press journalist with real independence.