Bob’s Guns is an excellent track by Ludique.

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their brains are hijacked with toxoplasmosis and that makes them like cats

it’s a bad transit system but it used to be worse!!! I used to wait for an hour and 40 minutes for a bus that was supposed to come once an hour

yeah, I’ve been taking the bus lately. pretty convenient when two buses from the same line don’t stack up and make you wait twice as long

Didn’t fit in very well with mine. I switched to cello lessons.

for the snowy months you need bike infrastructure that’s well maintained after a snowstorm. right now most places prioritize plowing the huge amount of streets for cars and the result is 3-4 days when bike lanes are unusable, if they were ever usable in the first place.

cars don’t drive that well on snow either fwiw.

e bikes, e scooters, micromobility, and electrified train lines / trams are the only legitimate electric vehicles. (possibly battery electric buses and mini trucks for farms as well.)

I am never buying another car in my life. no thank you.

I like how there’s seven lines of nestle droughts.

by like I mean hate

unfortunately my balls were just too strong. back when I had them anyway

I definitely rate spironolactone a solid 2/10. made all my connective tissue problems worse, couldn’t sweat for the life of me, and barely didn’t do what I was taking it for. can’t get high from it either

can you cycle through the drive thru? I’ve always been curious if that was frowned upon