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Specific to the pinetime, the biggest flaw to me is the screen. It’s illegible in sunlight, and turns completely off when the watch is idle, so it’s really bad at … telling time. Beyond that, the watch faces and functions are extremely limited. Compared to the $20 Wyze Watch and the MiBands, it’s practically stone-age.

I have a pinetime. Like basically every other Pine64 project (except the pinebuds, which are good, not great), it’s lousy as a daily-use device and only of interest if you want to hack on an embedded device.

I saw someone complaining this site was full of tankies.

A clown with a huge tattoo of Nixon on his back

For decades, people have thought of virtual reality as a place of infinite possibility, where any experience, possible or impossible, can be had, like in dreams. Leave it to the Zuck to turn it into a fucking cubicle farm.

I don’t see enough discussion about how much metadata these devices can gather about you. All the Oculus devices have cameras that scan your surroundings and watch your hands and body move, this new $1500 one also has cameras pointed at your face. The new controllers are full of cameras. They all have microphones. The ability to fingerprint you, scan your body and body movements, your face and facial movements, scan the inside of your house, listen in on you- if you’re paranoid about virtual assistants like Google/Nest/Alexa, this is many many times worse, and it’s a Zuck project, so already bent towards being shitty and exploitative. Fuck these things to hell.

You say that like it’s a fact, but autonomous vehicle companies rarely publish their crash data. Human drivers in the USA average 1.34 deaths per 100 million vehicles miles traveled:


Autonomous driving companies don’t publish this data, they operate in a handful of tiny geofenced areas with favorable conditions, and they still managed to kill that one lady with her bike.

The reality is, having either humans or machines operating multi-thousand-kilo vehicles for individual riders at high speeds on open courses shared with other traveling modes and in close proximity to vulnerable humans has always and will always be sheer insanity. Cities should drastically reduce car miles traveled and shift modes to busses, trains, bikes and walking. We shouldn’t be subsidizing autonomous cars or any other cars, not with fuel subsidies, highways, stroads, parking lots, ot any of the other massive giveaways that force people into cars.

Thanks for this, I was in Valencia recently, noticed that the park looked like it used to be a highway, but couldn’t find the history of it. It’s definitely different, in a good way.

Build mutual aid networks where you live. The chuds stacking guns and food buckets and expecting to survive alone will be the first ones rotating on a spit. Bonus: MA doubles as strike support for when you get sick of your boss.

Flow batteries seem like awesome tech. Fewer rare resources than lithium batteries, no fire/explosion risk, really long service life.

My kids get divided into two lines before they walk into school with their teachers, a boys line and a girls line. The reason for this is pretty innocuous - most classes are at least close to 50/50 boys/girls, two lines are easier to deal with than one, and it gives most people a fast way to sort themselves into two groups. But then that separation continues through the day- boys and girls stay in the groups that were formed at the beginning of the day when they go to recess, to lunch, when they pick playmates and group partners for gym and for class assignments. So, something that wasn’t intended to create a social structure helps to do so, and perpetuates and exacerbates the clues they already get from broader Western capitalist society that boys are over here doing boy things and girls are over there doing girl things. Setting aside the minority for whom just deciding which line they belong in is a trauma, why would we do this to any of our kids? We made a stupid division for a lazy reason, and now we’ve created an artificial division in society.

At this point, we pretty much all have been, we’re just too beat down and propagandized to do anything about it. I avoided it for 2.5 years, finally got it a month ago, I don’t know anybody who hasn’t had it, I know some who have had it more than once.

I want this too. Calibre hurts my eyeballs and soul, it’s so ugly and clunky.

It’s not a bakfiets, and it’s expensive, but for small spaces, look at this trick a Tern bike can do: https://cdn10.bigcommerce.com/s-6ahcroh/product_images/uploaded_images/verticalposition.2.png

Respectfully disagree. I have something similar to a bakefiets, with a large box on a longtail frame (https://madsencycles.com) . The box has seats and 4 seatbelts for kids, and enough room to comfortably carry my 2 kids, both their bikes and enough gear to get through a couple days (we’ve done overnight camping this way). There’s no pannier that can do all that at once, and the largest trailer I’ve seen for sale doesn’t fit a 6 and a 9-year-old at the same time. When they get tired on group rides, I can easily hop them in the bin and tow their bikes, and that comes up a lot for me.

Even for quick runs to the store, I can comfortably carry as much or more than the trunk of my car, and far more than any of my bikes with panniers, and I don’t have to fuss with clipping them on or attaching a trailer. For a family, a bakefiets makes a ton of sense, which is why they’re so popular in areas with decent streets for biking.

I’m taking my not-quite-a-bakfiets out to an event in a couple days filled with ice and enough cold drinks for everybody on the ride!

I did school 6PM-10PM, then 11-7 doing tech support over the phone. Nobody calling at 3AM actually wants tech support, they’re just drunk and want to yell. It messed me up all kind of ways. Hope you find something much better, fast.

SI joint alignment has been important for me. I put my forearm between my knees and squeeze, then press my knees together with my hands and push my knees out against my hands. Similar to this: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=rC6GP5ZELuA