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first then firts, who are normal people? your question just doesnt have a easy or simple answer. We are living in transition period where our parents been sending physical letters and just couple gens later same people, our parent and us their kind having fights on forums if Signal is secure and private. They didnt live in the age of mass surveliance enabled by technolgy, which is so accessible right now. This state of mind just havnt been transformed yet, people caring habits, time flys crazy fast and the tech is quite complex thing, people just dont care or they dont understand. It taking resourses to gain such a knowledge. We have been throwen in the mixer of capitalism driven propaganda, with such a huge mass of informqtion on net accessible, is hard to belevie into something. Me perwonaly, im so paranoid that even in the brightest idea or actions found on net, i see doble edge sword, with some fishy backround.

without secret there is no democracy. Think like a biznis man, not like a consumer/customer. Nothing is for free, nothing. And if it free you are paying with your data, you are the product whos paying the machinery. I found here a nice link to one page named dataisnewoil 😃 think about it. And if someone just dont care try to educate try to ilustrate give examples, try again and again. If we will feed youngsters, educate them. some of them with catch it and the numbers will grow eventually. I hope it will be not to late. Be patiente and evaluate with who are you talking to about this topic, its hard topic, full of technicalities, laws and persone has to a bit woke or driven to at least think about his, hers rights, surroundings.

person can write a whole book about it, it would be boring one and some1 minght call it conspiracy based book.


yeah clickbait title and the article itself pointing on some fact that might some readers find a bit shocking, all the bulletpoints got sources out from the page. its lowering a quality of it, they could at least hyperlink it.

anyways, important message here for all of those lemmy users who called me a fbi agent cause i point on tor to be controled and monitored by authorities long time ago. As menrioned in article, they know exact portions of malicious activities, exact portions of dark web routed cross tor, they know precise statistics. How is that is simp asking himself? Cause is all rigged, i have been telling this long time, dont fcking use tor if you wanna hide yourself. those proxies, bridges are not in your control, you are not even able to know what other sw is running on the machines used for bridges. this is just a tip of iceberg. sit down and search web for infos and facts, some of them might be true and give you at least a bit of the bigger picture.

sincerely, your fbi agent, and i forgot … best is to use tor in combination with vpn, fckn idiots

well well well, us registered company? or where can i see a details or at least a details about this company?, us registered domain, under cloudflare, not really free speech, what else is runnimg under the cloudflare? the application? quite useless with net connection and you anyway heavy rely on 3rd party, buy api for sms or jabber … that also really free speech and totally out of your control. and the page looks like shit, at least try to sell it. the isp product is so heavily rooted in our society that we need to give a different approach, like our grand parents got, find a time for a people you love and see then face to face.

i feel you, but if you have an financial income from the small web app with thousands of requests and the firewall is a must, then pay for it, with cloudflare free plan, you are paying with your customers data.

no offence but the page is recommending to use Chrome, Chromebook, google play, fingerprint to open phone, to google yourself regurarly < wtf, e2e encryption for fb and wasap uf, signal, iMessage, skype, veracrypt, Filevault, Protonmail, PGP, page is total joke, another pseudo privacy web