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I am both terrified and optimistic because yes it is.

Every once in a while just to risk a worker’s life.

The US has never been known for having much long term thought, tbf.

That’s how they became the world’s factory, though. I think they’ll be more willing to help spread the revolution as they get stronger in the future.

The west will rebuild, paying their own corporations the whole time, and the corporations will take controlling interests in their natural resources. Ukrainians will be forced to shoulder the burden over the long term through harsh austerity terms on their immense IMF loans.

They were at my high school, but I was in a town with a military base. They would harass students with nonstop texts and phone calls.

There are chapters elsewhere, but it’s become extremely decentralized. Elm Fork is by far the most reliable when it comes to showing up and doing stuff, though.

I met someone in the air force that had snuck an RPG back to their house. Security for a lot of these weapons isn’t close to what it should be, and there’s plenty of demand for them. They certainly aren’t very concerned with their weapons winding up in the wrong hands.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they were using the troll farms we know they have to harass and threaten people until they stop going against the US narrative, but honestly, the propoganda is so effective, regular citizens would be more than happy to do that for them.

Can’t they drink in public there? Can’t do that here without a possible PI. I’m sure there are tons of small examples like that, and I honestly think those more individual freedoms are going to be more convincing to people in the US than political structures. Show them that collectivism doesn’t hinder individual rights unless those “rights” harm others kinda thing.

I’ll have to add that to my list. Thanks!

Oh, ok. I have that on my list, but I’ll have to bump it up.

Color Revolutions
Anybody got recommendations on reading for us color revolutions?

The propaganda was great cover for the final destruction of the Warsaw ghetto.

When they first started fighting covid, they put up hospitals within days to treat people. They were only meant to be temporary, but it showed they take the health of their citizenry very seriously. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they’re preparing extra infrastructure for a reopening.

Apparently, they didn’t have to cross over into Soviet lines. A 2011 Ukrainian archaeological dig determined that they were from 1941, the year the Nazis took that area.

In fact, recent archaeological discoveries(2011) have confirmed that the bullets and the bodies are from no earlier than 1941. It wasn’t until 1943(the Nazis had captured it in the first half of 1941) that the massacre was unearthed. This just so happened to provide Goebbels the perfect propaganda to push during the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto.


This was a good source. Thank you!

This was awesome! Thank you! I read a few of them.

Katyn Massacre
This is so convoluted by goebbels propaganda and the west's eagerness to repeat nazi propaganda. Does anyone have any good sources on it? I don't really trust goebbels or the liberals that repeat what he said.

At this point, I treat it like a game. I see a bunch of downvotes, and I’m like “Aha! They’ve struck again! When will you pop your head up, downvoter?”

I’m a little drunk right now, so sorry if it’s too much feels. Lol

I just want to thank all of you for the ability to discuss things here without it turning into a toxic cesspool. Almost everywhere else, disagreement gets met with derision and hate, but here, not so much. I guess we've got the mods to thank for that largely, but it's also just the community at large. Y'all are willing to talk things out and struggle for the truth with logic and reason instead of hate. Thank you for being a community willing to see flaws instead of an enemy.

Had a certain friend in it security talk about China spying on me if I got a Huawei. My response was basically the same. China is not my oppressor. Their interests aren’t aligned with my oppressors. So, it’s not really bad to spied on by China if the alternative is the US.

Oh, I’m sure sooner or later NYT will be publishing stories about how we got bamboozled into joining the Ukrainian civil war while leaving out that they were some of the biggest promoters of the whole thing.

Delusional how? And what specifically about converting to Islam should negate her opinions?

They also specifically chose to use the heroes act to do it instead of the department of education organization act. They have the legal authority to do it within the executive. They just spent months looking for a way to tie their own hands so that they could claim they tried.

It is! I had to look up the stock myself. That’s why I chose to show the 5 day. So wholesome!

I had to look it up myself. Had to be sure. Glorious day!

Remember that verified tweet about Lockheed stopping sales to the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia until their human rights abuses had been investigated?

The stock for almost every pharma company dropped after that tweet. Made the whole industry scared. Lol

Pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know this one secret.

Black Panther Education Program
The Black Panthers made going through their education program mandatory before anyone could become a general member. It's incredibly difficult to find, though. Does anybody have resources on what the educational program consisted of? And if you've got other valuable resources about the Black Panthers, feel free to drop those, too.

Audiobooks on Podcast?
Anybody know of any podcasts that have good ml audiobooks? I've found a couple, but I'd like to see if there's anymore. I'll go first: Book Clvb

Which Party?
I'm in the US, and I was wondering what everyone thought of the differences between PCUSA, CPUSA, & PSL. I've heard a little about each, but thought there may be comrades with experience in the parties that could help clarify their differences. After doing a sitewide search for the PSL website, I couldn't find Marxism-Leninism anywhere so that was disappointing. I found it on both other sites, but PCUSA accuses CPUSA of being revisionist, and I've heard rumors about CPUSA being filled with bad actors, but don't know enough to confirm it deny it. It's just worrisome. PCUSA seems very new, so I wonder how their organization is going. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Edit: sorry if this is the wrong community for this, but this community has a lot of principled people, so that's why I thought I might get the best answers here.

Have y'all found any other communities since coming from Reddit? If so, what are your favorites so far? Are there any communities you would like to see that you haven't found?