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The supposed killing of bin Laden was probably fake, most likely he and Ayman AZ died of old age

So the US had some of its European puppet states directly involved in the bombing and then later the whole thing is somehow leaked. What an interesting turn of events!

Its always interesting to see what is being taught, though I hope you aren’t paying too much for this, haha.

also what is Danielle Smith?

Yes. This is historically the norm, to only allow one citizenship. The fact that the teacher did not know this is very bad.

Citizenship involves various duties which can sometimes conflict if you have dual such as military service and loyalty pledges etc.

There is no coverage of this in the Fake News MSM.

Yes it is mostly manufactured. The protests in China are very small. There are much larger protests in the West such as strikes, and over climate change.

Now there are protests in the West being staged in “solidarity”.

At this point it would be nearly impossible for Westerners to predict what will happen. for many months/years the Fake News MSM has been predicting that the lockdowns will end.

The Fake News MSM has been full of hopium claiming that the lockdowns are doing so much damage to the economy of China but it seems much of the damage has landed on the West.

Many businesses in the West have been hopeful of migration from China to address their labor shortages. Airfares have also risen yugely, due to less flights by Chinese airlines. The West is not self sufficient and it seems they cannot actually decouple from China as various loudmouth politicians claim they would.

Many appear to believe long term lockdowns are impossible. this view has been influenced by the MSM but most of the time it can be done with minimal impact on every day life with most of the restrictions being on cross-border movement. Remember, a few decades ago, similar restrictions on movement were normal, though not done for health reasons.

Realistically its copium whenever someone says various statements along the lines of education will always have great value or whatever.

But if you have already started the course. you should finish it, because being a dropout is the worst possible scenario for you.

If you had not started the course, obviously you could avoid the debts entirely. Remember to limit the number of courses you attempt to the bare minimum and do not start courses on a whim.

The failed website is making heaps of money off these joke accounts. Don’t give them any money! Let the Twitter die!

Muskrat said earlier that Twitter was in danger of bankruptcy. We will soon see if he ends up destroying Twitter.

I only looked into it briefly but it seems like Biden attempted to do this without passing any legislation. So it was of dubious legality and crumbled a few months later.

Just as I expected would happen when it was announced very late and close to the voot. The fact that it fell apart just days after the voot is even funnier.

Hopefully none of you got tricked into doing any courses by this. (There were stories in the MSM about people who foolishly started courses after Biden won in 2020 believing there would be forgiveness.)

Maybe later in a few decades.

For now, the US could attempt to prolong its own existence by cannibalizing its vassals.

I think the overall direction should be deflationary due to overproduction and low investment demand from falling rate of profit.

If they had resolved international disputes diplomatically then low inflation of consoomer goods would have continued.

Miss it as much as you want, it won’t be coming back. there will be more censorship as global capitalism continues its death spiral.

Anyway, Reddit is not profitable and will eventually shut down. People will eventually return to having their separate websites.

The senile zombie can say whatever he wants, but you should all remember to stock up on essential goods and medications.

Reminder to stock up on essential goods and medications (many of you have been writing about having various illnesses…).

If you really want it, you still have a chance to go and buy it. Sadly it seems we won’t get the full fall in prices which would have resulted from the crypto miners being wiped out.

In a few years there will be cheaper Chinese chips also.

No, they have completely lost touch with reality and live inside a bubble.

most likely they not having enough staff due to paying very little and doing nothing other than squealing that nobody wants to work any more

Say nothing if not a mod. People are just joking about Rose vanishing.

Their posting history shows regular breaks of many days or more. Maybe they accumulate the memes over many days and dump them all at once.

3250 posts is quite a lot though…

Healthy is a subjective word and I would not describe it as healthy. They most likely refer to unemployment being low compared to historically which is true.

Recently population growth has slowed and many workers died or became disabled when they decided to let the disease spread freely. In such a situation, it is possible to both have a recession and low unemployment at the same time. It may become more frequent occurrence in the future so low unemployment does not necessarily reflect a strong economy as it did in the past.

Only put in the minimum effort to avoid being fired.

Yes. The legislature is very much unable to pass any of these changes which polls show majority support. The reliance on the court to create these rights by discovering these rights existed in the constitution is very unusual by liberal theory and has now completely collapsed. Liberals should now realize that the liberal system has completely failed.

I highly doubt it is a distraction scheme. It would have come out anyway in June or July when it was scheduled to be published., and this only makes it earlier by a few weeks.

The only sensible explanation is a liberal employee leaked it in a desperate attempt to stop it. The Failing NYT and some other Fake News MSM have presented alternate hypotheses that it is to prevent judges from flipping or whatever but that is extremely unlikely.

The person who leaked it will have ruined their legal career for life. It seems to be photocopied from a physical copy with highlights and folds visible and the leaker will likely be easily identified in the next few days.

As various people said, it is still possible for the judges to change their mind but very unlikely. The person would not have leaked it if there was still strong chance that the judges would change their mind in their internal discussions. Maybe strong protests could cause them to change their mind but I doubt it.

the sub is very poorly run and almost dead now. the mods became paranoid that everyone was a Russian troll and appears every post has to be manually approved.

they would probably be better off if they allowed people to post freely.