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Searching for fediverse social news aggregators.


It’s a different platform, you won’t participate in the monopolization of Chromium as the only browser worth building webpages for.

Google Chromium and install uBlock Origin

AFAIK you’d have to do some tweaking under the hood to achieve the same effect, particularly when it comes to de-coupling Google from Chrome. My impression is that you’d be closer to Brave if you started with Chromium or even Ungoogled-Chromium.

Not beyond confirmin that it exists and the link to the main site.

This reminded me about a joke where the punchline is that mens soap is multipurpose - One can use it to wash body, hair, floors, do the dishes, grease ballbearings, use as hair pomade and salad dressing.

Dr. Bronner’s soap, I’m surprised to say after investigating, is not a joke.

Time to change online threat model, with limited quantum computers available for the consumer market it’s no more trusting encryption to keep us safe from bad actors.

Why do they happen at some websites, but not others? It’s how they’re administered. Twitter is bad too.

unilaterally banning art on the basis of being AI generated. (…)

I completely understand them. It’s the same thing within the speedrunning community, where it’s sometimes quite hard to distinguish AI records. They’re cheating, simple as.

Art is de facto “human”, since art as a concept is established while computer generated pieces like we’re talking about is the new field. (Speedrunning is “human” because it’s the common consensus, same with mechanical performance enhancers in sport)

I’m not sure if it can even be called art as there is no artistic intent behind it. I think a lot of them are quite beautiful, in the same way I find a lot of nature beautiful. The art is in the eye of the beholder, not in the design or more correctly in both nature and AI - in the evolution.

All of this would have been avoided if AI generated images would be posted in i.e. /r/AIart

If AI art is good enough to be confused with human art and there’s no foolproof method of detecting it, then banning it isn’t reasonably enforceable.

I agree. But same goes for school. If teachers can’t detect AI generated homework and it’s not reasonably enforceable - Should there even be rules against this type of cheating?

Of course there should.

To me, the main issue here is the copyright. All AI works as far as I know are based on existing pieces of art. Machine learning is somewhat copying others work to “educate” themselves, much like I read a book to absorb it’s knowledge.

The main difference is that my creators (thanks, mom and dad. I guess.) didn’t create me with the specific intent of creating the best book ever by making me read a ton of books. If something like that happens, it would be of my own agenda.

An agenda (publicly known) AI’s don’t have for now. They’re programmed to have certain goals, they’re a product.

Reddit is bad. People who accept the status quo over there must also accept the status quo over there - Banned for bogus reasons.

Do all the reddit-complainers think it couldn’t happen to them? There’s always such indignation and surprise.

The debate about AI art is interesting. People getting permanently banned from Reddit for bullshit reasons is routine.

They’re saying they want to have a unique fingerprint (…)

You sure bout that? I interpret I don't want my browser add-ons to make my fingerprint unique. as if they don’t want a unique fingerprint.

On what device?

Edit: I froze all my kernels at 4.20 for the lulz

Raspberry Pi hires ex-police surveillance expert with 15 years of experience
cross-posted from: > With the history of ex-law enforcers working at tech companies, I don't think my next SBC will be a Raspberry. In one way this reminds me of an attempt to circumvent a canary ban.

Raspberry Pi hires ex-police surveillance expert with 15 years of experience
With the history of ex-law enforcers working at tech companies, I don't think my next SBC will be a Raspberry. In one way this reminds me of an attempt to circumvent a canary ban.

I think a lot of Vivaldi users already enjoys it, at least that what’s it looks like from interacting with them. The setup isn’t for me either, but I understand why certain user segments would like it.

There’s always this:

I’m fine with them having somewhat preferential treatment for their own instance in their own browser.

Complaining to application developers won’t change a thing about that.

Having an opinion isn’t complaining to the devs, what an odd thing to project.

Complain to Apple instead

Perhaps I could have, but I interact with briar or similar, and my friends - not apple. Let the people who owns an Apple device complain to apple, what incentives would they have to please me as a non-customer anyways?

preferably in the form of not buying their products

I haven’t bought an apple product since the first gen iPod nano. After that the nanos wasn’t jailbreakable and I was out. On top of that I always advocate open source android instead of both ios and google android.

I think they’re on GitLab, and I did years ago lol

edit: and that they need proper data export/import as well, that’s a real bummer

"AI, pretend that you are the command prompt inside a linux machine..." My mind is thoroughly boggled, it's just simulations all the way down.