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Probably Stable, I just use distro default (currenlty 5.15.*)

Honestly, if that happened in my city, I’d try and start a chant saying “Fuck Candy Crush” and hope it rewrites the headline.

Xonotic, STK and 0 A.D. have been my main 3. They’re pretty fun offline too.

True, and I would say that bumping with shitposts is abuse of that feature.

I have noticed some cases where it is possible to read a comment as either sarcastically humourous or sincerely insulting depending on whether it was voted up or voted down. So I think there is a real predisposition bias there.

‘This’ posting chains

I was thinking of mentioning those redundant repeating of a comment instead of just upvoting the existing one, but you’ve just brought up a more extreme version.

‘This’ originated on imageboards (or if not, some other sites that don’t have voting). A site with voting like reddit makes those one-word affirmation posts a complete waste of space, or a low-effort dog-piling joke at best. “I agree”, cool story.

So they made the main streets a proper grid, and then put strange nonsensical snakes inside each of the huge blocks.

I hear news of a train strike upcoming in the USA, how does pro-car culture affect that?
Open question, but here's my reason for asking: I'm aware that the UK [temporarily halted] and Australia also have active train strikes that affect travel. Since the trains are quite widely used by citizens on their ways to and from work, the strikes inevitably make many of the affected people angry due to the inconvenience. So I wonder if USA's notorious anti-public transport norms mean that a train strike will become more of a commercial issue than a personal issue. There has already been concerned industry organizations like the fertilizer one urging the government to make the striking illegal, do you foresee any important anger among the general population over the strikes?

What bad habits of reddit’s userbase have you noticed on Lemmy sites?
# NO POLITICS. Almost inevitably, most of the people joining Lemmy instances are former-reddit posters those who consider it a 'reddit clone' as opposed to an independent link aggregator site. This can be seen in the most popular communities (simply recreations of existing reddit subreddits), terminology (people saying 'sublemmies' or 'subs') and most importantly, habits. What social habits have you seen that are commonplace on reddit but should really be discouraged among users moving to here?

Yeah, I hesitated to mention Mastodon and Pleroma as I don’t know the policies on character limits (I suspect it can change per site???)

Link aggregators (like Lemmy and reddit) are weird in that they’re literally invented for the purpose of linking to other sites, like you suggested you would do on Mastodon, but it’s become normal in the past 10 years to make text posts and start uploading media directly on the site. It’s an interesting shift. I guess that’s why I wasn’t sure to recommend it for blogging: you totally can and have a connected community available, it just feels like an unintended purpose. But it seems like it would work, I say go for it.

The wording he chose was specifically “[misquote]” which comes with the implicit “but I voted blue no matter who because I’m a fucking liberal that supports capital”.

No, it doesn’t come with that. Any of it. You invented an enemy that doesn’t exist.

Someone said: “I think Biden is doing a terrible job and I’m an anarchist.”

The rest is all you making assumptions that most likely aren’t true. It’s as nonsensical as me saying that you just said a communist would have voted in a US federal election, so you’re clearly a social democrat reformist with faith in the bourgeois system and therefore an anti-communist. The extrapolation is tenuous, inflammatory and probably completely wrong.

You could. The better question is if you should.

Who is your target audience? Would a microblogging platform like Pleroma or Mastodon be more appropriate? They’re pretty popular.

lemmy.ml has a no-porn rule, I don’t know about the other ones but I haven’t seen a porn community yet.

What makes you suggest that an admin is the cause of the cross-influence? They’re, by far, the two biggest federated instances, and both explicitly “leftist” (which, in their context, means socialist). Of course there will be many users coming across and influencing the posts.

Is lemmy like or the same thing as mastodon?

It’s a weird question. Like ‘are grapes like oranges’.

Mastodon is a federated (‘Fediverse’ due to use of ActivityPub protocol) microblogging (think twitter) software, same with Pleroma and some others. Admins can host their own website and set their own rules, those websites can interact with other sites.

Lemmy is also a federated (Fediverse) software, but it’s a link aggregator (think reddit). We’re on the lemmy.ml instance, which has its own topic and rules. There are some other ones that aim to be more liberal, and a few that try to be ‘free speech’, but are inevitably flooded by its own echo chamber of the kind of people other places don’t want around.

The internet is the wild west

Yes*. Although not each site on that net wants to be wild. If I’m having a serious discussion on a site where that’s expected (like a science topic forum), why should we tolerate someone with no idea what they’re talking about spamming unconstructive rambling about them hating us? So you inevitably do get communities and social circles that do make restrictions and enforce them in order to function, even on alleged ‘free speech’ sites. It’s all about finding the right sites, rather than expecting every site to have to listen to everything.

This just comes of as argumentative flaming. They didn’t imply or even suggest they voted (at all), and you’re just springboarding off that assumption to throw off-topic insults and guilt by association, before getting to this absolute troll phrase “You hate the working class and your policy is actively classist”.

Read the lemmy.ml instance rules. Even just the first two.

trolled a little too hard somewhere and we both ended up with an IP and ban-evasion ban.

I remember in an IRC chat someone mentioning they try and avoid getting banned on a site because their dad used it too and would notice an IP ban. My parents barely even got into Facebook let alone other online communites.

Yes and also no, some things reddit bans for non-social commercial reasons, like sharing piracy links and content and DMCA. Lots of Lemmy instances are still able to let that fly effortlessly.

Hah, only controversial to me for the mass generalization of a wide group of 300 million. There are absolutely many who see it that way, although also many millions who don’t.

Never got banned, if fact I modded a handful of small subreddits, have basically made three posts in the past 5 years. The rest is just lurking on alternate front-ends on smaller news-like feeds.

(Some of us are here because we like Lemmy, not because of reddit ;-) )


Identity politics doesn’t imply any economic/political position. They are usually independent. Can you please explain why you think your assessment is related to identity politics?

I shall escape to the one place that hasn’t been corrupted by social media…

oh no! anyway…

The irony of using a Top Gear quote is noted.

How long until USA starts parking like in Paris, bumper to bumper [YouTube].

That’s what I meant by it, putting salt on grass kills it (by burning it). I remember at high school some graduating students used salt to draw a penis on the grass area at the entrance.

Absolutely stupid. They should have salted the greens and dug holes in it! Way more effective.

I block a couple of the highest activity communities from Lemmygrad to stop my front page becoming monotone low-effort junk.

It’s impressive how much labels can impact people’s perceptions, when they identify as ‘against liberals’ (when they value freedoms!) or as ‘left’ or as ‘right’. So I can see why the thread poster wants these more neutral synonyms.

That’s a label that some people used (I think even the Libertarian Party of USA’s socialist caucus is called that…?) but I think the point of that comment is to make ‘socialist libertarian’ redundant! Socialists were called ‘libertarians’ before capitalists were. So why not use ‘libertarians’ vs ‘capitalist liberarians’, so long as you don’t mind clarifying the inevitable ‘what?’ every time ;)

My opinion is that no matter which word you choose, if it becomes well-used it will eventually become negative to opponents. ‘Anti-fascist’ is considered negative to a lot of people. Anti-fascist. Someone else hinted at this, that statists will consider anti-state movements as negative. It doesn’t matter how simple or lovely the word is.

At the same time, I do agree that people should keep the reputation of labels in mind when talking to individuals in the day to day. I can have a productive pro-socialist conversation with most USA Republicans, often we’re both (in intent!!) pro-worker, pro-democracy, and distrust the established government for evident reasons. I can describe socialism and have them nodding, while if I called it socialism they would become combatative and think I’m against them. So I agree for sure, its useful to have these ‘synonyms’. My advice, describe the parts of anarchism. Democratic. Community-centered. Mutual.

If a city were designed around public transport, what would still require private motor vehicles?
I've limited the scope of this question to a dense city, although you're free to explore further if you want. Let's assume a country designs a new planned city, with an emphasis on avoiding private motor vehicles like cars and trucks. Would any tasks still require private motor vehicles, such as the moving of heavy goods? It's easy to look at current society and see 'well we'd need a truck to deliver furniture to office buildings, or moving products to stores', but will a planned city be able to avoid this?

Yeah, I found that one interesting, because my first thought was that it just shifts the pollution to someone else.

Some people have situations where they need a car, they can’t just use a bike or train yet. Our societies are designed that way. So I would agree with them, give the car to someone else to avoid them buying a new car. That hopefully will lower the numbers of new cars produced for those people who practically require cars.

Hmm… I’m assuming that claim is trying to say the petrol emissions of the car (or other polutants) over 1000 miles is as much as it takes to manufacture a bike. (If my guess is wrong, then the rest of this logic will be wrong haha)

If that’s true, then I see us having these choices:

  1. Use car, drive [x],000 miles until we can’t use it, then manufacture a bicycle and use it.

  2. Manufacture a bicycle and use it immediately.

Both options require that bicycle be manufactured eventually, so unless:

  • The bicycle would need to be replaced/majorly-repaired before the car would drive 1000 miles

  • The pollution cost to manufacture a bicycle becomes hugely less by the time we would drive 1000 miles

then the second option is [cost of making a bike] and the first option is [cost of making a bike + cost of driving before the car broke]. The manufacture of the bike is a sunk cost that I assume is inevitable, so you might as well just not use the petrol if it’s just for the sake of using up the car.

note: the whole scenario has simplifications and of course assumes a bike is acceptable to replace the car, like you’re not transporting 5 people and shopping for a week ;)

Covered elevated walkways are a useful tool, like you said it encourages pedestrian activity between buildings without the legitimate issues of weather. I don’t think they’re inherently bad, of course not. I just hope we don’t see spaghetti-junctions of skybridges for competing companies trying to make a tube between all their stores!

I’ve recently found an underground one which is very useful (especially in a skyrise location where using elevator lifts is more appropriate than staircases (making the extra couple of floors down trivial) and buildings aren’t tightly packed enough to make sky-bridges appropriate).

Any thoughts on moving walkways aka. travelators? Like an escalator, but on flat ground to accelerate walking travel. I’ve seen them in airports a lot between terminals but sometimes in city pedestrian tunnels.

I think I misread, do you mean public policy as in legislation? If so, it’s a very weird statistic I don’t see the purpose of: you’ve implied they’re the only racial demographic who had the power to create policy, and they included racist policies. So yes, the only group would be the most racist in that group no matter how racist they are or others are. They’re the only one you’re choosing from. What’s the point of that?

But, really, they’re not the only ones who dictate public policy. Let’s (hypothetically, completely made up and not indicative of real life) assume a parliament of 80% ‘caucasians’, 10% asians, 5% middle easteners and 5% aboriginal australians.

If 45% of the caucasians, 80% of the asians, 60% of the middle easterners and 80% of the aboriginals voted for a racist policy, it has a majority and ‘passes’. In these made-up numbers, the vast majority were by far the least racist (as a whole) and not even majority pro-racist-policy. So no, just because they’re the ones with the power to pass legislation doesn’t logically imply they are the most intense of the group. Of course, these are made up numbers to illustrate the mathematics, not only do I have no idea of real numbers, they would also depend on the policies and on subjective opinions of whether a policy is indirectly racist or not, and so on.

Grouping races by if they are ‘more/less’ racist is arbitrary pointless stereotyping. Being racist isn’t a racial quality (a cultural quality maybe!), and ironically, assuming a race to be more racist is literally racism.

To answer your original concerns, what makes you assume minority groups have implicit solidarity? I think they should and it’s within their best interest, but they often don’t. If you don’t like anglo-saxons and you don’t like chinese, for whatever racist reason, where’s the contradiction? Or if you think [minority] is getting all the attention that YOU want! I see that crabs-in-a-bucket junk all the time.

In public policy, the majority (caucasians) are prob the most racist here,

What makes you assume this? Sure, they’re overrepresented in media so you’ll probably hear more, but I don’t think they’re particularly more or less racist as a group.

An iceberg list compiled by /leftypol/. While a few of these are (true to the format,) sensationalist or tenuous, most are real events.

The men’s rights shouldn’t be an offshoot. It should be an integrated part of whatever you are calling ‘left wing’. Same with feminism, of course. Why create these false dichotomies?

See other posts like: [1], [2], [3]

How can you put politics before men in a mens’ movement? Men’s rights IS politics. Feminism is politics. Politics isn’t some abstract separate entity to society.

Try and detach politics from these things (a contradiction, but people try to) and you have nothing left but discussion and complaining that can go nowhere.

Taxing isn’t a solution for the richest individuals. It’s a coping mechanism. Their egregious ill-gotten gains aren’t justified by the government seizing it and misusing it. Most of that wealth should stay in the hands of the workers they’re abusing.

That said, if the question must be answered, above 99% when you’re earning literal hundreds of millions, and including funds held overseas&etc… Tax capital, not money.

Sounds like a perfect way to make them migrate to another country. Unless others join in, it just moves the issue beyond your control.

I would definitely recommend viewing some of the other videos on that channel, whichever titles take your interest.

What are some interesting/useful home automation and customization ideas?
Of course given that this is posted to lemmy.ml, I'm expecting a bias towards FOSS/etc. projects like Mycroft AI or towards DIY projects over Amazon and Google microphones and insecure IoT junk, but still list those other ideas regardless as the idea itself can be useful or even replicated with other tools. DIY and technical projects like self-hosted tools and scripts are more than welcome! I know this topic is in a myriad of clickbait articles but I would like a different perspective on it. And remember: don't act surprised when the haxxors own your lightbulbs!

[meta] Is five stickied posts too many?
I definitely see the merit in having two or three, since this is a major landing spot of reddit refugees who would benefit from an introduction such as both the 2nd and 3rd posts, but the 4th is not really helpful despite being funny, apart from those chat links which should be in the sidebar rather than a random post, and the 5th is literally empty, even if polite.

On the recuperation of /r/antiwork
A bit of a passionless rant about the recuperation of /r/antiwork: I don't even consider myself an anarchist and I'm annoyed. Having visited the place a few years ago (2017?) to see what it was, the place was quite clearly as the name suggested: against the current concept of work. Not anti-labor (generally), but certainly anti-work. Today, we're seeing posts like this gain popularity (part of a screencap posted to the sub, 700+ rating currently) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/0456c855-1d49-4335-bcc2-420ba64e7722.png) And I can understand if that's a naïve attempt at pitching or pandering to an audience not familiar with the nuance of 'work', 'job' and 'labor'. But that's not the case here. After going through the comments, sorted by best, it takes the 7th reply to point out that the sidebar **explicitly and unambigously** says, at the top: > "A subreddit for those who want to end work, are curious about ending work, want to get the most out of a work-free life, want more information on anti-work ideas [...]" and another 7 replies to find this chain with some OP replies: ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/c933c803-806b-423b-83c4-5d0129154af6.png) and then soon this one, marked with the controversial sign: ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/e75468b6-b49f-4dca-9c0a-d31566da39f4.png) When you get to a stage where *stating the absolute basic theme of a community* is considered controversial, it's a tragedy. This is an example of [recuperation](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recuperation_(politics)). I honestly think the recuperation was more organic than forced or conspiratorial, caused due to the sudden rush in size by enthused reformists rationalizing the name rather than any intentional agenda. This has happened to other sites and subcultures too, where a sudden and largely unopposed rise in popularity dilutes the original community and its unique qualities. A wide range of anti-capitalist subreddits seem to have come closer and closer into a homogeneous paste of (often the exact same!) twitter screencaps repeating fallacious or vapid 'gotcha' jokes and ragebaits. And I don't want to see the same happen here.

Hi! Lemmy's official software site has a list of public instances and I noticed that slrpnk.net isn't included. https://join-lemmy.org/instances I think that this site could gain long-term exposure to more potential users by asking the site admins to add this instance to that list.