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With significant US military support, decades ago. Left to fend for themselves against modern, competent military forces I doubt they’d manage.

They had Prof. Richard Wolf on before, and that was probably the only episode where they all turned down their immature jokes and played it as a completely straight podcast, they can do it again I’m sure.

They have attacked every single one of their neighbors over their short existence, their ideology bases itself on the concept that they must eradicate all local powers and expand to steal more land.

Lmao at the top comment immediately pulling out the pinkwashing, amazing stuff.

Her husband will soon be wearing black again, on her behalf. Its sickening how far they’ve been indoctrinated by Fascism.


Paradox is just terrible at designing good defensive AI, its been that way for ages and its funny to hear them playing it off as intentional

This is a good point, but I would chalk it up to simply not having done enough research about the Grayzone, rather than calling in to defend the NED out of genuine belief borne from ignorance of the fact that its a CIA cutout.

I think its a front. She’s projecting this sort of persona on purpose, she is very careful with what she says, and dodges questions that she knows are not answerable. The NED works with plenty of “independent” news organizations, I bet she was hoping to try and get the Grayzone into their orbit somehow, but in this instance she was not expecting to be hit with this type of questioning.

“We are not CIA” “We are not CIA” “We are not CIA”

For someone who supposedly does not work with the CIA they seem strangely fixated on convincing of it, through little else than their own word.

As close as you could get to a Soviet equivalent to Oppenheimer, I suppose.

Tell me American, is it true that in capitalist America, children are sent to schools to be ritually sacrificed the in the name of freedom?

First Artyomovsk, soon the whole of the Donbass, in time they will be freed.

Seems to just be using popular language to describe international capitalism.

Tell me American, is it true that in capitalist America, there is no such thing as the village toothbrush?

Does anyone know what’s going on in Pakistan right now? I’ve seen some concerning headlines but I’m not knowledgeable on the situation there to fully grasp what’s happening.

This is why we need Re-Education centers, how can these people genuinely go around thinking that pre-revolution China was anything short of the worst place to live on Earth.

yeah he’s pretty braindead with China generally, which is confusing because he’s so good at spotting made up bullshit by the US state department for every other country, but takes them at their word about China.

His videos on Palestine and Latin America are still very well done, but anything drama related is best skipped.

Tell me American, is it true that in capitalist America, you pay for healthcare in blood?

Calling Klan members black is the best analogy I’ve seen for using homosexuality as an insult for homophobes.

Unfortunately this sort of thing is not uncommon. Even in China, the national animal is the Panda, and they are becoming endangered too, despite efforts to protect them.

I hope they come up with a bond villain even half as hilarious as they portray Putin

The Average Roman was either a beneficiary of a slave economy, or an active participant in expanding a vast slaving empire. What would be more important to look at is the life of the average person living in the empire, the vast majority of which were feudal style peasants and slaves being exploited in conquered lands and tributaries.

Again this depends on what you consider a Roman citizen, because slaves were not, they were treated as property.

Either every single news outlet is labeled this way, or none of them are. Hopefully twitter expands this to CNN, Fox, BBC, and the rest.

Tell me, American, is it true that in capitalist America, the army is conscripted to fight against giant tumbleweeds?

I thought you send Ramon Mercader to deliver the ice pick straight to his villa in Mexico.

It was fine until “I hear that those asiatic hordes live lives that are almost comparable to the glorious garden of Europe! sometimes better! can you believe it!”

What do you mean by “conventional meanings” of indigenous, isn’t there just the one?

Seeing the Soviet and US soldiers celebrating together makes me sad, in another world we could have all been comrades…

Oh ffs now I feel bad for arguing against this guess and probably stopping some people from getting keys, haha.

Man, with hindsight this https://lemmygrad.ml/comment/366018 was such a fucking clever comment.

Alright, something needs to be done about the alt hunt
Its been months and we have seen almost no guesses being made. Is there any way we can start some kind of community action to actually catch it? At this point I don't even care about winning, I'm just really confused as to who the alt is. Because if it really is this difficult I don't see anyone guessing right unless there's a hint.

But on the other hand Mexico is still a much bigger nation than Cuba. The US has spectacularly failed to deal with Toyota pickup insurgents in west Asia, and a socialist Mexico would be a much more significant regional power. Mexico would have a much better shot regardless, deserts, mountains and rivers, they have natural defenses too.

And yet, Cuba did it, and it survives despite that.

Putin is giving a federal address I believe. Lots of people have been speculating that he’s announcing something big to happen on the 1 year anniversary of the start of the military operation in the Ukraine.

Lib channel that Hakim ripped into not so long ago, now they're starting to doubt themselves, lol.

How to explain to Liberals that class isn’t some income percentile?
I've been having trouble explaining to liberal co-workers that there isn't really an "Upper" or "Lower" working class. They insist that class as a relation to means of production is outdated and it makes more sense to measure it by income. What's the most effective way to explain to them why this doesn't work?

False Flag? Local media around where I am is convinced this is a Russian provocation, what do we know for sure?

A few days ago this suddenly popped up out of the blue, thoughts? I think more countries should tell the Dutch to go fuck themselves, if you ask me.

Beyond Ba’ased
A friend sent me this on discord and I think it fits well on here. video link: [here](https://files.catbox.moe/l8qnei.mp4)