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wat? the linked image gives the impression that the US is operating out of only one base in Poland, and has no military presence in Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, among other places. Meanwhile . . .

(That link is from perhaps not the most reliable source, but you can confirm many of these locations with other sources like this one: “As part of the ongoing commitment to its Baltic Allies, the United States will further enhance the continuous and persistent US military presence in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania,” the embassy said in a press release.)

🧲 (according to many web pages you’ll find if you search for that hash, anyway… i haven’t tried it)

(this was at least [~8 years ago](https://old.reddit.com/r/ProgrammerHumor/comments/38kj81/fox_news_explains_github_terminology/) but probably actually from 2012 since that was when github's series A was)

Op-Ed: Yes, Gov. Cuomo, Car Helmets Could Save Lives

Amazing, thanks for the link. I just re-posted it here.

I think it would definitely be “perceived as unprofessional and silly in a negative way” by some people and also “in a net positive way - perhaps a bit silly, but memorable” by others, so, if you’re very concerned about appearing serious and professional you should probably not use such an address for these purposes.

If you emailed me from this address i would consider you a dork, and as a bit of one myself i might start calling you Fratnickle.

Brave was never based on Gecko. (Originally it was based on (a fork of) Electron! 🤣)

sorry to say i don’t have a github account associated with this pseudonym and am too lazy to make one right now.

Lemmy does have an emoji picker in the web interface. To access it just type a space and a colon ( :) while editing a comment, and then begin typing the name of your desired emoji. Like this:


unfortunately there is currently a bug in it (at least here in tor browser) which causes the menu to appear near the top of the page when replying to comments far enough down the page that it is necessary to scroll, so, it is easy to miss. but it does work, though it is sometimes necessary to scroll up to see it. cc @nutomic@fedibb.ml @dessalines@lemmy.ml in case you guys haven’t noticed this bug.

note that this is not related to the specific tweet being linked to; nitter.it is currently sending this HTTP 451 in response to every URL:

(as other comments in this thread have pointed out, the particular tweet in OP’s link is still on twitter and still available via other nitter instances)

Arthur BessetoLinux@lemmy.ml...

the server software is non-free. iiuc it would be easy enough to reverse engineer the protocol from the client software (which is free software) but (last I checked, anyway) the server URLs are not configurable so you would actually need to patch and recompile the client to use a different server.

I’m certainly not recommending snaps, but, it is important to acknowledge the problem they’re trying to solve. “The debian model” means using years-old versions of everything, having a single set of dependency versions every program must share, and giving every package’s control scripts root access while you install it. This paradigm made sense when it was developed 25 years ago but it is far from ideal today.

i still ♥ Debian but there are tons of things I need to use which I can only get from somewhere else, so, “the Debian model” for me nowadays means a stable base system and then lots of software from other distributors (sometimes flatpak or appimage, but also a lot of podman containers of various distros).

What I am almost never willing to do is use 3rd party entries in my apt sources.list file on an actual host system (though I do in containers when necessary) - down that path lies madness.

yeah, I am aware, and I do actually think the xdg portal stuff is generally a good idea for a lot of programs… but the way it works right now sacrifices a lot of usability and doesn’t gain much security.

passing files given as commandline arguments seems like an easy problem to solve, but the linked file situation with SVG is much harder (probably requires a whole new flow for xdg portals where a program can request access to a bunch of files and prompt the user once to allow access to all of them). in the absence of any solution, imo it is silly that they’re shipping inkscape as a snap with strict confinement today.

Arthur BessetoLinux@lemmy.ml...

I’m unsurprised to see lots of good reasons here why not to use them already, and none for why anyone does :)

I imagine the vast majority of snap users are using them only because Ubuntu ships a few things (like firefox) as snaps by default now.

I tried the Inkscape snap recently on an ubuntu system where i needed the latest release, and found that due to its sandboxing security theater (last I heard it is still not difficult break out…) it is impossible to open files from the commandline. And, even worse, when you use the Open command from File menu, it just passes the one file you selected in to the sandbox, so, when you open a file which has references to other files (which is not uncommon with SVG) it is not able to load them! So, I ended up using Inkscape’s AppImage instead.

true, though, i guess a lot of people use mostly (or entirely?) degoogled android things but then need/want/decide to use some shitty apps that bring back the tracking.

(i think there are android distributions that don’t actually make any connections to google? i’m not sure.)

i can’t tell if you’re saying that you read the arguments against phone numbers (for personal communication) that i linked to and you disagree with them all, or if you’re saying you didn’t read them.

Google and Amazon Helped the FBI Identify Z-Library’s Operators
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/607133 > "It was fairly straightforward [for the FBI] to connect the dots, largely thanks to data provided by Google and Amazon, which led directly to the suspects."

xmpp and matrix are both interesting and useful, but both were first designed to send unencrypted messages which has led to many complications/difficulties/caveats when using them with e2ee nowadays.

sorry i don’t have time to properly enumerate those issues here right now :)

in a nutshell: imo you shouldn’t use anything that requires a phone number, and especially not things that use phone numbers as the identifier your contacts need to know to reach you. i wrote some reasons why here.

https://dessalines.github.io/essays/why_not_signal.html (by @dessalines, one of the authors of lemmy) has a lot of other reasons why not to use signal; i have mixed feelings about all of the things in their list of alternatives there but I think I’d use any of them before signal.

The Single Board Computer Database, a comparison website for SBCs and SOMs (formerly known as Board-DB), has relaunched!
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/604088 > cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/604087 > > > cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/604086 > > > > > Thanks to [@MartijnBraam](https://lemmy.ml/u/MartijnBraam): https://blog.brixit.nl/finding-an-sbc/

The Single Board Computer Database, a comparison website for SBCs and SOMs (formerly known as Board-DB), has relaunched!
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/604087 > cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/604086 > > > Thanks to [@MartijnBraam](https://lemmy.ml/u/MartijnBraam): https://blog.brixit.nl/finding-an-sbc/