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My guess here is “evil” is the ecological impact of travel. High CO2 outputs from aircraft and prolonged automobile travel.

The rebuttal is: take lower carbon impact travel options.

IMO, traveling is inevitable and, maybe, necessary. There are few other ways to experience a culture and understand a people without it.

As the steam deck continues to push through all the blockades of gaming on linux, there will be a ton of gamers who make the switch.

the whole ideal behind PCMasterRace is exclusionary by default. They’ll have to open up eventually or be left behind. I mean even the Apple M1 games well.

Don’t a ton of providers actually not keep data? What’s the real impact of this?

This is EXACTLY the situation I’m in.

I can’t seem to convince any of my friends or family to get away from these apps, so if I want to communicate with them or stay connected with them I have to use these apps.

These dolts don’t even know how the internet works. They’re just getting paid by Warner Brothers to pass this legislation.

This sucks.

Already microphones that always listen. This was the next “logical” leap for this dark path.