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According to the bible learning good from evil was man’s first act of defiance against Yahweh
This might seem backwards at first until you get to the slavery, genocide and other horrors the heroes of the biblical narrative commit

firefox is one of the first things you see on the flathub homepage because it’s top of the popular apps along with spotify…

Basically they were told to stop pointing out all the bad things about religion by patheos and this caused a mass exodus where they left to form this new site so that they'd be free to post criticism.

“Divine Providence” is a silly claim
Imagine if someone convinced you they were psychic by telling you about yourself but you later found out that the reason they knew so much about you is that they googled the name you gave them and read your social media pages. Would you go on believing they had real psychic powers and they just worked through mundane means or would you conclude they were a fraud conning you into believing their basic internet research was supernatural? You probably would call bullshit right? But religion gets away with this all the time with the Providence claim, they take events that make perfect sense without inserting God and insert a God narrative and people just swallow that. Doctors treat a condition theists wouldn't be healed from pre modern medicine? Well that's just god answering a prayer! Nevermind that their holy books involve explicitly supernatural powers that don't fit the Providence angle and are even supposed to be the signs of a true believer in mark 16.

Fun fact about that, one of the two greatest commandments jesus gives is a quote from Deuteronomy 6 and the full context is the Israelites shouldn’t be ungrateful to god because he let them murder the natives and take their shit.

“Always remember to give thanks to the immortal Hitler kids!” - Jesus Christ

Deuteronomy 6:5-12