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super expensive, pinephone has very beta software support but it’s affordable

but really, what are the active mlm groups in america right now? RCP is… RCP. Red Guards disbanded, i can’t find much

hopefully the 3d gun people finally move to a real platform instead of that Odysee bullshit

Single sign-on, so I can interact with other fedi sites with my main account without manually loading them in mastodon

it’s a furry elephant with two big ol tusks

and all the packages those secondary packages require, back in the old days we called it Dependency Hell

i have the same concerns with hippies and their guerilla roadside gardening, at least get some soil samples tested at the local college

if you’re technically inclined and like watching stuff, i highly suggest kodi with debrid addons. i have mine running on a raspi3b+ connected to my tv, it’s like netflix for everything. my debrid service is like $13 a month and has a terabyte cloud with rss torrent downloads, usenet, vpn, voip, and high speed downloads from premium services. don’t wanna advertise here but if you ask i’ll link you. or just search debrid

i don’t think most people are qualified enough to have serious ideas about protocol-level changes

Anyone familiar with amtrack
I'm thinking of taking a sleeper car up the west coast, what can I expect

good luck being flooded with right wing extremism, they love odysee

i always wanted to make a punk rock/anticapitalist mod of earthbound, Solarus sounds a lot more advanced than earthbound modding tools made for winxp

I’m guessing “cyberspace sovereignty” means internet censorship? Also fuck Elon

I believe NitroKeys are open source too? i don’t think a lot of sites fully support FIDO2 tho

i MIGHT try it as an experiment, without taking it too seriously, if they had to follow HIPPA, but i really doubt they will

I used to do food not bombs and also had a phase where i was drinking in public a lot and ended up chilling with a lot of homeless people at nearby parks and such

slave mentality taught from a young age, read Neitzsche

I feel like a lot of these people started showing up when it because public knowledge that lemmy.ml allows covid disinformation

AntiFashGordon threatens lawsuit against Torch Antifa Network
also contained the legal names and addresses of multiple anti-fascists outside the Torch Network.