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Depends on what kind of breach and severity. Maybe if the the one breaching laws is harming people and refusing to stop, then maybe a sufficient amount of force by competent entities is required.

I read the article and still have no clue no real reason. The conclusion is that the site look did not change because it is still functional.

Making suggested changes to default would break a lot of stuff. For example, enabling MAC randomization would cause connectivity issues if the user connects to a router with MAC filtering for example.

I did study for my masters degree on weekends and worked on week days. You need to take precautions not to get burned out since it would ruing previous efforts like failing at exams or getting poor performance at work.

For example, I made it clear to any professor that I refuse to make any homework, except preparing the thesis of course. This is a very bold move, since professors not used to teach full time employees would see this as defiance. Those used to us don’t even bother with homework and dedicate some to make exercises or practice during study hours.

We also had to remind the staff that we need to take some weekends of every once in a while when they forget to t avoid exhaustion.

Things to consider with a schedule like this:

  • You wake up early every single day of month and year.
  • Traveling becomes difficult if not impossible.
  • You cannot schedule chores on week-ends. You need to spread them throughout the week instead.
  • At least for me, life got managed like a corporate activity, with calendars and schedules, etc. Want to meet with a friend, no problem, just check the agenda for an opening. You want Saturday? no I can’t, I meet SO on Saturdays. Sunday 18:00?, no can’t either, I have a bath then barber appointment. I’ll be done by 21:00. We can have dinner if you want at 21:30.

OK, so you basically use the keyboard to type code, not via touchscreen? Am I correct?

I still have no idea what it might be.

What does package look like? Maybe there is some kind of instruction or hint.

As I see it, touch screens are not the best thing for productivity. If you have to keep your hands raised in the air for a long time, you will get tired. Unlike having to rest on the table or keyboard.

So even if you add a touchscreen to a laptop, you won’t use it much so it is smarter not to put it in the first places. Smartphone and tablets are not productivity tools. You use them with too fingers at most, for mostly consuming media or casual chats on the smartphone.

I am not sure you can comfortably do programming work or some heavy excel editing or whatever exclusively on touch screen (hands raised in the air and/or extreme hunchback)

At previous place of work, they provided dell XPS with touchscreens or convertibles to executves and directors. I rarely seen them use the touchscreen while working even if they knew of the feature. It was mostly occasional scrolling, clicking the start menu, or minor things like that.

I also guess that there isn’t a sufficiently high demand for it.

Yes, domaisn lthat literally screw people. Like gambling, MLM or plain scams. Astrology too.

رغم أني لا أذري بالضبط التغير الذي أحدته فهذا يبدو كخطأ تقني في التعامل مع النص unicode. فربما تحتاج أنت تقوم بتقرير للمبرمج.

لا تنسا أنت تدعيني للمثيل أومساعدة.

Not really a problem for me. I brow “Subscribed” by default.

Yes, I also do see too much memes about communism and capitalism. Too subject I have no interest in. It is mostly memes from lemmygrad.

I just unsubscribed from it and my homepage looks much better. I am not sure how I was subscribed.

I understand caloric restriction as “eating food while not going over a predefined amount of calories”. My experience was to eat around 1800 kcal per day in order to loose fat.

It was a pretty good experience since I did a lot of planning and have a somewhat good knowledge of my body.

I laid meals around the day and strategically placed them around times I usually feel particularly hungry. For example at around 17:00 to 17:30 I had a slice of bread with honey and a banana. And a cup of milk with some fruits right before bedtime. Of course the quantity and type of bread milk, fruits, and honey all fit into the caloric intake schedule.

There is also an important point is to diversify the source of calories. Protein are satiating so it makes sens to get a good chunk off of them. Ratios are up to debate and you can look them online. For example 30-30-40. or something like that.