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If one has an e-reader, is an excellent place for English language texts.

Oftentimes, for words especially of Latin origin, German will adopt the English term, perhaps slightly fitting it to the language. This type of term (in my experience) has tended to become the favored variant, such as Compiler for the English compiler. However, there is typically a more German-like variant of the English (or, ultimately Latin), as evidenced by Kompilierer, or a straight translation of the term into something more easily understandable, whereby compiler becomes Übersetzer.

The internet age, international communication needs, and the prevalence of the latest documentation being available first (or only) in English is likely to blame for this trend. Books especially use either a German-like Latin derivation or (preferably) a native term.

This is cursory illustration of the situation on the more technical side of things. No one would think to use a term like user interface over the well-established Benutzeroberfläche, or memory over Arbeitsspeicher.

Ultimately, both English and German, as West Germanic languages, operate similarly enough that the friction due to terminology is minimal.

This is sadly a less informative re-write of the Linux Mint blog post by Clem, which includes pictures of its previewed features.

None of these pique mine interest enough to try them, but I was surprised that the oil shell didn’t make an appearance. Besides fish and nushell, it was the only alternative shell I’d heard of.

As an addendum, stations often offer Android apps, if that is desired.

There is likely a way to stream local (public) radio stations using a browser, granted one likes the music of at least one station that does so. I find this provides excellent recommendations and tons of helpful information about the picks for the playlist, which itself is typically logged by time.

This provides no built-in download option, though if great recommendations are the focus, nothing beats public radio.

I recently began playing Doom (1993) and StarCraft: Brood War (1998). The soundtracks for both are fantastic.

They run their fingers across the lines to read the patterns by touch.

I’m usually running late when I need to bike, so stretching is atypical. I’m nearly always out for an ancillary reason, not purely for the sake of cycling.

Thanks for sharing! Finally, a real reason to use XFCE.

xsetroot -solid black was about as much effort as I wanted to put into how my desktop looks. And besides, I couldn’t be a 1337 hax0r if I used something more friendly looking :P

Is this fvwm, or something similar? It’s a great looking desktop! :D

Linux Mint endeavors to stay snap-free. Might be of interest, even if it doesn’t ship with KDE by default.

The Welsh are great people! Don’t disparage them by association with this arrogant 'Murican Walsh bloke.

Once I get 90% of my MVP (minimum viable product) finished and have to polish it up and fix minor things. The devil is in the details.

It’s already difficult enough for me to use keyboards that don’t have Caps Lock act as another Control, not to mention all the changed special character locations on a German QWERTZ keyboard (cf. US standard layout), that I don’t wish to make my life any more painful by moving the letters around too.

What sort of forum are you looking for? By which I mean to ask, what topics and level of knowledge do you seek?

So that’s what cars were missing! More computer systems in them! It’s so obvious!

Is it cynical to hope chip shortages kill this trend of forcing computers into every possible appliance and tool?

I dearly hope this gets summarily dismissed. I regularly use the IA to borrow books that I cannot find anywhere else, often because they are now out of print.

The US public library services’ reliance on Overdrive, Libby, Hoopla, Kanopy, etc. is unfortunate, as they often only support Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and even then, only with the official Chrome, Firefox, or Safari builds.

Additionally, a fair selection of the library’s ebooks are often only offered as one of either Adobe Digital Editions or Kindle, both of which are mutually exclusive formats as I understand it.

I hope public libraries in other countries are somewhat less restrictive in their online offerings. My university library uses O’Reilly, which caters to browsers and operating systems without DRM or even JavaScript.

Re: radio–it’s nearly always possible to see the day’s playlist on the station’s website.

But to add another point, navigation is a chore. It is now expected that everyone can use Google Maps to chart an effective route anywhere at all times. This becomes even more difficult for places with which one is less familiar.

I generally prefer one for rhetorical questions and similarly impersonal statements, instead of the commonly abused you.

  • What choice does that leave one?
  • No matter the way one looks at it, …
  • If one examines the problem, one will see that …
  • One may find one’s issues are…

(and so on)

Oh, I forgot to mention: there’s also a great Three Dog Night song named for this number :)

e to the power of 2 times i times pi is one of the best numbers.

Not only for its great multiplicative properties, but also its applications all across math and physics. It’s an easy number to work with, and always a pleasure to encounter. It gets used quite a lot in programming, too.

Dry cake is the worst. It doesn’t even matter what the flavor was. All I can do now is choke it down with the help of copious amounts of liquid.

That’s unfortunate to hear. As I am still studying at the uni and get part-time work through the privacy-respecting student job market, I’m not personally acquainted with LinkedIn or other job-searching sites.

Another reason to never sign up for LinkedIn, I suppose.

Yeah, I getcha. As a green fellow, I’m not yet much help for evaluating the security of projects by more than hearsay.

Compatibility with work and network requirements is unfortunately a pain still. It seems as though you might just be best off as you are.

One solution to the revenue issue for musicians is freely distributing the digital music and selling merch, physical copies, and concert tickets for income, much how Run the Jewels operates.

This doesn’t work, however, if one’s work is largely copied by larger figures early on, such that building a following and steady income is difficult to impossible because people first and foremost encounter soullessly copied derivatives of one’s music and the original artist is now “just another copy.”

Hence the discussion on how much of a work must be original.

As one commenter on the site points out, this is not a backdoor in any meaningful sense of the word, because it still has to be snuck onto the machine. Malware, yes. Backdoor, no.

Vanilla AOSP is an option if you violently distrust Lineage. Or if other projects like Divest, Calyx or Graphene are acceptable, buy supported hardware. A used Pixel, for example, is much less than an iPhone.

Sure, but I bring it up to highlight when even dread copyright law can be excepted, as the many legal cases tackle the questions of where the line between theft and quotation lies.

To add a helpful link, this question about sampling is similar to how Fair Dealing works, often termed “Fair Use” in the U.S. How much is sampled, and how it’s changed and integrated into the new work is a vital component when looking at whether someone is merely copying or innovating.

Hey, we gotta take into account that 'specially 'Muricans now are much more, er, big-boned than before! Ain’t no way we’re fitting in that teeny matchbox on the right. We’d have to slim down for that, which is frankly unacceptable.

CloudFare is considered harmful for a whole host of separate reasons, too. Excellent write-up.

If you thought that comment was insane, check out the website of the fschmidt commenter, specifically the last link at the bottom of this about page.

You might also like this introductory video from adventuresin9 – it’s how I got started with plan9.

sleep seconds ; echo "\a" would do the trick, just put it in a script with your desired timer lengths.