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In Italy we have Poste Italiane using these: https://cdn.motor1.com/images/mgl/4MWRK/s3/quadriciclo-poste.jpg

Honestly I like the idea of micro mobility for delivery: more adaptable for cycling cities and, hopefully, better to avoid one single courier having to cover a big chunk of a city leading to work at a very high pace…

If someone put the drivers of these little cars in dangers, the problem is not the little car but those that put it in danger!

oh so yours were kinda an answer to the one who wrote blog and not me, ok! :D

Right now I use a fanless Pi4, with a case that passively dissipates enough heat :o

But if you want a full fledge server I’m not sure a Pi4 cluster would be enough for a “real” homelab which you can also use for community stuff :o

I’m not sure about what you mean…

Not everyone has the space for a spare server room and it also depends on where you live and how you perceive hot and cold…

source: https://reddit.com/r/iPhoneography/comments/ty3xjm/my_hometown_kerala/

Energy community?
Do you think we should have a !energy community to talk about production of energy? I have some doubts because the low energy solutions have already place in their own category and mass energy production is hard to discuss and make/build in a solarpunk way…

source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/71425694

CoopCycle: federation of bike delivery co-ops
It would be nice to have a guide to make a local node for this federation of co-ops :)

[Artist’s Artstation profile](https://danieleturturici.artstation.com/)

Ask for communities
Hi everyone! This is the thread to ask for the creation of a community or for the mod permissions of one already created. Now that we are still small I think it's better to not divide topics into too many communities, that's why I've set this limit :) Don't be shy, everyone is accepted!