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Just keep seeing clips from western chins watchers. Here’s a Reuters article: https://www.reuters.com/technology/foxconns-zhengzhou-plant-hit-by-fresh-worker-unrest-social-media-livestreams-2022-11-23/

But even this seems off. First paragraph says it’s over ultra harsh covid restrictions, but further down a worker complains about being bunked with someone who has covid.

What’s up with these Foxconn strikes?
Only hearing about it from sources I wouldn't trust with a weather report. Anyone got some good places to follow what's happening? I gather it's some combination of unpaid wages and covid stuff

>And it uses facial-recognition technology in an effort to prevent users younger than 13 from signing up. >The company also says that it uses machine-learning to scan live streams in an effort to find bad behavior, and scans text messages to look for private information that users might be about to share unwittingly, such as phone numbers ... I have questions about this company

Meh I like it. Not everything has to be Mozart

Eh. We’re on the same page. I’ve probably thought it through a bit more. Neither if us has fought a revolution so its not like I can really call myself one anyways. I don’t think I could be someone that was totally on the other side I just don’t see how thatd work

Was so weird how much mainstream hype those things got

Our iww branch had the PayPal account pulled like 8 years ago lol

Decent at tests; terrible at being in a classroom

Just had my first want 2 or 3

Not really. I wasnt “cool” but I was decent at sports. In hindsight I wish I was a better friend to some people

Get rid of the 10 pages of ?=ahdjrbridisnwbsudhdbdjzisj at the end of every link next

The guy from rev left is into that kind of stuff he’s done some episodes on it

If heard if them but only seen them a few times. Seems like a city thing. The electric scooter/bike rental things took off a few years ago thats when i first heard about them. I think a lot if thise went out of business because people just threw them in the river

Prolly shouldn’t say anything online you wouldn’t want read back to you in court

The problem I see is a lot of people (not necessarily communists) see arming Ukraine as the neutral or peace position; and opposition to that as picking putins side