Autistic technology nerd into electronic music, FOSS, and retro gaming, among other things. I try to stay open-minded and rational, and encourage others to do the same.

I rejoined Mastodon with the 2022 Twitter exodus, but I’ve been intermittently involved with the Fediverse since the OStatus/GNU Social days.

If you know me from elsewhere, please do not assume I am willing to share details you know about me here. Also, don’t label me without my consent.

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@OptimusPrime I never liked how centralized the Snap store was. Would’ve preferred to allow users to configure different repositories. They’re also slow and not great for security. I have used snaps a few times, when that’s the only way to get a piece of software short of compiling it, but I don’t have snapd installed right now because everything I need has a Flatpak.