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Quite alright even though i am not good with heat. But a few more hours of working, then making dinner, all that normal human stuff.

Make your mental health a priority, if not, this will come back to you at some point and then it will have the possibility that it collapses everything.

If you decide on going back to school while working, make it so that you work towards something that will, after you graduate, instantly makes it possible for you to improve the rest of your life (better work, more money, better work / life balance etc). If that is not the case and you are merely interested in a degree / knowledge / something else, prioritize work and mental health before taking on extra pressure.

A movie that is certainly on my “have to watch” list!

Which RSS reader to use?
I am looking for a RSS reader to start using. The big names seem to all have subscription services and that is just too much for me. Are you using an RSS reader (or alternative) and if so, which one can't you live without?

I use the heart symbol all the time, as a symbol of love (to the ones that i really love) or as a symbol of appreciation for things that they have done, i don’t think anyone has ever mistaken it and to normalize spreading love to all my cis-gendered male friends. ❤️

Even when i take into account the subscription, the fact that it is owned by a company and thus centralized, i still go with 1Password. For the simple reason that it works on all my devices, has a dedicated application and browser plugins and through the years has just worked for me.

For me, at this moment, it is that part convenience to keep using it.