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Is it worth it? I think there are many solutions for federated blogging.

I thinks it’s better to focus on lemmy itself as a reddit alternative as it’s the only one (or almost) in the scene.

How on Earth? Is their business model sustainable?

But is it sustainable… I mean can’t google just break it easily?

Let’s hope the growth continues.

Chinese state media? Wikipedia articles on China?

You may set up a random redirect :) For example reddit.com redirects to lemmy.ml every time with probability 1/3. Or redirect with a switch. The last option is easy to set up, there are extensions for this.

I let myself be sad. I think about things which made me sad, listen to sad music, read sad stories etc. Sometimes it makes me cry. Sadness goes away pretty fast. I believe that’s because I don’t push myself.

It’s crucial to understand that sadness is a normal feeling and one should accept it. Unless you are said every day no matter what.

I miss such functionality from reddit too. We should implement it in Lemmy.

I think simplification in this case is okay. Such simplifications help Mastodon gain new users. You don’t expect people to take time to understand all this stuff. And let’s not pretend that this is easy-peasy for non-technical person.

Man… You wrote this here, for lemmy comment? That’s a lot of work…

Those highly specialised communities

You shouldn’t tell people they’re dumb in any community, personal attacks are rarely welcome

There are some partial solutions to this. For example this extension blocks specified sites from appearing in google search: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ublacklist/

What is the most decent instance right now? TILvids?
I checked instances with most users here: https://fedidb.org/network And I concluded that TILvids is the most decent instance if you consider userbase and quality videos/channels. At least for english-speaking folks. Am I right? Do you know other good active instances?

Doing it manually is definitely burdensome, better use some software. Idk which software to use really, but speech recognition is a common problem, I’m sure you will find something. You need software to run locally in order to transcribe a long video for free, there are such solutions as well.

I doubt that online transcribers will transcribe long videos without pay. AFAIK speech recognition is computationally heavy.