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Ja, maar dat is dus 1200 + 500 + 500 = 2200 (en geen 1700) tegen 1800.

I would like to chime in by also hating on non-informative titles for any politics/science/news channel and any command title in general.

Someone needs to make a video hosting site that bans such practices for the viewer’s sake.

“Natural gas”, Some Anglo-Americans might think you’re talking about liquid fuel for cars.

But I still forgot why do we hate it so much??

Because it’s about a single school for gifted out of touch with the real world kids as they are systemically secluded from it and whose lives revolve around the pursuit of the highest social standings within this ivory tower aristocracy.

Because the kids are divided into four classes that doesn’t represent how the people see themselves, but what the ruling class sees the rest. One is the leadership house, as the ruling class they are chosen to be privileged among the privileged to see who among them are to be most privileged of them all, represented by a lion. One is the brainiac working class, they are to lack too many social skills to ever rule so they’re thrown into the house of smart lackeys. Then there’s the house of the lower working class, who should lack both the intelligence and persuasion skills, so they are to be the dumb lackeys, and finally there’s the house for people that doesn’t accept the status quo represented by a snake.

Because there’s nature vs. nurture, which I think it’s almost all nature and then there’s Harry Potter who seems to have zero self-doubt, trauma, flawless world skills and an apparent instinctive expertise while growing up under a stair case alone in a domestic abusive household with both parents and brother being all three abusive against him.

Because the story has slave elves who should know that not getting paid for work is good for them when they’re being treated nicely.
It also has hooknosed goblin bankers who should be told that being systemically greedy is bad. Now read this paragraph again.

And although this might not gel with many here, Hermione in the movie series (not the book series) is a you-go-girl and Ron Weasley a you-suck-guy (doubly so, as they didn’t just upgrade Hermione, but Harry as well at Ron’s expense) and while Hermione is not a Mary Sue like too many main character women in other movie franchises these days, it makes the relationship between the two feel really awkward. She’s perfectly flawless and always brave and has a multitude of boys/men to choose from, he has nothing going for him and always a coward. How does that work as a relationship?

No, that’s Hungary’s massive benefit if it leaves the EU and EU’s benefit to the UK leaving.
England left the EU for the US, because it thought the EU quit being subordinate to the UK and became US subordinate only.

I was thinking about that point that people bring up about military spending with the US and Im getting suspicious that the actual money spent on the US military is a mirage suggesting a capability that far far surpasses the capabilities of the next 10 near peers of the USA. Something just doesnt add up. The US has spent trillions on its military yet NATO and the US is having a tough time making the fight against Russia trivial.

You’re forgetting the location of the US. It’s an ocean apart. This means it needs to spend on it’s naval fleet first before it can even begin to counter Russia in Ukraine which is next door for Russia.
On top of that, the US is trying to dominate every sea and ocean in the world, while Russia is trying to win a land war.
On top of that we have an oil crisis and we’re in an energy transition going on that puts trains ahead of ships in terms of cost.

You see… I can understand designing weapons in order to kill and win wars which Im sure that is the principles of Russian and Chinese philosophy in warfare. But what if the US is doing that… But also allowing the profit motive to have a say? Im starting to think that the USA is blowing money on overvalued systems that are AT BEST, MAYBE a tiny bit more effective than the oppositions’ weapons.

No, it’s spending most of it’s money on the navy and air force.

It aint like Ukraine was short of capable fighters with covert NATO training and backing.

It’s short on equipment, because the US is spending most of it’s money on it’s navy and air force.

Is the west geniunely a paper tiger in the most real sense?

Same answer. The US is simply losing grip on the eurasian continent. The EU has little to no natural gas. Canada has the same problem as the US, which leaves Australia that has too few people.

“Liberals can sing Christmas carols but not the Internationale, we share your pain.”

Someone needs to send this message back to him.

NATO? They still think it’s only the Ukraine army.

These aren’t natives. They are the overthrown Chinese government.
It would be similar to Canada, if Canada was still part of the UK, a socialist monarchy with Chinese military bases on them and they want the US back to the crown.
And then the UK would not consist of Wales, Scotland and England, but Lakota, Dakota and Nakota to begin with.

Poland on the other hand is a much more likely suspect. The UK as well.

All of them except Hungary, Ukraine and to a much lesser extend the US would be shooting themselves in the foot even more than they have now.

Hungary not having a navy would be a reason to think people will exempt them from suspicion.
But all you need is a single boat, a robot submarine with camera and four explosives.

There is a lot of criticize about Hungary and its quasi-fascist government, but this is not something they could or would do.

It’s not a criticism saying Hungary is capable of it or having a motive to do it. It’s what I would have done if I were Hungary.
If I were forced to put sanctions on myself or be put sanctions by the group I’m in, then I feel put in situation where I’m being attacked and I’m not given a way out.
So I would have to make one myself.
In fact I remember having done something like that myself.
New at college there were a couple of unfunny pranksters and I told new friends that we should collectively stand up against them. And those “friends” just bailed on that idea telling me that one should just take the blows and ignore them. That cowardly behavior disgusted me and since I couldn’t fight against multiple people alone, I sabotaged some stuff of the pranksters and left clues that would point to the cowards.
Then I watched them fight each other.

They are also very strongly opposed to anything that disturbs european energy markets, they were pretty much the only EU member who stood firm against oil and gas sanctions.

And they are no longer allowed to, which puts them in a predicament.
von der Leyen is a bully, while Scholz is a coward.

  1. Sabotage is usually done by a weaker party to either foment a rebellion or to get two strong parties blame each other in order to distract one or two of them from suppression.
  2. Explosions were done at the easiest to reach places from an EU standpoint still in international waters, further suggesting that whoever did this, doesn’t have that much of a reach.

No claims or official blames were done.
Russia explains why it’s stupid to suspect them, while the US reacts as if caught off-guard and trying to spin it as something positive.
Unbelievably callous, arrogant and stupid of the latter.
In fact, I would say it’s reaction is arguably worse than the actual act of blowing up the pipelines for one’s own benefit, but it’s in line with how the US speaks the truth today.

This means it’s likely a weak EU nation or EU candidate nation that got fed up with Germany and doesn’t have too much of an alliance with Russia or is really really angry at Russia and doesn’t care that Germany will suffer in the process. The nation also doesn’t import gas via the Nordstream pipeline, as blowing it up would then hurt itself just as much it would Russia or Germany.

That leaves me with Ukraine and Hungary.

Ukraine, because they just lost four regions to Russia and hate Germany for not hating Russia enough. They’re losing the war and they’re getting desperate.

Hungary, because Germany disbanded EU’s nation states veto power and Hungary doesn’t want to sanction itself, because doing so would tank their economy like no other nation in the EU, so they’re getting desperate and need a distraction.
Hungary’s affiliation with Russia is very recent, so there are no strong bonds between them.

Blowing up the Nordstream pipelines, which I don’t think they did.
But the US is letting everyone know they’re glad that Germany’s economy is now drowning in deep waters without a lifevest.

Als vier mensen inhuren om gedragen te worden het ergste wat België of de striptekenaar gedaan had, dan had ik het wel verdedigt.

Het Congolese leger moet uitgelachen worden.

De Congolese treinen moeten uitgelachen worden.

Congolese nieuwsgierigheid / onervarenheid moet uitgelachen worden.

“Jullie vaderland is België”

Tot de oliecrisis van 1973 was Rusland/Sovjet-Unie met succes een inhaalslag aan het maken.

Zo te zien is ‘Ze stemmen met een geweerloop op hun hoofd’ propaganda weer terug van weggeweest.

Ziehier kuifje in Sovjetland. Deze proganda is ongeveer even waar als de vermeende intelligentie van de Congolezen in Kuifje in Afrika.

Net als er nooit militaire massa-verkrachtingsoperaties zijn geweest,
dus geen Libische kolonels die viagra pillen uitdelen om zo veel mogelijk te verkrachten,
zijn er ook nog nooit verkiezingen geweest waarbij een geweer van te pas komt.

Zo werkt de mens niet.
Daarnaast heeft iedereen tegenwoordig een telefoon, waar zijn de beelden van geweren gericht op het volk?

Because the US acts like the mafia to the Middle East.
US: “Sell oil in dollars and we’ll give you protection.”

The Italian fascists are too hesitant to lick US fascist boots for their preying eyes.


Sorry diesel or bunker fuel.
Either way, it all comes down to oil.

That is totally nuts!
Absolute bonkers!
Destroying their own ally’s economy by force!
While the German leaders were licking their heels!


Wait… now that I think of it, I don’t think it’s the US who did it,
unless Nuland went nuts or something,
but if the US, Germany or Russia wanted zero gas flowing through these pipelines,
they could all do so without sabotaging the pipes.

It’s Ukraine.

The US, UK or EU might have given them the means to do so and I highly doubt it was for this specific purpose.
That would make the most sense.
The US puppet is losing and getting desperate.
It’s close to Danish waters, not deep into international waters, because it wasn’t done by some sub either, they simply used diving suits and explosives.
There’s plenty of Ukrainian immigrants everywhere in Europe. I’ve seen at least a dozen of them in my country this year, my country is further away from Ukraine than Denmark and I don’t go out that much, so unlike Russians, Ukrainians would have been overlooked.


Also, it might not be even be the Ukrainian state doing it, but some desperate multi-millionaire EU immigrant from Eastern Ukraine who is about to lose his home, factories, land and everything else due to the referendum, as he/she’ll refuse to live in Russia, then is egged on by a bunch of other Ukrainians with at least two having diving experience and at least one having combat experience who all thought it was a bright idea to make it impossible for Germans to make peace with Russia and immediately start importing gas again without it going through Ukraine first.
The person with connections to the Ukrainian black market then buys explosives and then they have someone steering a small boat plus a diving team of two to place two explosives on each pipeline in case one of them fails to explode or they’re unable to find the pipeline underwater, which is why there’s now three holes in two pipelines instead of two or four.


Why 2025?
SPR is halving in a single year at this speed.
Oil should be scarce pretty soon for them.

And tbh USA collapse is one of the things I don’t expect soon.

Define soon.
I say after 2023 and before 2030.

This unfortunately reminds me too much of a family member of mine that actually thinks that even firewood is preferred over wind power.

The dominant transportation of today, ever larger container ships.

They can carry more than any other vehicle by far and don’t need to pay for road maintenance. Not to mention, you don’t need to cross in-between-nations borders that might ask for exuberant custom fees, go into civil war, go to war with you, etc.

Until this year I thought the train was the transportation of the past.

But trains are the cheapest form of long-range transport on land as they are electric that don’t need heavy batteries.
The largest competitor to the train is the ship.
Ships can carry lots and lots of containers and don’t need any kind of road maintenance.
The only two disadvantages of ships are that they are slow moving and the fact that they can only be cheaper when the cost of gasoline/diesel/bunker fuel remains low.

My apologies, I forgot the name change.
Her previous name is still attached in my head as it was her name during the leaks.

Wow you’re so clever, you can Google! I didn’t name it because the name is too long and isn’t the most interesting thing about it. Why do you feel the need to share every detail?

I’m not sure what made you say think he’s trying to be clever,
But it’s interesting to know, I would about the third most, after you hearing something awful from another person and that person being Chelsea Manning.

You let people know which conference people might want to avoid. Such a conference wouldn’t likely be inviting Chelsea Manning if they didn’t approve of his message, or they would let the audience audibly know that their speakers’ does not reflect theirs.

I can’t say the same thing of 100 gecs playing there, whom I assume are just there to get paid for their music.

What I meant by that question is that China builds EU’s solar panels and wind mills.
How is the EU going to get it’s solar panels and wind mills with an embargo on China?

I would say it’s even more than that, far more than what Ursula says.
Putin isn’t just failing, he isn’t even trying to destroy it’s own economy or to lick US boots.
But Europe will triumph so much, it will go down in history books*.

* Legendary bootlicking included

Russia really needs to understand I think Europe won’t fold easily.

They already do, that’s why they keep it at SMO.
You need to understand that they have time on their side.
Russia’s current goal isn’t to get Zelensky on his knees, but to get the US on it’s knees.

And how do you think Europe is building out it’s green energy?
Those windmills and solar panels don’t pop out of the ground
and with Europe and the US de-industrializing, who do you think is building them?

When the war is over, there won’t be a Ukraine left.

I disagree.
It has changed a lot in terms of social issues.
UK 500 years ago may have had these same social issues,
but the monarchy is close to dead, the overlords are now an ocean away,
the pendelum has swung from getting better to worse in mere decades and the capitalist superpower in the world responsible for this, which stopped most communist revolutions in its tracks in the 20th century is now struggling to keep up with the last remaining communist superpower in the world.

Now this is what I call well aimed-criticism of UK-propaganda.

The constant choice of careful negative wording,
the suggestive questioning,
the darkening filters,
the background semi-ominous music (as opposed to US propaganda who blast theirs full force),
the never-ending pounding of negative storytelling on each and every aspect of a nation,
the dubbing of every person interviewed,
lending time to interviewing defectors traitors during someone’s coronation,
lending time to criticize a government they don’t control during a nation’s moment of grief,
suggesting everybody hates the government and the royal family to the point of destruction,
it’s own population are hounded by them, nations it has territorial disputes with consider them the biggest foe and all ethnic groups that fused with them yearn for independence and consider themselves occupied, no exceptions.

The only thing they didn’t do was to say that the Irish president prefers to call Ireland Eire, praise Nicola Sturgeon’s upbringing, compare her to the queen as someone better and call Scotland Alba.
Not to mention, have an “international” community condemn the policies of England to Irish, Cumrian and Alban people.

The Anglo Empire is a league of it’s own.
No need to compare it to the short-lived nazi Germany.

Hitler bows to her, she doesn’t to him.

Yes, because during the 19th century, Europe comprising a quarter of the world’s population.
Africa was like what Oceania is right now, lacking in population, even as a settler-colony.
The only other nations of note in size of population were India and China.
There was hardly any knowledge of these nations and those who did lived there.
Knowledge of other nations was scarce and was there, was often faulty and built upon outdated books from 2000 years ago.
People could still get away with easy swindles and mistakes would not get corrected for centuries.

But Marx was the first one to thoroughly give critique to the direction Europe was going into with the first wave of automation replacing a string of previously stable jobs and he’s now to goto person if you want to learn about communism.
And thus his work is what one can further build upon and/or critique.

Other EU countries are missing.
But even then, we have millions of Ukrainians prefer Russia which supports the narrative that the Donbass wants independence and the Russian-Ukrainians in all of Eastern Ukraine feel oppressed, while the Western Ukrainians want to escape their economic turmoil and are hoping for a better life in Poland.

UK is missing in the picture.
Still, even when left out, it’s quite a significant number and it reflects a narrative of Western-Ukrainians fleeing to the EU from it’s dire economic situation caused by the war, while Eastern Ukrainians are fleeing to Russia from the war.