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You don‘t have to insult people just because they point out legal facts that don‘t fit your worldview. Don‘t shoot the messenger. You don‘t have to like the facts but that doesn‘t change them.

It‘s frustrating that the page poses the question how the detector works twice, and twice they do not answer it. They only answer how the detector is used but not how it works. Those are separate questions. It would be very interesting to know how it works.

Also, who is behind this thing? They only describe themselves as “a group of IT professionals”. No company name, no address, no social media profiles. It‘s also not open-source.

I hate these clickbait articles.

  • “Training GPT-3 consumed as much water as producing 370 BMWs”
  • “Bitcoin mining consumes as much electricity as Country X”
  • “One Google search consumes X amount of energy”

Yeah, okay. So what? What am I supposed to learn from that. Is that a lot, is that a little? These kinds of articles never discuss how much or how little utility is derived

So datacenters consume electricity and water, just like many other industrial processes. And this is interesting how exactly? They say that training GPT-3 required as much water as producing 370 BMW cars, but they don‘t discuss which

Your first and second points are incorrect.

First, no your ISP cannot see anything if you are using a VPN. They only see encrypted packages and might be able to determine that you are using a VPN but they absolutely cannot tell what data you are sending or receiving.

Second, I have never experienced that a ISP in Germany throttles torrenting, even without VPN. Torrenting per se is not illegal, you can download Linux ISOs via torrent. We still have net neutrality in the EU and in Germany. Throttling torrents would violate net neutrality and would be illegal AFAIK.

Downvoted because Elon Musk says shit all the time. Why does anyone still listen? Even the linked article recounts several occasions where he made similar claims that have not panned out.