Italian Communist He/Him " either the Anarchists are deceiving themselves, or else they do not know what they are talking about." J.V. Stalin.

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Ye I remember that, so he didn’t defect to the other side?

So if I wanna smoke a joint to escape the turbocapitalist hell of Singapore I’ll be hanged?

I saw this 2 months old thread just today, is nutomic one of lemmy’s admins and did he really join wolf balls? I’m confused

This shit makes me wanna move to China ASAP

That’s unfortunate only bcs it has some niche communities, but fortunate because even those communities are filled to the brim with liberalism

I wasn’t, just venting some stuff (on the apposite community BTW) and reddit straight up banned me

I guess new California is a state in the new California Republic

I’ve been temp banned from reddit for a week for “inciting violence” guess I’m in the based department right now EDIT Permaban yayyyyy

Covid restrictions protest exist in China like they exist all over the globe, But since China is the enemy they are portraying these people (that would be considered “enemies” in any other country) as some hero freedom fighters

Can someone recommend me some good soviet movies about the Russian revolution?

Can someone suggest me good soviet movies on the Russian revolution? I’m doing a thing for class

I don’t know if you know but don’t worry comrade, the headline is fake (at least for now)

Today I paid 15€ for the same grocery list that costed me 10€ few mints ago

What's going on with r/newswithjingjjng
I know that that sub is being brigaded by libs and fascists but why are they the majority? I see communisg comments constantly mass down voted and anticommunist (and even racist ones) getting hundreds of up votes, why this scum hasn't being purged?

Everyone is saying ¿who is comrade Rose?
No one ever ask: ¿how is comrade Rose doing?