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If that happened in Italy the scandal would be sooo big, even for a petty normal thing like that

I hope China sanctions the US for their human rights violations

too hard to find pirated games, i’ll switch when my mathusalem PC finally decides to break (and by then i hope to have some more coin, PCs really became expensive in the last six yeas!!!)

Healthcare in Europe still costs a lot and while cheap but low quality one is readily aviable on ebeery street corner, good but expensive one is scarce

(my medicine is weed BTW)

Will the French protest achieve something big? As far as I know they started when the government decided to raise the retirement age, so, i think they’ll achieve it, but could theese protests perhaps achieve something better?

Full support to them obv

Japanese army:

10 young people

3 members of the weeb foreign legion (the others couldn’t fit inside a plane)


Sons of imperial Japanese officers who partook in the rape of nanjing

China won against Japan once, it can win twice

Ruralites produce the food and urbanites produce the machines with which they produce the food, this is why historically Marxism advocated for a reappacification of country and city, one can’t survive/work without the other

Wagner, the “fascist militia” (according to liberals) that literly risk their lives killing fascists in ukkraine

Easily the U$ one, they also help other wicked militaries like the ukr*inian one and the i$raeli one.

I’ve heard Mexico officially applied to join brics… Wish it became a military alliance, it would totally bar the US from invading them, for the heinous crime of nationalising their lithium.

I had a 500 euro energy bill in August and salaries down here are like almost half the German ones, its ridicolous and still, aside from a few people literally burning down their energy bills, and a few marches, , no one is doing nothing about it.

Maybe they miss the dirt cheap labor prices pre-Xi

(or maybe they just hate socialism, without the maybe)

Xi has been unanimously elected for a third term 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

A person is just a fatherless biped after all

I’m seeing at least 10 gaddafis under that post, maybe there’s still hope.

Today marks 70 years without comrade Stalin 😭

Same here king, my meds only turned me into, half the time a “thing” without act, I couldn’t resist anything nor decide stuff, nor study etc, or super-irritable and prone to just break everything I my house (had the cops called on me like 10 times)

Ultimately, I decided to grow my own medicine, at least I know what’s inside it.

Oh I wish common working westerners could decide anything, we can’t even decide who’s in power often, as in every other state, the capitalists (a small minoruty of the West’s population) makes the decisions

They shot down an hobbyist balloon in a similar way, er could put thousands of 12€ balloons in the air, and if we’re lucky they’ll reach the US one day, and they will have to drain their defence budget on them and can’t focus on stopping socialism

(this is your mind when you live in Rome)

This is the famous pinata economy, beat rich people with sticks till money come out

The Italian Marxist internet archive puts Mao in the “non-Marxist reference archive” anyway, gotta love trots

My life was doing relatively well until I remembered I have a 2nd grade aunt I never met that lives in the illegal settler state of occupied Palestine 💀

Too focused about staying in their basements making posts about us “denying genocide”

Time for air to become mustard gas, my eyes itch every second.

Will Syria become an AES if Assad’s faction win the civil war?

Is there a way to bypass Facebook subscriptionwall?
Is there a way to bypass Facebook's subscriptionwall? I swear I'm not a boomer, there's this really famous historian where I live (he's also a comrade, funnily enough) his lectures are very Interesfing and popular but unfortunately a lot of them are only accessible through Facebook, only thing is I don't have an account nor an intention on creating one, yet it is forcing me to create one to access content, is there a way to bypass it? is becoming more and more like reddit by the day
15 is becoming more and more like reddit by the day

What’s going on with r/newswithjingjjng
I know that that sub is being brigaded by libs and fascists but why are they the majority? I see communisg comments constantly mass down voted and anticommunist (and even racist ones) getting hundreds of up votes, why this scum hasn't being purged?

Everyone is saying ¿who is comrade Rose?
No one ever ask: ¿how is comrade Rose doing?

At least I saw waaaay more pro CPC people that I expected, it was a meme about how California high speed rails cost a lot and don't exist and in the meantime China built tens of thousands of miles.

How will Crackerstan militarily defend a country they don’t think exists?
How will the US and other "international community" countries defend Taiwan if they only recognize the PRC? Can I declare to defend Texas if the US invade it?

Please give me socialist hopefuel
Title, I'm in a "international community" country and There are no communist Ws here, can someone give me socialist hopefuel?

rare half-based bloomberg video idk if it was already posted, but its based af for bloomberg

how will be hosting paid for in the future
i mean when and if we will have lots and lots of new users