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Capitalism is better at keeping consistent habits than me.

this was pretty fun to follow even though I didn’t really participate, my guess wasn’t close lol. nice vash pic btw.

what is controversial about saying that meth has harmful effects?

Because to your post, I’ll go listen to L’internationale in french.

Z-lib has a new way of accessing stuff after the old domain was seized.

There’s also a shadow library search engine called Anna’s Archive that was created in response to the seizure.

I’d like to know some names too.

Yeah it’s definitely quite useful to know it. I’m planning on learning it in the future but I’m already busy with a few languages at the moment.

He also said they’re being made to learn Chinese.

This is news to me. I wasn’t aware I was being forced to learn Chinese. Maybe they’re doing it in my sleep.

Jokes aside, Chinese learning programs have been getting more common in my country and more people want to learn it to study or work there.

and which reformers like the Gracchi brothers or Julius Caesar were trying to tackle.

Wow, this wasn’t mentioned when the assassination of Julius Caeser was mentioned in my course. Puts it in a whole new light. The reason mentioned were that he was consolidating too much power for himself (it’s an introductory of course so i don’t expect it to go too much in depth).

As a thanksgiving for victory, Saddam supposedly wrote out the entire Koran (or some verses from it) in ink mixed with his own blood. I rather doubt it ever happened, and I’m not sure that Islamic law would even allow it, but the idea is still kind of badass.

I’ve never heard of this before, sounds pretty funny (and fake). I don’t think there’s something specifically against using human blood as far as I know.

I tried to find it on libgen when it was published but there was nothing yet. Maybe someone can purchase it and we all pay them back somehow?

Capitalism > preserving history to them

It’s sad how true that is because I didn’t know anything of what you just told (only knew that morocco was occupying the western sahara but no more).

i wish all people reacted like this when they don’t know something. your friend sounds cool.

it was such a fun match to watch, totally worth procrastinating everything i had to do.

i get your point but being resilient is hard enough when you already have to do that in daily life and then see this dumb shit in a communist space too. It’s tiring having to censor yourself all the time then finding out the one space you don’t feel like doing that has bigots hiding in plain sight too.

Surprised that he still has the audacity to show his face online again.

Every day WW3 looms closer, I fucking hate this world.

I have a lot of complaints about this bullshit summit but it would take a whole post. sorry for the harshness, it gets tiring dealing with transphobic rhetoric from people who are supposed to be comrades. i hope other peoples comments here were helpful for you.

your bigotry is not a proper material analysis of gender, tumblr didn’t have that massive userbase you think it had to have a noticeable effect on larger social media sites. also how cool of you to say transness is a mental illness as if being mentally ill is something shameful. the only shameful thing here is your bigotry and sounding like those patsoc/maga communist dipshits who have nothing to do with communism.

Are they gonna sanction the entire world and isolate themselves in a corner? sounds like a recipe for collapse.

He’s one of the richest football players, I’m surprised anyone expected any better from him. He has a lot of fans here unfortunately.

I just noticed that you posted a link from them as your source lol, I shouldn’t have been replying when I just woke up.

I’ll make sure to check the article on roe v wade, sounds interesting.

edit: removed part of my comment as i mixed up with something else

No problem. They use similar scripts so it’s hard to tell if you speak neither.

Yeah the way they were talking about the (murdered!) woman on the reddit post doesn’t inspire any confidence in what they’re claiming. They may be anti-imperialists but plenty of those can be misogynist fucks who couldn’t be trusted to say anything good about a woman.

You can’t really blindly trust anyone who labels themselves anti-imperialist because they could be reactionary in many other ways. I see this a lot where I’m from, some person having an okay take about american imperialism but goes on a tangent about (((them))) turning the kids gay/trans using Netlix or whatever western streaming service.

Can you send those reports? I’d like to read them. I can do a quick translation as well for people here.

I don’t necessarily think it’s a color revolution, it’s likely that the women are just fed up with how horribly they’re treated. However I didn’t know the woman who died was kurdish, there might be more to her murder than just not wearing hijab “properly”.

Lots of protests all over the country. Many chants recorded such as “long live socialism, long live communism” and “death to the dictator, down with Khamenei”.

Sounds about right for Iranians from what I know, this makes me think it’s a colour revolution even less. But that doesn’t mean that America won’t be jumping at the chance of capitalizing on any internal strife.

I would’ve said to read about this from Arabic media but a bunch of Arab countries have grudges against Iran, no idea if there would be that kind of bias in the reporting. I’ll try to look for something and put it here.

I didn’t mean that only changing how people speak is enough, sorry for not making that clear in my other comment.

People should instead think more critically of what values they attach to “mental illness” and the “failure” of acting like a “sane” person.

I totally agree. Also to the op post, equating facism with mental illness is just extremely damaging to how mental illness is seen by the general public and does nothing to harm facists.

maybe there should be a rule against using ableist terms? what do you think

edit: nvm it’s already there, just checked the sidebar.