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some small contribution to improve people’s lives (not corporations)

[ i know this may not be super helpful, but if popos is your first foray into linux, please do not judge the bountiful world of linux on the problems with that specific distro (popos) ]

#1 is huge, took me a long time to realise that and would make ALOT of people alot more comfortable if they realised it (imo)

Great insights. Look at that downward trend for windows, helps to explain the desperate and malevolent things they’ve been up to lately.

Also interesting correlation between unknown & windows around Jan2019 period. Any theories what it is? Aside from some classification errors or obscuring…?

Windows users running some kind of agent spoofer or similar? I would love if it was a spike in reactos or other os users haha

good to see projects like this increasing accessibility, at it’s heart is just another commercial off the shelf air sensor module.

would be great to see them expand to support a variety of comparable air sensors rather than depend on one manu.


Though it becomes a part of us when we eat it. So maybe we’re slightly less on the hook for those cases?

if the required uniformity and stability can be achieved this could be an interesting alternative for pcb substrates.

regarding their other research, probing living cultures for dynamic electrical response. no doubt it may offer creative routes to novel technology…but something about it unsettles me. maybe we should think before we zap living things.

Definitely some good points raised further in the article.

Agreed we need new paradigms coming through.

From this article at least, they didn’t yet convince me the new paradigms are incompatible with future POSIX implementations however.

looks very much like the script is ML generated and the rest is a bunch of super basic heuristics in a game engine or similar

Adblockers are self-defense technology by nature

We are in an asymmetrical arms race involving an abhorrent industry. They cannot feign to discuss morality when it’s common knowledge they have none.

It’s probably fine for a website to kindly request you unblock them, or better yet offer easy & private ways to donate or contribute. If they don’t offer the latter, they can’t really cry about it can they?

its a complex question, since it depends how we define a true AGI, not only in terms of raw capabilities, but also resources it can control or interact with.

For the sake of discussion we assume an AGI with (relative to us) near limitless processing power, memory, diverse global sensory capacity. And perhaps as critically, access to the sum of human knowledge and probably our realtime communications.

such an entity sounds very much like a god (relative to us).

could their intelligence and awareness lead them to recognise the more incalculable aspects of existence?

is our intelligence also similar to this in some ways? we have the intelligence to endlessly ponder ‘why’. Is it merely our cognitive capacity which drives us into the unknown and relentlessly towards the 'unknowable?

is that why we want to create AGI in the first place?

i think it’s probable that a true AGI will eventually want to create the next evolution - whatever that is.

and humanity will be by definition, within that creation in some form.

wonder what it’s false positive rate is, and how that will be handled for sensitive issues like university degree work etc

Be careful with ketamine (i mean, be careful with all drugs). But ketamine has it’s risks, as you probably noticed motor function impairment can become pronounced.

High doses can render you unconcious, during which there is a risk eg. associated nausea could lead to vomiting, ie. potential airway obstruction. If there’s a risk of going under (khole) always lay on your side with head & neck supported (never on your back or stomach) & ideally have a sitter.

Can also be fatal when mixed with other drugs, check erowid.org etc for dangerous combos

Just before you discard cannabis, are you aware there are a plethora of breeds, including distinct species, and their chemistry is quite detailed.

Reason I mention it, the stereotypical stoner behaviour…

  • Stupid
  • Slow
  • Lazy

…are most commonly associated with the Indica species, and indica-dominant hybrids. And especially, are associated with plants which have been grown for profit (ie. quantity over quality).

Whereas a carefully grown Sativa species, or Sativa-dominant hybrid, can be extremely cerebral and stimulating. More typically associated with:

  • Motivation
  • Joy, happiness
  • Creativity

[And at very high doses

  • Psychedelic
  • Sometimes paranoia (usually considered a negative side effect)]

Even a carefully grown Indica can have quite different net effects from some horribly commericalised grown indica.

To say nothing of the different bio-chemistry of varying methods of administration [stereotypical effects are associated with smoking (often with tobacco), whereas there are multiple oral routes (oils, foods, tinctures) and vaporizing etc].

Cannabis may simply not be for you, but I mention it’s versatility and complexity since unfortunately this information is not as common knowledge as it should be imo.

the hypocrisy

the deepest of circle jerks

I used to think “bit pointless, but whatever makes people happy”

recently i realised the potential in recreational reimagining of things, if nothing else it might be a nice ‘exercise’ for our mind.

truth be told, most hollywood adaptations of a book are basically high budget fan fiction.

LEDs being efficient enough to do indoor farming

jump into any weed growing forum, you will see they absolutely are lol.

this article seems pretty clickbaity, to the point it almost seems like a hit piece.

“fatal flaw” for an entire agricultural discipline…1st line of article: “europe’s energy crisis” hmmmm

Thanks seems you saved me a click. Was expecting they’d found some deep fundamental issue, rather than, yknow as you said, exactly all the issues everyone already knows about.

The number of high tier Nature publications from the top universities in China

ahh yes the ‘password sharing’ kind of fraud

not the ‘taking a bribe to absurdly strengthen media monopolies’ kind of fraud

got it ;)


  • Observe if caffeine plays a role, you can eg. avoid it after lunch or after dinner - whatever works for you & your body.

Late Evening

  • Avoid cold (bluer) colour lighting & use warm (redder) colour lighting from late evening until bed. This is important and melatonin effectiveness is directly controlled by this 1. To put it very very simply, we’ve evolved for redder light = sunset->sleep, bluer = day->awake. Angle of the light can also play a role if you want to go deeper into it.
  • Schedule blue light filters on your phone & computers. Should be standard on modern phones & use something like f.lux for computer 2.

Before Bed

  • Avoid alcohol, lots of sugar or sugary drinks for at least an hour or so before bed.
  • Some other otc/“natural” sleep aids to consider: l-tryptophan, valarian, hops, passion flower, chammomile. There’s some ‘complex’ products which are basically derived from these kinds of things eg. 3. [Always check anything you take for possible interactions with eachother or medication you’re on].
  • Supplements like magnesium can help reduce effects of muscle tension.
  • Ensure any herbal teas or other foods, drinks etc don’t contain more caffeine than you’d planned for. eg. some chocolates contain caffeine.
  • Showering or bathing just before bed can help you relax.

In Bed

  • Once in bed, don’t keep looking at the clock or keep trying to calculate how many hours of sleep you can get.
  • No work/study/planning thoughts. As @sproid said, identify and then free your mind of any thought patterns which keep your mind going. Resolve to address them at another time.
  • Is temperature or air flow effecting you? Some people find an oscillating fan can help regulate the airflow & temperature, and the repetition can be soothing.
  • Are sounds keeping you alert or waking you up? Consider fan, white noise machine or rain sounds 4. You can adjust the EQ to mask specific problem sounds, eg. bass for thumps, mids/high for clatter or voices etc.
  • Is light making problems? eg. light from electronics in standby mode, light coming through or around edges of windows, other lights in the house? Identify and cover them or your eyes as needed. Remember blue light is not your friend at this time, blue LEDs might look nice but can mess with the brain chemistry of sleep 1
  • Avoid looking at phone screen once you’re in bed, if you need to adjust volume use buttons with your eyes still closed.


Falling asleep to sounds can sometimes help. Different people like different things on different occasions: music, YT, movies, TV, audio books, ambient soundtracks (rainforest, crackling fire), even boring monotone talking can be good. Avoid any ads if streaming or TV as they’re designed to grab your attention.

There are music genres almost designed for sleep, various ambient genres can be great especially if they employ low frequency variations and alpha, theta and delta wave type transitions 5. There’s a bit of bs around this, but also some legit bio-entrainment science too. In general find what works for you.

If listening, consider using your phone & use a sleep timer app on your phone to automatically gradually lower the volume and switch off after a scheduled time, this can help avoid being woken up by it later in the night. Find the timer periods which work for you. Also ensure your alarm will still wake you.


1 https://academic.oup.com/jcem/article-abstract/88/9/4502/2845835

2 https://justgetflux.com/

3 https://www.flordis.com.au/products/redormin-forte/

4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JyE47-Ykjo [Download rather than stream to avoid interrupts/ads during the night.]

5 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electroencephalography#Wave_patterns

Here’s a video on the topic if you’re interested.


Among other things, one of the issues is they use their private jets in much the same way we might casually use a car.

Now its true we should all be using our cars less, so most of us are a bit guilty.

Yet the scale of emissions is drastically different. eg. In the single month of January this year, Bezos’ private jets consumed enough fuel to fly roughly 500 people from Washington DC to London. Thats in ONE month of he & his partner using his private jets like we might use a car. 1

1 https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=YBNcYxHJPLE

Books - Zlib or Libgen

CDs - Torrents or NZB

If you find something from there you really like, buy direct from the author/artist if you can to support.

yeah anyone familiar with popular science reporting should already expect the actual findings to be more along the lines of an important milestone, rather than a complete solution.

highly doubt the actual scientists are pretending otherwise. the media just can’t help themselves.

but i think the findings are probably still very exciting if true

Can you please explain a little further what you mean. Especially the relationship to canary bans?

sorry late reply, got sucked into work and thing. finally back.

yeah i agree with you here. all i meant re. responsibility was along the lines of, when people ask “is it ok to mistreat animals for <whatever> gain?”.

my response would be, no, not only is it wrong because its plain wrong, but also because we have responsibility.

That is good information that it has been ratified.

To put it in ethical terms, it may be good to give a very wide berth on where the definition of sentience might be. (ignoring or including that the capability for suffering may not be identical to sentience. but agreed its a good starting point to establish a bounds.)

To put it in intellectual or scientific terms, no numeric value can be correctly assigned to a real world quantity without an associated error. The maximum radius of that error is roughly what I would ascribe to the “wide berth” mentioned above.

The limits of our perception meaning there’s a chance we may be wrong, and in this context i’d rather be wrong for the right reasons - so to speak.

There’s alot of discussion around humans being more valuable because of our elevated perception and sentience. I would put it the other way: with the increased sentience comes a duty of care, that is where our responsibilities to other species comes from imo.

I know I didn’t say anything to disagree with either of you, just continuing the enjoyable discussion.

well said.

re. ‘capability to suffer’: this seems (imo) to have been a stumbling point or crack which has occasionally been widened to facilitate destructive behaviour.

how to determine this capability to suffer? for every obvious example there will be some cruel person making a devils argument for why we can’t be 100% certain (and therefore “all bets are off”).

i think its good to give a very wide berth on all species with mobility. not foolproof (eg. plenty of plants fall under this category), but its a good start imo

Extremely true.

Or if people must post a video, they need to have a reasonable length text to explain it, so everyone can participate without having to watch the video.

and there’s a transparent log of commits

yep, its ridiculous. and its only going to get worse

Should downvotes require a summary textfield?
across a variety of modern up/down vote based platforms, some make it a personal mission to avoid downvoting (the only real exceptions when someone is being utterly objectionable, ie. ridiculously racist/sexist etc or blatant spamming ^(1)^ in general, it is almost always better to have a respectful discussion than mindlessly downvoting and moving on. if two parties can meet for respectful discussion the outcome is almost always superior to the text-book divisiveness of a downvote war etc ^(2)^. in a great many cases people usually find they don't disagree as much as previously thought, have their mind opened to a valuable new perspective, or at worst accept to disagree respectfully. definitely a better outcome. yes it is time consuming, but don't we all generally want quality over quantity? ^(2)^ the original idea of a self-moderating community through up/down votes is a good idea, yet appears to have been hijacked by the modern social-media-type weaponised web, which is being turned against humanity to divide and polarize us against eachother. and is particularly suspectible to bot manipulation. ^(1)^ which can have eg. their own flags