Freedom is a synthetic enterprise, not a natural gift.


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IMO if you’re starting with your project is understandable, they seem to have a shit ton of money put on it, thought, so that may make it a bit unforgivable, but things can change.

Yeah, the Web3 shit is a bit fishy but maybe they are doing it because it attracks customers, the IPFS thing is a nice addition although the MetaMask shit is not, ultimately, if they provide a good and free e-mail service and the rest does not interfere I am good with it though.

Regarding the PDF thing I think that is optional for inputting it, since I was able to copy the code to my password manager.

I think he could be at a gymnasium so he could be winning and losing against himself in order to level up a lot of accounts, or maybe there was an event for a rare pokémon and he could have it on different accounts and sell the account or pokémon or something.

I think that if the person conducting the interview would have human decency the result would have been much more different. Sure, that dude did it horribly, but he’s a person trying to do the best he can as everybody else while managing a shitty job, he didn’t receive professional training on how to take one and that’s fine, but the interviewer didn’t let him speak, interrupted him and all the questions were done on purpose to control the narrative, and I’m sure it was all planned like that. If it would have been a real interview there would have been questions, answers and a debate, here we only saw an upper class white cis heterosexual man saying “heuuhh ehuhe look at me im got moneis heheheh fuck you hehehe.”

Someone please shoot that Fox news bastard in the knees and balls

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/152291 > > The right has meant to create intrigues among us and they will not be able to. I believe in this new time, it is worth it to build a new action mechanism with the people. The constitution of 2022: A new system of 1-10 of a new government. > > > >We are working on our technology articulation, so that the people have direct participation and communication with all govt instances, from the popular power to municipalities, to regional and to the national power, [this is] the first line, 2022 - 2030. > > > >Second line: the construction of a problem and solution map that would allow them to build construction agendas to majors, governors, popular councils and national government. > > > >Third line of action: the establishment of an action agenda of community action to every base of popular power in the country. A concrete action agenda. AKA to provide order of direct communications of action and solutions to our people. These are three elements that together should give us a new organizational way, technological, for the solution of national issues of the real problems of the people. A 1-to-10 of the new govt, map solutions, and they can create action agendas for the popular power. We should integrate there. Those that do not integrate with the new times will become dinosaurs. Times pass by and if you do not formulate policies to go with the times you end up as a dinosaur. Maduro dinosaur. Bolivarian revolution dinosaur. That's never gonna happen. > > > >I set this plan with the goal of eight years (2030). True to the wonderful legacy of commander Chavez and this bicentennial stage that should finish victorious when we are celebrate our 200 of the physical disappearance of Bolivar in 2030. > > > >''Our commander Chavez fixated 2030 irreversible character of the Bolivarian revolution. 2030, irreversible character of the socialist revolution of the 21st century. And that's what I set, today. The goal of medium-term period of all of our revolution, building new methods, for a new time of transition to socialism, that's how I declare it. A new stage of transition towards socialism: 2030, irreversible.

I think there’s potential there, but it’s hard to ask people that can barely sustain their existence to spend time they could be using to earn money is a bit complicated, if there were some true promise of true economical compensation, maybe, but for that you need to expropriate some land which would never happen in the US because their military industry is too big, that generally happens like in countries with heavy levels of peasantry.

So the mature answer the mod gives to a person that has been participating in good faith in the community is to fuck off and become an anarchist if you want to stay there?

Good if you want to prevent attacks, bad if you’re the one abusing the vulnerabilities, though.

A good routine if you don’t have any equipment is to do some push-ups (you can do different types of push ups), do some push ups (also do different types), and some squats. If you manage to make a 100 of each that should get you in moderate shape IMO, maybe if you have fat in a specific part of the body and you want to get rid of that you should do some specific exercise in that area, but I think that’s a workout plan that does not require that much time. Also don’t try to do 100 push ups one after the other, you should try and do 10, then 20, and so on, and doing everything slowly is better than doing it fast.

The zapatistas live almost in a rural society except they have electricity and some internet connection, they are not suppressed because they live like that and don’t represent a real threat, if they ever were to industrialize they would get fucked up in less than the blink of an eye. While I appreciate their fight and resistance and would take their government any day over the current one dominating Mexico, I don’t think they’re a super example since (even though things have improved in their government in comparison to capitalist one) they still have vast numbers of people living under poverty, and they’re going to keep it that way because they lack the organization and resources to improve it.


I never mentioned any capitalist structure, jobs that exist merely to support a speculative bourgeoisie dictatorship should be abolished

Well, automation involves robotization, too, and while there may be waste produced by the creation to them, it’s worth noting that if you invest in scientific research to find the most effective way to live while applying these measures a green path can be find.

That phrase is marxist, though, not anarchist, or at the bare minimum it’s communist.

Automatizing every job that’s stupid ass balls shit where you are alienated all day every day and it could be replaced by a machine without too much change. Science and stuff can be done by hoomans, still, although it can also be automatized and the line between human and machine will become more blur. IMO that can only be achieved in China (maybe Vietnam in a couple more years), the US is super fucked up and it’s not the place to begin any fucking shitty nothing of a leftist movement.

Does anyone know of a trustworthy web site to buy seeds? I’m looking into planting wasabi
So basically I would like to buy some wasabi seeds, but I don't know of any web sites that dedicates to selling seeds which can be trusted, so any recommendation is good, thanks!

I remember that on Reddit people were trashing the developer for being Chinese, lol.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/79679 > The leaders of Laos, China, Cambodia, Cuba, Russia, North Korea and ASEAN countries have sent congratulatory greetings on Vietnam's 76th National Day (September 2). > > The Lao leadership said in their congratulatory message that Vietnam's achievements were a source of encouragement. They also affirmed that Vietnam-Laos relations will be sustained through fluctuations in regional and world situations.

Yay, another place where we can spread Western propaganda against non-Western nations!

Setting the precedent

Let’s say that regardless of the copious reasons why this is a bad idea, we still decide that the trade-offs are worth it and we pressure phone and app makers to introduce a backdoor into their products. Soon, other countries will want this level of access too. If you’re an anglophonic person, you may be okay with the notion of Western nations having access to those tools but once again the question is where we draw the line. Should we give access to this backdoor to Turkey, who has historically been a reliable Western ally but has recently taken interest in oppressing the very Kurds that Unites States supported in the fight against w:Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant? Do we give it to China to spy on Uyghur Muslims and place them in w:Xinjiang detention camps? Parties like China already heavily control and often outright ban Western companies’ operations in China, refusal to share this access would be the end of their China operations.

How confident are we that your average tech CEO focused on the next quarterly report would have the moral fortitude to stand up to China?

The wiki has barely any articles and yet we already have shit taken against the East as if Western countries would have the slightest degree of freedom or humanity.

If you’re an anglophonic person, you may be okay with the notion of Western nations having access to those tools but once again the question is where we draw the line.

This sentence in particular is fucking ridiculous and so anglocentrist it makes me puke.

I’m okay with fair criticism about China particularly when it comes to privacy, but this shit seems like a place to spread Western culture as the highest stage of civilization and regard everything else as Orwellian monoliths even though anglophonic nations and their allies have the biggest surveillance system. I like the idea of the wiki, but I know how it will end.

Xi calls for steady development of China-Iran partnership
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/77839 > cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/77838 > > > China firmly supports Iran in safeguarding its sovereignty and national dignity, and opposes external interference, he said, adding that China is willing to work with Iran to enhance experience sharing on state governance, strengthen cooperation in pandemic response, advance their respective development, and promote the people's well-being in both countries. > > > > The plan for China-Iran comprehensive cooperation has opened up broader prospects for deepening bilateral win-win cooperation, Xi said, adding that the two sides should tap deeply into their potential, actively promote Belt and Road cooperation, and produce more results in practical cooperation. > > > > China, Xi said, supports Iran's legitimate concerns on the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue, and stands ready to strengthen coordination and cooperation with Iran on regional affairs, so as to jointly safeguard common interests and promote regional security and stability. > > > > Iran stands ready to work with China to intensify strategic communication, enhance strategic mutual trust, deepen bilateral cooperation and multilateral coordination, and jointly oppose unilateralism, hegemonism and external interference, Raisi added. > > > > The Iranian side firmly supports China's positions on issues concerning Taiwan, Xinjiang and Hong Kong, and staunchly opposes certain countries using the issue of COVID-19 origins tracing as a pretext to suppress and contain China, he said. > > > > China's Belt and Road Initiative brims with strategic vision, and Iran is willing to actively participate in it, he added.

Xi says China to expand cooperation with Iraq
BEIJING, Aug. 18 (Xinhua) -- China attaches great importance to developing relations with Iraq, and stands ready to promote their strategic partnership for greater development, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Wednesday. In a phone conversation with Iraqi President Barham Salih, Xi said China is willing to continue to support Iraq's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, expand bilateral cooperation in such fields as energy, electricity and transportation, and assist Iraq with economic rebuilding and social development. Xi pointed out that Iraq is one of the first Arab countries to establish diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China, and also an important partner of China for Belt and Road cooperation in West Asia and North Africa.

List of libre software I would love to exist
##### Disclaimer: I know that being a developer is hard, I'm not trying to say that people should start doing these ideas to please my desires. I just thought it was fun to have a list of ideas that could improve the libre software community and these are some of them that I would really love to see. If you have some other Ideas contribute as well, and if you are a developer and you are looking for something to do but don't know what, you may gain some inspiration from here. ---- **Projects that do not exist:** - Libre and privacy respecting alternative to DeepL. *Details: I know there are already some libre translators, but I will not stop using DeepL until there's something as good as it.* - Libre and privacy respecting alternative to [Genius](https://genius.com/). *Details: It's a website where users create community based lyrics for their favourite artists and can create annotations and add metadata.* - ~~Libre and privacy respecting alternative to Goodreads. *Details: It's a website where you keep a log of what you've read, what you want to read and what you are reading, you can also rate books.*~~ [Here](https://github.com/mouse-reeve/bookwyrm) is an alternative. - Libre and privacy respecting alternative to Grammarly. *Details: It's a set of applications or add-ons that help you with typos and it will improve your text.* - Libre and privacy respecting alternative to Letterboxd. *Details: t's a website where you keep a log of what you've seen and what you want to see, you can also rate movies and TV shows.* - Libre and privacy respecting alternative to Pixabay. *Details: It's a website where you can get images to use without copyright restrictions. I know CC has a website for this but their content is really poor.* - ~~Libre and privacy respecting alternative to Push notifications.~~ [Here](https://github.com/gotify) is an alternative. - Libre and privacy respecting alternative to ReCaptcha. - Libre and privacy respecting alternative to Shazam. *Details: It's an application that tells you what you are listening if you let it listen to it* - Libre and privacy respecting alternative to Unsplash. *Details: It's a website where you can upload and use photos of people that are licensed under a license that allows for use under most circumstances for free.* - Libre and privacy respecting mouse gesture and ~~radial menu~~ to an operative system level. *Similar to [Gesturefy](https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/gesturefy/) and ~~[CompassMenu](https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/compass_menu)~~ but in a way that it can work in any application. Look [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AItTqnTsVjA) video for more details since this is probably a really deep and hard to explain topic. [Here](https://github.com/Schneegans/Fly-Pie/) is an alternative for the radial menu. - Libre and privacy respecting website where to upload and download 3D models licensed under a CC. - Libre and privacy respecting website where to play a lot of different card games. *Details: Similar to Lichess. I am satisfied if you only can play poker until it gains some traction.* - Fully libre and privacy respecting alternative to [Xayn](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xayn.search&hl=en_US&gl=US). *Details: It's an application that recommends you articles based on the input you give to the algorithm. Some of its [code](https://github.com/xaynetwork/xaynet) it's liberated on GitHub, but not all of it.* - Libre , decentralized and privacy respecting alternative to Imgur. *Details: It would be great if this could work along the fediverse, for example people would host images there instead of here on Lemmy or Mastodon, making these platforms much more lightweight.* - Libre, privacy respecting and not self hostable visual bookmark manager. *Details: There are a few alternatives here and there, maybe, but they are really awful looking and generally you need to self host. I don't know how to self host and it would probably make my machine slower, I would prefer something that someone's alreay hosting. [This](https://github.com/Colllect/Colllect) is exactly like what I'm looking for, but they haven't launched it yet since they don have enough resources, it could die, too, maybe. ---- **Projects that exist but have some issues:** - A set of common android apps. *Details: I know there are a are a lot of basic Android applications to replace the default ones that come with your phone but I feel someone should create a set that align the aesthetics of them to be coherent with each other. I know Tibor Kaputa does this, but in my opinion I would like something that looks a bit more modern and that has more features, since theirs are based around minimalism. For example, the camera application does not have as many options as my default one, etc.* - Libre, privacy respecting, aesthetic and functional map application. *Details: I haven't been able to find a working application to see maps, I generally end up using DDG's in browser map because of this. The only one that worked was one calle Maps which was a fork of a really [good one](https://github.com/mapsme/omim) (but it was filled with proprietary and other [shady stuff](https://github.com/mapsme/omim/issues/85) ) but it stopped working after some time. I mention the aesthetic parts because I want to be able to recommend this to people who wouldn't use it otherwise if it looks like something really "primitive".* - Revive [waifu2x](https://github.com/nagadomi/waifu2x/) as a serious project. *Details: I really love this website, but I really hate the whole idea of the waifu thing, it is misogynous and I feel like unprofessional.* - Libre, privacy respecting and highly customizable home launcher. *Details: I know there are a ton of home launchers for Android, but most of them focus on minimalism or simplicity, I don't want that, I want a super customizable full of features application that can let me do almost anything. The closest to this was [Lawnchair](https://github.com/LawnchairLauncher/Lawnchair) which is dead, luckily [Omega](https://github.com/otakuhqz/Omega) launcher exists now and it looks like it'll be able to achieve this, but it's not there yet.* - Revive [AquaDroid](https://github.com/z3r0c00l-2k/AquaDroid) *Details: It is a really beautiful application but it has some bugs, not so many features and development has halted.*