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because its spewed by a machine by billions of bottles per second. not because it is clear.

plastic is about pressing a button on a machine and hetting goods out with one dumb worker.

anything made of wood required several skilled workers.

wood will never make a comeback in capitalism. its against profit.

lol nobody cared what color are things :(

yeah because everyone only uses plastic because it’s transparent.

dense hippies and their green magic tech. lol.

thanks for proving the kidnap yet again.

this video is after the guy drags the victim inside. on the second angle you can clearly see the person running clashes with the guard behind the gate column and he is pushed while still dragging someone with his left arm.

even with all the chosen angles and rapid confusing cuts, it’s still obvious.

man you are really giving them value for the money 五毛党.

will read more on nixos then.

looked a long time ago and the selling point was just calling the common practice of a install-script black magic. …yeah install scripts are not standardized across distros, but they did start one from scratch too so :shrug and while that is nice, dockerfiles are more popular now, for better or worse (it’s for worse)

what i call a meme is all the promises that config sharing fixes all problems. yeah you can share your facy declarative build setting with 7tb of ram and running all compilers as root to rebuild your package, but i won’t touch it on my systems.

rest all seemed pretty unixy underneath.

unix is about jugling processes on top of a kernel.

processes are just fancy processes.

kata/firecracker/qemu/xen are virtualization/vms they are the only thing that differ from unix, but so far by just adding a new layer to more unix.

nix is a meme because it pretend to be something else than a package manager with shared settings for a very subset of things. its basically an opinionated distro, but with dangerous illusion of grandeur.

oh that’s rigth. forgot which ones they used as the superspreader example in their argument in the forum. maybe some other recent convention?

because 36c3 was a covid superspreader event

lol. ok. I’m convinced you are either a professional entertainer or 14.

yeah, good luck doing that only for your fellow whites. go to argentina before defending them. see the coop factoriea where black people is not welcome.

are you insane?! you can clearly see a uniformed person goes out of the gate, kick the sign, drag someone and the crowd storm to prevent the kidnap, which does happen.

whatch your first video ten times as you clearly have vision problems.

nix is a meme.

there will never be a solution to system adm other than understanding the damn thing.

nix et all are js dev playing distro maintainers to other js devs. have this pile of hacks that will work until next minor version update. and pray nothing like systed happens in your lifetime.

pick arch or free/openbsd unless you want to be a professional sysadm. and use kata if want disposable deterministic things that will only work for 5 or so years.

Argentina is far from socialism on widespread racism alone.

all other aspects are irrelevant until that is gone.

after the display in the uk yesterday where they dragged protesters outside the embassy and beat them down iside for everyone to see, i doubt they need those new police stations

lol. its a psycothereapist interviweing a physician who just discovered empathy.

People on the Left, on the other hand, also suffered in their childhoods, and they take that anger that’s not resolved in them and they project it into the politics, which makes them not very tolerant and much less effective. When they talk to people who just don’t see it their way, who are not aware or maybe more ignorant, or not in touch with the real issues, there’s a tendency to speak in a very hostile and very demeaning way. That’s unresolved trauma on the part of the people coming from the Left, as it was in my case. Self work, particularly for people who want to make a difference, is really important. To the degree that people don’t do it, they might attract some followers with a certain degree of charisma, but they will not convince anybody that doesn’t already see it their way.

lol. see.

people here assume there’s only two empire allegiance as option to live life.

Is lemmy an empires fandom space?
99.999% of the posts and comments (i counted) either hate or unconditionally love USA/Russia/China. so boring

only correct answer seems to be “it made you and your other dumb friends elect trump. Q.E.D.”

claims indigenous philosophy is alien to marxism.

proceeds to list all philosophies are tied to land.

the left will find ways to split hair even in the vacuum of space.

ok, call them georgists then. sigh at least recall your previous unproductive schisms.

it WAS like that. ads were sold by demographics of readership.

then NSA and CIA got involved in big tech. i kid you not.

cloudflare was a project called honeypot to detect spam and bots. dept of homeland security director called the owner and suggested their data was valuable and they should start a company. the ceo tells the history in early interviews.

i doubt. california have one gas well that’s unplugged and spewing fumes for years. you can see the methane cloud on IR satelite images.

glowies will complain that kaspersky is a plant :shrug

just the new wolf crying.

of course it already is. no political discourse can be seen at face value. it’s so tiring.