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I would suggest a static site builder like hugo

This. And it’s very hard to explain/understand how it works because it is very abstract and works on a massive scale. For me the main issue is that they are building a massive super weapon that manipulates the whole of human kind. And each timw you use facebook, whatsapp, google, whatever, you give food to this machine. Check out www.contrachrome.com

Could be. I dont know. For me this far its been easy but havent used it much.

I really dont know much about it, but I use it for a wiki. Hubzilla seems a powerful machine, but apparentlycan be complex and cumbersome?. For me it was really easy to install through softaculous in my shared hosting. It has some neat concepts and architecture though

Where I used to live there are some grapevines that give big round passionfruit tasting grapes that resist at least -5°C

Haha. -15c no chance of passion fruit. But I suppose -15C is the temp outside. What is the minimum temp inside that space?

Its very protected. Almost anything would do. I suppose you are in the northern hemisphere? If so, great sunlight abd greenhouse effect. You could do passionfruit for example

The 13 moon 28 day calendar is a lunar/solar calendar though. Purely lunar calendars do not consider the solar cycle (such as Islamic calendar)

That’s cool. I still find so damn strange that in this supposedly scientific world we still use such a crooked system as the gregorian calendar for measuring our time and organizing our lives

A bunch of characters are also placed in other keys. I use an international layout with dead keys to do spanish on any US qwerty keyboard. Goodbye spanish keyboards.

Any building typology depends on climate, culture, and other variables. In some places (emblematic are capadoccia, santorini, coober peddy, etc) it really makes sense to build underground. Maybe its lack of building materials, combined with good soil geology and no humidity problems. Usually its in arid climates where you have not much water runoff/infiltration and the shelter for sun is very useful. Also, thermal mass helps keep heat harvested in the day through the cold night. But you cant have just one way of doing architecture right. It totally depends on context.