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I think the author is @werwolf@fosstodon.org, I feel like the article is targeted towards people who already know about the drama. (some of it’s mentioned in another page)

maybe it depends on the ISP, I can’t access it. (if your ISP is airtel, most of these might not be blocked, not sure why but airtel tends to not block some of the sites that other ISPs do)

I mean, Wikipedia probably wouldn’t survive if the internet disappeared.

I don’t know if forums are feasible now, I just suggest using reddit and lemmy.

I guess people just don’t like brave because of the crypto stuff, and they’ve also done some things in the past like getting a fork (that removed BAT) shut down, adding affiliate links to URLs etc.

it seems (to me anyway) that almost anything related to brave that gets posted on lemmy gets downvoted quite a bit, this post is an example. (although, I may just be overthinking it.)

I know I’ll get downvoted for saying this but, imo this is a great feature, I have always wanted to blacklist some websites from search but there was no reliable way, sites like quora, pinterest and w3schools.

I know there are extensions, but this is better, I don’t like brave either but they’ve been adding useful features to brave search, and well it seems like a pretty good alternative to other search engines as of now.

can someone ELI5 what this is and how this will benefit developers and researchers(if it will) ?

you need to use “!” twice, !!ghcode <some_code>.

Thanks for the reply but, where is it ?
I can only find the option for image search.

How do I search for web pages under creative commons license without using Google ?
so Google has this [advanced search](https://www.google.com/advanced_search) option called "usage rights", I'm looking for something similar that's privacy respecting. (I'm NOT looking for image search, I know there are a lot of services for that)

it says it was published on May 29, 2021, so the article is from last year ?
also is this available on android ?

I liked the old design more tbh, it had more colors, now everything is the same color…

element is so buggy though and it’s really slow, also there aren’t many reliable servers besides matrix.org, it’s just inconvenient and there’s a (somewhat steep) learning curve :(

I mainly use VPNs for accessing websites that are blocked in my country or any content that is not available in my country, it’s useful for that but yeah as far as privacy goes it’s not much use :(

Bibliogram alternative ?
since bibliogram pretty much [stopped working](https://proxy.vulpes.one/gemini/cadence.moe/gemlog/2020-12-17-future-of-bibliogram.bliz), are any other ways to browse Instagram without an account ?