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That’s why we study those systems. We (marxists) didn’t come to realise the nazis were not socialists out of nowhere, we saw what they said about their ideology, how they conducted it, what their class character was for society (the most important criteria), etc.

Right… that makes sense, though in my view it shouldn’t take an expert to spot an overt fascist.

That’s why we uphold the USSR, the PRC, the DPRK… but not Nazi Germany or Pol Pot’s Cambodia. Because after studying them in and out (through our own framework, as anyone does) we see how they operated and still operate.

Hold up, doesn’t the DPRK have forced labour camps? Didn’t they once sentence a western tourist to hard labour for stealing a poster? Again I’m not trying to say the west has never imprisoned people for dumb reasons, but forced labour??? Also China is hardly communist these days, and if I’m frank I feel like they align more closely with 1935 Nazi Germany than any kind of proletariat utopia.

Only in the imperialist core (the west). During the 20th century, even after Stalin’s death, we saw Cuba, Burkina Faso, Chile, probably others I’m not remembering right now…

Agreed, sorry I should have been more clear. Still, I wonder how many of those revolutions weren’t a “yay let’s implement a communist utopia” but instead a “hey lets trick the people into supporting our communist revolution”.

This is also the time of the Cold War, where our information in this core was filtered through the “leader of the free world”, the United States. And to this day when you find people that lived through it on this side, they will tell you (I’m not joking) that the United States is a champion of human rights and liberty. Even in Europe.

Yeah, it’s a little funny how often people will talk about how the US is some kind of gracious bringer of democracy. Maybe it started after their help in WW2?

Still, I think it’s fair to argue that the US is at least no worse than China or Russia.

How dare they have criticisms of my philosophy which advocates an authoritarian dictatorship that would probably send them to gulag! Clearly they aren’t worth debating!

Fair enough, I shouldn’t extrapolate - my bad.

But at the very least it proves how easy it is for the meaning of “communist” to be twisted. Even the Nazi’s called themselves “national socialists” not because they had any remotely socialist policies but because it was popular. Anyone can start and lead a “communist” revolution and then pull a switchreoo at the last moment, and because communism typically involves a “dictatorship of the proletariat” this is exceedingly easy to do.

To talk further on the topic of education, I agree that communism is probably too underrepresented - but so is anarchism. People tended to loose interest with the communist manifesto after the gulags started; the only people who supported state communism post 1950’s was powergrabbing revolutionaries, and uneducated workers who were smart enough to see its advantages but not enough to see its immense drawbacks.

Certainly! But just because some of the criticism they receive is biased against them doesn’t mean it is wholly false, and as I previously stated due to the much greater amount of censorship within those countries it is hard to find reliable opinions to the contrary.

So your only successful example is someone who wasn’t successful?

Okay, well what are your best examples of communist success? Because last time I checked the USSR was dissolved and - as evidenced by Xinjiang and Taiwan - China has pursued a route of fascist imperialism and Sinicization (which is hardly communist).

Seems like kind of a loser political philosophy.

This argument has no value and could be applied to literally any political philosophy.


In case you got the wrong idea, anarchists are generally not opposed to justified hierarchy. I agree that trains need to have rules in place to stop them smashing into each other, however I sternly argue that that does not necessitate a state. Same thing applies to the cotton mill: if everyone needs to be there at a certain time for the mill to run then without the workers adhering to this rule there can be no cotton produced - but the workers aren’t stupid. They will agree on a time for all of them, and if that time doesn’t work for someone they can just nope out and get some other job, no questions asked. They have no right to force someone to work the cotton mill for the same reason a slaveowner has no right to force someone to work cotton farms, and as such the only reason any authority would be needed would be if you were to force people to run the cotton mills (even if they had other things to do at that times). If someone doesn’t want to help at the cotton mills at that time, then so be it, but its not like he has some divine obligation to do such work.

It doesn’t, but it proves that communists are willing to work with whatever the fuck he was.

I agree, but it’s not a binary FREE/CENSORED. As long as you aren’t leaking documents you will often be fine, whereas in China/USSR even speaking bad about the party or using the wrong word for “war” can get you in trouble.

Awesome, why don’t anarchists support any successful socialist movements?

Because last time there was a “successful socialist movement” it lead to the Red Army invading and annexing anarchist free territories that helped crush the White Army calling them “an enemy behind our lines”

Why don’t you take the libshit back to Reddit and leave us alone?

Why don’t you take your tankieshit back to leftypol and leave us alone?

In any case, He certainly had a strong relationship with China.

Many claimed he deviated from orthodox Marxism–Leninism, but China backed his government as a bulwark against Soviet influence in Southeast Asia.

Feel free to have a skim through the Wikipedia article yourself.

Doesn’t this violate the whole “don’t be a dick to each other” rule?

I did my best to phrase this post in a way such as to not attack anyone, morerather the arguments (and also phrase it in a way such that i open the door to discussion instead of “omg i cant stand those people”). If you think at any point I did that wrong, do you mind sharing?

Stalin’s a hero, the gulags were right, the CPC is on the right side of history, and there is no Uyghur genocide.

Please tell me you’re trolling and I’m just missing something

Go back to reading Harry Potter.

Ironically I’ve never actually read it.

I suppose that’s not really true, because western media is often open to bashing them (similarly networks like RT are more than happy to bash the west). I just wish you could find more criticism about a country coming from that same country, to help eliminate a bias against said country. I feel like the Russian censorship laws massively prevent this, and the Great Firewall of China makes it difficult to get a proper picture of what it is actually like there.

I’m an anarcho-syndicalist (or maybe an anarcho-communist, who cares), and I came to a very, very, very anti-authorotarian mindset not because of “illiteracy” but because I read anarchist literature regarding authority, fascism and also read news regarding china (and how every month or so they are bound to do something draconian).

Also, here’s an unrelated link to a communist country that executed teachers and only taught very basic literacy.

I’ve used prosody in the past, and it was quite light on resources. I can’t get it running anymore, so no exact specs sorry, but if you are only using it for yourself it should be fine. If you are strained on resources so much that even 50MB is significant, you can always try both and compare them.