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Master of debate and rhetoric ladies and gents

Aw, so cute of you to notice my absence, step-dr. Strange. Be honest, didn’t you miss me?

Personally, I didn’t see what angle there would be for Russia to actually invade Ukraine.

24 February 2022 © step-dr.Strange

can we have some more positive predictions of yours? I’m starting to worry that EU can catch heatwave this winter

Related project written with GTK C++ – Audiotube


Humans have responsibility to the whole universe, but the real question is how much of that we actually can fulfill. So far we couldn’t even take responsibility to our own specie

the federation is probably too slow. it takes some time to download the content from one instance to another. oh well. For now could you copy paste and post this thread via “create post” on the community’s page?

First you gotta subscribe to its community, follow this link


The previous link I sent you (!solarpunk@slrpnk.net) is for general solar punk theory, but hardware communty is more precise for your question

then in cross post dialogue you search for “slrpnk.net


Overall, if you’re interested in all solar punk related, I recommend exploring their communities and posts by going directly to slrpnk.net

It’s funny that it is posted in every community on lemmy.ml but not at the instance of actual solar punks xD


So you admit you indent to break rule 2 in the future. Good job making mods look bad

Why (such a small) picture tho, why not posting link to the discussion so the viewer could grasp some context?

Other than that, you totally got me saying word “bs”. Wow, the audacity of me. This totally nullifies everything I can ever say.

How about to come up with an alternative and helpfully pm at the author?

Why battle about every little thing when you could just help each other?

I’m kinda surprised how much lemmygrad antagonizes themselves with their brothers on the left.

C’mon, people, if there are your potential supporters, they are here. You don’t gain followers with harassment. This toxicity is totally counter productive here even for your own cause.

I understand the temptation to upvote funny hot take, but trolls in your own family are destroying reputation of your movement, be wary of joining them in their black parade.

Dude, it’s the fediverse. Use another instance that better suits your worldview if you’re this bothered by the opinions here, don’t try to shame and change the existing userbase of an instance for having different political opinions as you.

I’m sorry to chime in but isn’t lemmygrad supposed to be the instance for communists?

People with liberal ideas grind my gears. Having Covid doesn’t help my mood

Just to spell it outloud, the rule book doesn’t have an exception for its application in case “people grind your gears” or “you have a bad mood”.

this is a second account

how about try registering the third one on lemmygrad itself? I’m sure it’s gonna work much better this time. Also, it’s probably inconvenient for you to preview its riches from third party instance. Less chance of chewing on red flags in your gears as well

Do report me when you see me breaking the rules. I dare you

Report based on toxicity and not political disagreements right?

I don’t even know what you stand for politically, buddy and you probably don’t know about my beliefs either. So, eh? what is that about?

Wanna get to know me? welcome to my pm

Meanwhile speaking about you, Catradora_Stalinism, you appeared on modlog half a dozen times within just few days. May I ask why did you register on this instance if you break the rules so often?

I feel toxic users here realized that being terrifying to others blocks inflow of healthy users. And once Lemmy could rely on those, toxic ones wouldn’t be able to be toxic anymore (or be banned).

So they have all the incentive in the world to be awful until admin would decide that enough is enough.

As a healthy bunch, I think we should unblock all the trolls and report their posts one by one. On that note: removing posts is not good enough, the person in question should receive a warning.

If no action follows, we can advocate for clearer warning system and conditions for temporary/permanent bans.

Welp, suppose you want to promote Lemmy to other people.

Honestly it’s embarrassing to ask each of them to clean their feed from insults, trolling, threats etc, one by one. Simply, not good experience to subject new person to.

The instances help but don’t quite receive a lot of traffic and also benefit the creators only indirectly, so… It’s a solution but I think the user retention is low. Each of instances need a lot more content and people for that.

Also once instance gets popular, it may just be swarmed by trolls again and now you can’t recommend this instance again. So running from the problem is only temporary solution imo

Matey, you’ve left your native instance and came to Lemmy.ml just to say to leave you alone? This is hilarious

given Lemmy niche nature so far, it attracts those who was banned elsewhere.

Yes, many extreme posts get dozens of upvotes but on the scale of internet this is nothing. One by one, new users are going to dilute toxic crowd and put them on the backrows where they usually reside.

Yeah, mate, go on vilifying me while openly promoting violation of human rights. When millions of your own people tortured, worked to death, and sent to frontlines to die in a useless cause, don’t forget to blame it on me, random stranger on the internet expressing his concerns.

Transporting people there is expensive.

Heard of trains, haven’t you? Also why waste space leaving trains empty on the way back from delivering raw materials, let’s put all the political opposition there.

People rely on remnants of Soviet healthcare to survive, because they wouldn’t be able to afford overpriced privatized healthcare

You should also remember that the people cannot do anything if stuff goes wrong. A nurse puts a bubble into Babushka’s vein, Babushka dies, the clinic protects the nurse, family receives nothing, not even investigation. Drunk therapist kills a patient? No one bats an eye. Intern mixes viles leading to life alterating injuries, it’s fine. I can go on and on how corrupt and dangerous those medical facilities in fact are but the people got no choice either way. Don’t forget who sends the Babushkas pension checks so they cannot afford any second opinion, you’d like them to have all the power, don’t you?

And why are you not crying the inefficiency of the capitalist system, which puts profits above lives of diabetics, for example?

I do, I do open issues and I do work with poor people to improve their quality of life. You apparently just choose to ignore those initiatives.

If revolutionary masses had no ways of achieving their goals, you wouldn’t be seething about their supposed excesses on the internet.

This is flawed argument, there’s no positive relation between Communists impact in achieving their goals and me being skeptical about a particular ideology. If relation exists at all, it’s negative, i.e I actually would like social aspect of communism to succeed, but I ask of Communists to illustrate outstanding quality in their work and willingness to solve problems without going full Stalin. I seek proofs of that work and I will call out the mistakes.

You’ve at most seen socialism

*sigh* how stale this argument is, Soviet Union has funneling it from its origin and yet it’s still here. How many years, Carl, how many millions of lives you’d like to take before you’ll see the communism you seek?

P.S. am not British, have no affiliation to UK, I do not benefit from UK nor intend to in the future, so don’t waste your breath trying to accuse me in bootlicking. Believe it or not, I support calm listing the past injustices (thanks to @AnarchoBolshevik@lemmygrad.ml for sharing the links) so they may be payed back in the future, but this meme ain’t it, chief

Yeah, rotten meat and bread is surely better than not challenging sovereignty of another country /s


Thank you, this message worth more than the whole tread combined.

Even though I have my questions about mechanics of such reparations, I do appreciate the care for writing the reply out.

Capitalists have plenty of motives for committing atrocities

My main problem with far left as a opposition to capitalism is general lack of concrete ways to achieve claimed moral goals.

Yes, everyone can find flaws in a working system, but can you make your system work in the first place? Everyone can say that the land will belong to the farmer, but can you really give it away and remain in power? No gulags, remember.

Let me state here that I’ve seen real life communism with my own eyes. A loved one of mine died because a Soviet style medical committee didn’t want to contradict their alumni, so I couldn’t get an investigation started.

The collective won over an individual, the peace in group has been sustained, my loved one slowly (over 3yrs) faded away while the committee’d been rescheduling their endless pointless meetings. This is missdocumented mass murder you probably don’t hear a lot about: on your own people for the sake of keeping “harmony”. And that’s the everyday reality where too much power has been put in one place.

This meme is cringy cancer. It’s both useless, superficial and an insult to the joke it stole (“are we the baddies?” by wkuk). It’s trying to make some kind of point with so low effort and shallow logic, it makes my eyes hurt.

I mean, OP hates UK, fine. Take your bloody time, put some care into the meme, take the reason why you hate UK, make a twist, heck, maybe even write a joke :wow:

But nope, OP decided that typing two words in google and stealing a joke is good enough ~ and the crowd cheered him up. Thank you all of you for upvoting this garbage so that OP could bring you more.

let’s cut through this bs, are you from any of these countries and have any idea of the events? If so, what kind of apology we’re talking about? hit me with specifics

Or you just wanna smear negativity about the country you don’t like? Has your country ever made anything that others could call genocide? What have you done so your officials “apologize” for that?

The question is complicated. So the answer is either very personal or takes decades to research and formulate its mechanics.

I wish someone would link up relevant philosophy developments, authors and Wikipedia pages. That would help to structure the discussion in a more productive way.

Preview entire federated instance while staying on my main one?
I find it awkward to go to another instance (say lemmygrad.ml) where I'm not registered to figure out if I like it or not. Without logged in profile I cannot participate in the discussion, can't upvote, subscribe to communities. To do all that I need to go to my main instance where I'm signed in and manually type address of a community on another instance. Only after that I can participate in it. So I'd like to preview a federated Lemmy instance or at least list of its communities without leaving Lemmy.ml Can I do that? P.s. I realize I can preview separate communities on federated instance but can I preview the whole instance?

I learned colemac and can use it on par with qwerty but it just isn’t integrated as the mainstream:

  • Search wouldn’t recognize the language if you chose wrong layout
  • Shortcuts: everything’s nowadays designed with qwerty in mind, every alternative is awkward
  • subsequently, vim is out
  • every other computer is a struggle
  • your computer is unusable for anyone else, including colleagues who trying to help you or loved ones who want to check the weather

My plan is to recommend Lemmy whenever users complain about Reddit.

Fed up with popup to use Reddit app? Try Lemmy

Reddit too slow? Try Lemmy

Dislike Reddit new design? Wink wink