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I think it’s more the way the youtube algorithm works. It sorts “top comments” by default, seemingly even removing comments if they don’t get enough likes to reach a threshold. I’ve had an issue before where a video shows no comments even when it says there are 3 comments. I switch to “new” and the three comments show up

Edit: But I see what you are saying, the algorithm definitely plays into that attention seeking mentality

I always observe how in youtube comments nothing close to an original thought surfaces. Everyone always has the same generic reaction to things. Makes me feel very solipsistic

The frontline there has hardly moved since before the SMO. Novobakhmutovka sits between Avdiivka and Toretsk-Niu York, both of which are major strongholds with rail lines safely hidden behind the rear. Very unlikely Russian forces will have any success in storming these positions head on. It will be more productive to slowly encircle similar to what is happening in Bakhmut, which as we know, can take months.

Novobakhmutovka opens up a kit of possibilities towards Toretsk. It is next door to the highest points in the area around Oleksandropil. Taking these positions, it will be possible to follow the highway north and encircle Toretsk on the west side; cauldron is already developing in the east due to Bakhmut offensive. I think this where Russia will apply more pressure, not in Avdiivka yet.

But the new offensive could change everything, it’s hard to tell.

But real in what sense? There is no official group called Wagner PMC. Does Russia use mercenaries that are referred to as Wagners though? Yes. It’s like you didn’t even read the comment you’re responding to.

Why? IP is a bankrupt concept. Instead of protecting IP on behalf of artists, we should abolish IP for AI companies. Enforce open sourcing of AI models that use other people’s data, nationalize big tech, so on

If you look into this decision, it’s more that China is worried about deepfakes, which is a very real concern.

In recent years, deep synthesis technology has developed rapidly. While serving user needs and improving user experience, it has also been used by some unscrupulous people to produce, copy, publish, and disseminate illegal and harmful information, to slander and belittle others’ reputation and honor, and to counterfeit others’ identities. Committing fraud, etc., affects the order of communication and social order, damages the legitimate rights and interests of the people, and endangers national security and social stability.

This is likely easy to enforce at the model level, if you have a model that generates lifelike impressions of real people. Enforcing it per image would be impossible I think.

But there are people celebrating this like it’s some luddite attempt of China to hold back technological progress for the narrow aim of protecting IP. Any “communist” that is disposed this way, read the quote above a few more times. When the sewing machine was invented, did we hold back the sewing machine so that more tailors could keep their jobs? Why should it be any different for “artists”? Is the solution to alienation turning back society to the dark age? Or is there already a theory of revolutionary change that venerates the acceleration of revolutions in the forces of production? If you hate AI art you are a reactionary.

Iran detained 15,000 protestors supposedly. So the number is accurate, the punishment is not.

Are investors really that stupid? I guess it’s not that surprising.

Robert Evans used to work for Bellingcat, which even the New York Times admits is a glowy media outlet

Russia breaking the records for losing a war the most times while still inevitably winning in the end.

The Polish MEP celebrated the destruction of Nord Steam by thanking the US. Europeans will celebrate going back to pre industrial economy for Ukraine because they are cucks.

They’re only showing EU countries + Russia. I mean, they could include the whole world, but that’s not the distinction the graphic is trying to draw because it’s the EU that sanctions Russia.

Well where I live there is virtually 0 public transport, why I say “by American standards, which isn’t saying much”

This is the Oakland bay bridge. The lanes only expand to this wide to accommodate more toll booths. Because cars move slower on lanes when they are paying tolls, the tolls will become a bottleneck unless there are more toll lanes than highway lanes. You can see up ahead where the lanes merge back together again.

This is the only direct road connection between Oakland and San Francisco, so of course there will be heavy traffic no matter how much public transport you have. And the bay area has decent public transport by american standards, which isn’t saying much, but many people live close to commuter rail.

I don’t see the problem with this, there are much worse examples of modern car infrastructure imo.

No. We only know what science is because of philosophy. If that basis for science became science, then the truth of science would have to presuppose itself, a set of ideas that would be true in and of themselves, which is clearly fallacious.

Also, the sciences deal with descriptive reality. They say nothing about how the world should be or how we should act.

He really looks nothing like Putin in this picture

How many more people would think differently about the Ukraine stuff if they knew basic geography?
The guy who confused Greenland for Ukraine…
“That’s why I’m lowkey confused why they’re attacking them” Because Greenland is far from Russia.
“So do you think the United States should get involved?”
“…I don’t know why we wouldn’t” Because the US and Greenland are right next to each other.

But if that guy knew that Ukraine is literally right next to Russia, maybe it would make more sense to him. And if he knew the US was on the other side of the world, maybe he would question why the US gets involved. Since he seems to make decisions based on distance.

I had no idea minions could be that horrible

The minions serve the greatest villains in history. So it makes sense that after working for Gru they will join the Azov battalion.

“Puda de neeba! Baka da Ukraina!”
Fires missile at Donetsk children

Many reasons. Sometimes the water table is too high. Sometimes the ground isn’t actually colder because it is a material that retains a lot of heat. Digging is expensive. And of course, most people don’t want to live underground.

According to the author’s note on Settlers, the book was published long after it was written. The reason for this being that Sakai originally didn’t want to publish it, but was persuaded by those he worked with. In light of this, I don’t think these later writings disprove the connection, because these could always have been published posthumously.

you can find J. Sakai’s birth record and see if he was born in 1917

I can’t. There is very little public information about him. It’s unknown even if J Sakai is a pseudonym or not.

It’s hard to know for sure. For a normal figure, it would be pretty easy to prove/disprove if these are the same people. But I can’t find much basic information about J Sakai.

Even if they are not the same, Sakai still has some sketchy connections. Skeptomai’s substack goes into better detail on this.

New technology is cool. But since it requires the bacteria to be fed with plant matter, this will compete with agriculture for food production if produced in scale.

This. Patriotism is love for your own country and its people, not for your country’s current state. Patriotism is not super patriotism as Michael Parenti called it.

Biden may not be a socialist, but how many self described socialists voted for Biden?

What is a Lemmy Buck Worth?
If it ever got to the point where someone exchanged real money for one, no matter how little, you could finally measure the exchange rate to real currency. There could be a major spike in the price in the future. I say INVEST. BUY BUY BUY